Types of Pimples

Are you wondering what types of pimples there are, which ones you might have and how do you treat the different kinds of pimples for clearer, brighter and healthier skin? Let's look at the many types of pimples there are in this article on skin so that you can stop pimples for once and for all. Men, women and teenagers can all get pimples for several reasons so learn what they are and you can prevent getting them forever. First we'll describe the types of pimples and then the ways to treat pimples for radiant skin.

Should Men Wash their face at Night?

Should Men Wash their face at Night? 

 Men and women have the same basic skin and men are sometimes more prone to having dirty skin due to their jobs, their physical activity, the environment they work in and how they care for their skin.

 Beauty by Earth Organic Face Wash image by amazon
This is a frequently asked question about skin care - should men wash their face at night.

Let's explore the question and determine the best and easiest way for men to have great skin. Do you or someone you know work in a factory, in a restaurant, in a smokey area, near or with chemicals or outdoors? Chances are very good that without the proper skin care, men are more prone to dirty skin, oily skin, clogged pores and eventually will develop more lines and wrinkles, blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads simply from their job environment and not washing their face correctly.

Oh that itchy skin!

Maybe you have noticed that when the seasons start to change, so does your skin. Mine does too, it's just a normal process of the skin and happens to everyone. Early in the changing season these are the steps that I take and also recommend to you to help to reduce and eliminate itchy skin. Try it and let me know how it works for you in the comments area, you're also helping other readers!

Itchy skin help:

Quick Tips to Test Skin Elasticity

Tips to add bounce and elasticity to your skin with this quick test.
Improve your skin elasticity with Oz Naturals Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid
Skin elasticity, also known as skin turgor is the amount of resilience or bounce in the largest organ of the body - the skin. As we age, we tend to lose moisture in the skin from the sun, environment, our diets, smoking and lack of attention to or improper care of the skin. As a result, we develop more wrinkles, the skin gets tough and leathery and our skin loses elasticity and bounce.

What are the Benefits of Microdermabrasion?

What are the Benefits of Microdermabrasion?
What a great question!!

Microdermabrasion is a deep cleaning of the skin with an emphasis on smoothing out the texture of the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, giving a softer skin and much more radiant skin while regenerating the skin cells for a super clean and soft layer of skin that you will love!

Microdermabrasion uses micro fine quartz crystals for the best treatments with only two steps and as an added bonus ----- you can do it yourself at home for a fraction of the cost of a spa or doctor's office with these tips:

Are Brown Freckles Dangerous?

You may have and may be wondering if brown freckles are dangerous? This is a great place to be since we'll discuss freckle danger, freckle prevention and freckle removal.

First of all, you need to know that as babies, most of us are not born with freckles. When did you start getting those brown spots? More than likely if you started getting them as a young teenager, you also spent a lot of time in the sun without using sunscreen and proper skin protection.

Freckles are brown spots that develop on the skin as a way to alert you that your skin is in need of protection. Many people don't worry about them when they get a few or even more and may only start to be concerned when they start seeing freckles all over the body.

Celebrities without Makeup

Celebrities without makeup: Get Radiant Skin without Makeup

A recent article by glamour.com shows photos of 53 celebrities seen in public without any makeup on but, their skin looks clean, fresh, minimally wrinkled and with very few blemishes or sun spots. Celebrities often go out in public to lunch, grab a coffee, or hit the grocery store or even out walking their pets or taking the kids to school without a stitch of makeup on.

Think you can make the bold move of going out in public without any makeup, with skin that glows and is radiant on it's own? Some of the celebrities have red marks, fine lines and even a few blemishes and brown spots but, overall their skin looks basically healthy. Some of the stars seen without makeup in public were Kate Hudson, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Jennifer Garner, Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, Marsha Cross and others that aren't afraid to be seen in their natural glory.

Why Use Eye Cream

Why Use Eye Cream

Today's post is based on the fact that although I'm usually very strict about my own skin care regime and recommend that you be too, I sometimes find myself forgetting simple products such as my eye cream if I'm in too much of a hurry or distracted by other things and just want to get done quicker... it usually doesn't work out well for me.

What I notice whenever I do forget my eye cream is how dry my entire eye area feels and you probably have the same dryness. For me, dry eyes, even just the skin around my eye area makes it difficult to fall asleep until I realize like I did last night that if I would just get up and put my eye cream on, my eyes feel much better and I can sleep more soundly.... Does this happen to you too?

Popping Blackheads

Skin expert popping blackheads advice
Is popping blackheads a good idea is the question we will answer today since we get this question often from many women, teenagers and men that want to get rid of these unattractive skin discolorations that stretch the pores and are difficult to get clean.

What are Blackheads?

Blackheads show up when your skin is sending you a message that your pores are clogged. It's really that simple. The skin is the largest organ of the body and we need to take care of it just like any other organ. When the skin can't breathe, the dirt or makeup that is under the top layer of the skin (dermis), you will start to notice these small black marks that are typically circle shapes, just like your pores.

Men Want Great Skin Just as Much as Women Do!

Men want great skin just as much as women do.... even if they won't or don't tell you! If that sounds like you or your spouse, let's see if this sounds familiar to you and if not, how to know if you can help your man get great skin.

Last night I came home from work to find my handsome husband showered, shaven, lotioned and he had his face masque on, as he has small skin tag looking growths under his eye areas that he's been trying to shrink.

It's working. Since he's been using a china clay and mica mineral masque at least weekly, those skin tag areas are actually shrinking and he's super happy about it.

He applies a thin layer of the masque to his freshly washed face and then just leaves it on for at least 20-30 minutes as he watches his updates from Sports Center!

What are Brown Spots on Skin

Have you noticed that you are starting to get brown spots on the face, neck, hands, feet, back or other parts of your body and wonder what they are and if you can do anything to get rid of them? Are brown spots on skin the same for men, women and teenagers?

Let's explore what are brown spots on skin, where do they come from and how to get rid of them.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and contains melanin, which helps to determine the pigment or coloration of our skin. Many people with very fair and light colored skin have very small amounts of melanin, which helps to protect the skin from the sun and other injury.

The melanin is our skin helps to absorb the rays of the sun as a layer of protection. When the skin is exposed to years of the sun without the proper protection, the skin responds one way by producing brown spots.

Which Classic Beauty Icon Are You Quiz by DailyGlow

I just found this beauty quiz and thought it'd be fun to take to determine who my style is most like. Although they don't share the choices of who you could be most like, it was an interesting quiz and pretty much hit my style similar to Audry Hepburn.

Here are my results from this short and easy beauty icon quiz... Take it and see who you're most like or let us know if you totally disagree with the results you get.


Skin Terms

Are you wondering what some of those skin care terms are on the bottles of products you buy or if they're really important or not? Sometimes, it can feel like you need to have a specialized degree yourself just to know what you're reading on some of the labels of the most popular products.

Let's take a look at some skin information tips so that you can make the best decisions when buying skin care, body care, hair care, fragrance and makeup products. Three of the most popular skin terms used by cosmetic companies on products include dermatology tested, noncomedogenic and hypoallergenic.

Face Steaming and The Benefits of Steaming

 face steaming and benefits of steaming

Facial Steaming is a process of using the vapors created by heated water and can be used as a facial treatment to cleanse the face more thoroughly than a regular washing to get clear and radiant skin and to help with some problem skin issues. You've probably either seen a sauna or you've experienced the steamy heat that is produced and how great the skin feels afterwards. You may not own a sauna or have access to one and think you can only experience these benefits if you take your next vacation. You don't need a vacation to have a face steaming, you can do your own and you should probably do it more often!

If you are wondering how to do a face steaming and what the benefits of steaming the face are, read on to learn the steps involved to determine if this would be a good addition to your skin care regime on your way to radiant skin.
Let's get started with face steaming and learning about all the healthy facial steaming benefits:

Add a Paraffin Wax Treatment to your Manicure

You already know that the hands are one of the first places to show your age. Paraffin wax treatments are helpful for your hands and feet if you are having pain or stiffness from arthritis and other joint problems but, can also be very helpful as part of your at home manicure for very dry or flaking skin on the hands. People with eczema, rashes and psoriasis can also benefit from the warmth of a paraffin wax treatment. I like to add a paraffin wax treatment at least weekly as part of my manicure although you can safely use it daily without any problems at all.Men and women benefit from paraffin wax treatments and I'll add my brother and nephew showing off their hands soon!

If you're considering using heat treatment at home, you'll want to know the benefits of paraffin wax to determine if this is a good option for you or your family:  

Benefits of Paraffin Wax Bath at Home

Give Yourself a Manicure

image by istockphoto.com

At least once a week and usually on Sunday or another day off, I like to give myself a relaxing manicure since it's one way to grow strong nails and make my hands look younger and great. The hands are one of the first places to show your age so by keeping the nails healthy with a manicure, it's one way to defy your age and to get radiant skin. If you're looking for how to give yourself a manicure at home to save money or just to save time without having to head to your nearest nail salon, try these tips for a manicure whenever you have time.

This is my routine for an at home manicure using my favorite products that hopefully you will find useful for yourself too.

Soak the nails:

Place a small amount of OPI Manicure Revitalize Effervescent Soak or your favorite nail soak in a medium sized bowl with warm water. Soak one hand at a time, allowing as much of the hand to be emersed in the solution as possible. This effervescent soak will help to clean and brighten the fingernails while it softens, hydrates and moisturizers the skin and nails. Keep soaking the hand until the water turns cool. Remove the hand and then make a new batch to soak the other hand using the same directions. Gently towel dry.

Soften Cuticles:
Apply a cuticle softener to help get strong nails and prevent cracking and splitting of the nails. Use a small amount and brush onto each nail bed and cuticle area. Blend in gently around the entire nail. Avoid cutting the cuticles since they help to protect the nails and without these important safeguards for your nails, you are more prone to infections of the nails. Gently push them back with a cuticle stick after they are softened.

File Fingernails:
I love the Polar Block nail buffer and file since it's easy on the nails, files without taking too much off and isn't too rough on my nails. Maybe I just haven't found an emory board or other nail file that isn't too rough but, for me the nail buffers work great. Take your time and gently file the nails to the length and shape you like best and buff the tops of nails. The polar block will help you to achieve a well shaped and white nail and also helps to remove any discoloration of the nail and smooths out any uneven ridges. Gently use a towel to remove any filing dust off the nails before polishing.

Apply a Base Coat:
A base coat will help to prevent splitting and chipping of the nails until your next manicure as well as to help grow strong nails. I find it helps my nail polish stay on much longer (10 days usually with a base coat instead of 4 or 5 days without using it). Brush on one thin coat of base to each nail starting at the center closest to the skin and working your way to each side of the nail. Repeat until all nails are coated, allow to dry thoroughly and then apply a second coat.

Apply Nail Polish:
Choose your favorite nail polish color, OPI has a huge selection of colors in fun, attention getting and conversation starting names! Choose a neutral color that will coordinate with most of your fashions if you don't want to have to change your polish often or just use the latest fahion colors inspired by celebrities!

Applying the nail polish color is the hardest part since you'll want a steady hand and even strokes. *Keep the wrist area flat on a table to help with a steady hand and avoid drinking too much coffee or other caffeine drinks before applying polish! Allow your manicure to dry completely naturally or use a nail dryer for faster drying.

Use a Top Coat:
One coat of top coat is usually enough to help to protect the nail polish and make it last longer, you may want two coats to make it even stronger. Use a shiny top coat if you like that look or use your base coat if you want a more natural or matte finish.

Add Hand Lotion:
Keep your hands soft and help to keep your freshly manicured nails moisturized after fully dry with a natural hand cream loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Make sure to use a hand cream or lotion that smells great, isn't greasy, absorbs quickly and is reasonably priced. Just a little should go a long way and when massaged into the fingers, plams and back of the hands, your hands will be soft, smooth and no one will ever know your age, or if you are young, you'll stay looking young and fresh. Keep a travel sized hand lotion with you at all times for quick touch ups during the day for dry and hard working hands.

Pamper yourself at least weekly and give yourself a manicure at home with these manicure tools. It's part of how to get radiant skin, by paying attention to your hands and nails. It's easy, fast and I hope you'll find these tips helpful. Add a hand scrub every now and then to your manicure routine to get rid of really dry skin.

Tip: Keep your cuticle oil/gel at your bedside and apply a small amount every evening before bed and each morning to keep your cuticles soft.

Got a manicure tip to share? Leave it in the comments for others and thanks for reading. Share with your friends that may want to know how to give a manicure.

Does Exercise Help Skin

You've no doubt heard of the benefits of exercise to help you lose weight by burning calories or to maintain your weight to keep you in great shape, exercise will strengthen your heart, muscles and keep bones strong, improves digestion and reduces illness and disease and you wonder does exercise help skin too?

Yes, one of the ways to get healthier skin, to help acne skin and how to improve your skin complexion is to EXERCISE!

Exercise helps the skin in several ways:

Should you wash your face at night?

Do you go to sleep at night without washing your face?

Many people hate to wash their face and end up just going to sleep leaving all the day's dirt, pollution, makeup and perspiration on.

For me, it's hard to fall asleep without washing my face and applying my moisturizer and eye cream at the very least. Maybe I've just become so accustomed to getting into my pajamas or comfy clothes and washing my face, brushing my teeth and prepping for bedtime that I'm used to it.

Even if I'm super exhausted and not wanting to take the time to do the whole facial routine, even a brief version of it, I can't seem to fall asleep with makeup on or without my favorite anti aging creams.

I'll toss and turn for the longest time before I realize that I haven't washed my face on the rare occasion that I haven't washed my face. Do you have trouble falling asleep too? Have you tried washing your face to see if that helps you to relax?

You should wash your face at night to keep your sheets and pillowcases clean too. Ever notice all the makeup that is on your favorite bedding if you don't take time to wash all that makeup off?

Sleep is that very important part of the day when our cells heal and rejuvenate themselves. Skin care products also work better during the night and are able to penetrate more deeply to the lower layers of skin.

Should you wash your face at night? Not washing at night is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Most people that have acne and oily or problem skin are more likely to not be in the habit of washing their face every night.

Try washing your face before bedtime for that Beauty Sleep your body needs. You might be surprised at how much faster you can fall asleep without layers of makeup and dirt on your face and you'll prevent offering a breeding ground for more dirt and bacteria that help blackheads, whiteheads and pimples to continue.

Let me know if you try it and how it works for your skin care and for how it helps your sleep pattern. I'm guessing that you'll start to notice better sleep and better skin with this simple skin care tip.

How to Test Your Skin Type

Are you asking 'What is My Skin Type” or did you even know that there are several different skin types? Before we keep talking about care for dry skin, acne skin, oily skin, anti aging treatments and more, we need to talk about how to determine skin type' so that you know your particular needs.

If you are not getting the results you want in skin care products, take time to do this fast and easy skin type test and the results may surprise you.

Knowing your own skin type will assist you in knowing what to look for when shopping for skin care products so that you can get clear and radiant skin. Using the wrong type of products for your skin will not work as effectively as those that are made just for your particular type of skin. Using the correct products for your skin type will help to ensure you receive the best results but, first you need to determine your skin type. Here's a fun and easy way to do it.

Things You'll Need to Determine Skin Type:
scotch tape

Step 1

Start with clean skin:
In the morning use your cleanser, toner and moisturizer during your regular skin care routine as you always do. You might be using the wrong products right now but, it's best to start with super squeaky clean skin. We'll get you on the right path to your right products soon!

Step 2

Add Scotch Tape!

Gotofine Double Sided 1x - 7x Magnification Hand Held Makeup Mirror with Stand,clear (7x)
Double Sided Magnifying Mirror with Stand
Use a hand mirror and scotch tape to determine skin type.

I prefer a double sided magnifying mirror to really be able to see all your skin areas and flaws up super close. If you don't have one yet, get it today.

Wait approximately 20-30 minutes after you have cleansed your skin so the water is absorbed and before you apply anything else to the skin. Use a mirror to see yourself. Using a piece of scotch tape test a small area of each of your beauty points (the main beauty points are the forehead, chin, cheeks and nose) to determine dry, normal or oily or combination. Gently press the scotch tape against one area of the face for a few seconds and remove slowly and easily to avoid damaging the skin. Look at the sticky side.

Step 3

Determine skin type by reading the scotch tape results:

If the tape has small, flakey skin flecks on it, you're most likely dry skin type. Dry skin will easily come off with tape and also flakes throughout the day.
If there is noticeable greasy, moist and oily areas on the tape, you're most likely oily skin type. Oily skin usually also has large pores, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads.

Normal skin type will have no noticeable changes to the tape although there may be a moist area very small. Normal/oily will have some areas drier and others (usually down the nose and across forehead) that are oily. Normal/dry skin type will have some areas of dryness and flaking but, the difference will be that the whole face is not flaking or greasy.

Step 4

Combination skin type typically has oily areas along the T-zone of the face:

What is the T-Zone of the Face? The area across the forehead, down the nose and to the chin. These areas can also have larger pores, blackheads and even some whiteheads or simple pimples. When testing your scotch tape, if the T-zone area is more moist and greasy looking compared to the cheeks, you have combination skin.

Now that you know how to determine skin type, you can get the skin care that is appropriate for your particular needs, ensuring effective results and you'll be on your way to radiant skin that is glowing, clear and blemish free. Check out these best value skin care sets to get you started on the right products for you!

Share this fun and easy skin type test with your friends, they may be surprised to learn that there are different skin types and they all require different skin care products for the best results.

Skin Care Tips & Warnings
Change your skin care products as your skin changes, either due to climate, stress, diet or aging or when they no longer produce the results you are looking for.
Avoid tissue on the face, since it's made from wood and can scratch and harm the skin.
Avoid the delicate eye area when doing a skin type test.
Apply scotch type tape gently and easily onto skin and remove slowly.

Summer Skin Care - Help for Dry Skin

Summer Skin Care - Help for Dry Skin

Do you need help for dry skin especially during the summer months? You're not alone if you want summer skin care tips that help you get glowing skin for all those summer picnics, the beach, summer parties, barbeques and all outdoor events so you can bare your skin without worrying.

Some of the problems you may be having with dry skin include red patchy skin, itchy skin, scaly skin, flaking skin. Other problems can also include psoriasis, eczema and acne skin that require even more daily attention.

Dry Scaly Skin can happen quickly during the summer when the temperatures rise, the humidity increases, we're sweating more and you spend time outdoors in the heat without the proper care and protection for the body's largest organ.

Use these 8 tips every day to help dry skin:
* Shower or bathe with a moisturizing body wash in warm water which is gentler on the skin and opens the pores for cleaning. Always follow by a cool water rinse to help close the pores. Keeping the skin clean will help to remove dirt, pollutions, toxins and bacteria that causes other problems such as acne. Shower or bathe at the end of the day if you've been spending many hours outside working or playing in the heat of summer.

* Use a body exfoliator every few days as part of your summer skin care program to remove dry scaly skin at the surface level. The body will slough off dry dead skin layers every month but, we can speed up the process by using products and helping mother nature along. It's easy to apply a body exfoliator while showering and makes the clean up process a simple rinse. You'll notice smooth soft skin immediately after using this product.

* Keep your body shaved as an added layer of exfoliation and to keep the legs smooth and soft.

* Towel dry gently leaving some water on the skin so you can add moisturizer.

* Moisturize the whole body using the best lotions you can buy with natural ingredients that add food for the skin.

* Get a fake tan using a self tanner that will moisturize the body while giving a tint of color that looks like you've just returned from the best vacation ever! Self tanners can be used every day to help build your tan slowly and make it look much more natural without the burn of the sun's rays as help for dry skin.

* Take vitamin supplements known to help the skin. Read more in this post to help you get the right vitamins for your dry skin.

* Protect the skin from getting even more dry when you're out and about by wearing sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen every day. Reapply sunscreen every hour if you spend a lot of time outside to protect the skin from sunburn and from drying out even more.

* Take care of sunburn areas immediately to prevent redness and to prevent dry skin.

Follow these 8 tips for summer skin care and get help for dry skin so you'll feel great in all your summer clothes and feel confident in baring your skin. Share your best dry skin tip here and let others know about this article that will help them too.


What Vitamins are Good to Take for Acne Skin

What Vitamins are Good to Take for Acne Skin is a very good question that you may be asking and wondering if it's even possible that vitamins will make a difference to acne.

ORGANIC LIQUID MORNING MULTIVITAMIN by MARYRUTH (Raspberry) Highest Purity Organic Ingredients, Vitamins A B C D3 E, Minerals & Amino Acids to Provide Natural Energy All Day 100% VEGAN & Gluten Free
Organic Liquid  MultiVitamin for Acne Skin is the Number 1 Organic Liquid Vitamin
Yes, is the first and most simple answer to this question. Let's get into it a little more so that you can add vitamins to your daily list of things to do for radiant skin and no more acne!

How do Vitamins help the skin?
The skin is the largest organ of the body and just like any other organ such as the heart, lungs, liver, stomach or brain, nutrients like vitamins and minerals are essential for good health and keep all these organs working at their optimal level. If you're following our posts, you've known that nutrition for the skin and the things you eat every day can either help or harm your skin.
What do we mean by harm?

How to Cover Up Acne and Embarassing Blemishes

 Tips to Cover Up and Hide Acne
Looking for How to Cover Up Acne?

Follow these tips and with only five steps for the best way to cover acne until you can get rid of it and get clear radiant skin - it's hiding underneath those pimples but, let's get you started on a daily program and how to cover up acne with the best treatments and makeup.

Deep Clean Acne Skin with a Pore Deep Cleansing Brush from Amazon
     Wash your face, neck and ears thoroughly for the best chance at reducing acne so you'll have less to cover up. If you've never used a facial brush, you'll love this 5 in 1 mini facial cleansing brush for daily use.

  Once your face is clean, you can move on to our best tips to hide those blemishes:

Makeup that is Good for Acne Problem Skin

Acne problem skin is such a huge problem for so many from young teenagers to adult acne and all happen for many reasons that range from hormones to heredity to bacteria in the skin. Do you wonder if there is makeup that is good for acne problem skin or do you avoid makeup because of acne thinking it will do more harm than good or you don't like the look and feel of heavy makeup?

Acne problem skin can actually be helped by makeup if you know what to look for and use these tips for getting the right makeup for your skin.

What to Look for when shopping for makeup for acne problem skin:

Look for water based foundation as the number one ingredient in makeup. Water based foundations will glide on easily without a thick or heavy feel to your skin. Water base also add moisture and hydration to makeup instead of oil. Water based foundation will help to absorb some of the oils produced throughout the day.

Look for oil free makeup if you have acne problem skin. One cause of acne is too much oil in the skin (also called sebum) so you want to limit the amount of oil on the face and makeup with oils that will add to the problem.

Makeup that is good for acne problem skin contains Vitamin E for healing, shea butter or soybean oil as a natural oil, oat and chamomile, titanium dioxide, benzoate and mica and talc for coverage and color, minerals that come from the earth, algae extracts, aloe vera and fruit extracts that add color but because they come from nature are actually good for the skin.

For acne problem skin, avoid alcohol that will dry out the skin and cause more oil production and increase pimples and breakouts. Also avoid petroleum - this is refined motor oil, mineral oil that you wouldn't want on your skin and could be the cause of many skin problems such as acne and breakouts.

A quick word about parabens in makeup. Parabens are preservatives. Some amount of parabens will not harm you and actually help to prevent your makeup and other products from getting bacteria in them or having a very short shelf life. There is no research that has shown that the very small amounts of parabens used in makeup will result in anything bad happening to you. Look for parabens that are listed at the end of an ingredient list - this shows you that small amounts are being used and not as the main or even the top five ingredients.

Best Selling Natural Makeup Products

There is makeup that is good for acne problem skin and when you at least use a foundation base you help to protect your skin from dirt and pollution in the air and cover blemishes while you are using skin care that helps to combat the problems. Many makeup brands offer all these healthy and natural ingredients and avoid cheap ingredients that do little to help your skin or cover blemishes. So, don't be afraid to use makeup, it's a good thing! Shop smart, learn ingredients and get the best makeup you can afford for acne problem skin.

Self Tanner Tips for Radiant Skin

When warmer weather arrives, the days get longer and the sun shines more you are probably wanting a suntan for glowing, radiant skin. The dangers of the sun shouldn't be ignored and instead of laying in the sun for hours on end to get a tan, you may want to consider the benefits of a self tanning lotion. Self tanners are easy to use at home and work for men and women for glowing skin. A fake tan using a self tanner can look like the real deal with all the effective self tanning products on the market.

Use these self tanner tips for radiant skin that glows in the summer without the dangers of the UV rays of the sun:

Buy a self tanner with natural ingredients without chemicals to avoid damaging the top and lower layers of the skin. Search for ingredients with a water base and dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as one of the top 3 ingredients. The higher in the list of ingredients that the active ones are listed, the more of that ingredient in the product. Avoid products that list active and important ingredients at the end - they offer little value for the money. Make sure that your self tanner also includes moisturizing ingredients such as apricot kernel oil, soybean oil, shea butter or aloe vera so that the product keeps the skin hydrated and moist without drying it. Vitamins and herbal extracts are added bonus ingredients good for the skin.

Test a small area of the skin that won't be seen to check the color of your self tanner. Apply a small amount of products on a breast or under the bra area that will be hidden and wait for it to dry to check the color.

Apply self tanner after a bath or shower: Once you have a self tanner that has a sun kissed color and isn't orange, apply it to clean and dry skin. Place a quarter sized amount into the palm of your hand and rub hands together. Blend over a small area of the body and smooth out in small circular motions. Reapply until all areas of the body are covered with self tanning lotion.
* Apply gently and lightly over the elbows, ankles and knees which will hold onto more color and may become darker if too much is applied.

Allow self tanner to dry completely. The self tanning lotion will be sticky and slightly tacky as it's drying. Wait until completely dry before getting dressed to make sure the color will not transfer onto clothing.
* Wash hands with warm water and soap after applying self tanner to make sure that the color isn't transferred onto hands and give away your secret of a fake tan!

Apply a second coat of self tanner if time allows and for deeper color and tan. Just be sure to wash hands between each application of self tanner.

Reapply self tanner daily for a more natural appearing tan and until the level of tan is achieved. Self tanners and bronzers use time released technology to deepen a tan with each use.

Reapply self tanner weekly to maintain the natural glow of a tan and to keep radiant skin all year long.

Use these self tanner tips for radiant skin that will have you looking like you've just returned from a fabulous vacation in the sun without any of the dangers of the UV rays! Top Self Tanning Products

Practice safe sunning by wearing a hat, sunglasses and stay out of the sun as much as possible. Get your tan with a self tanner instead and maintain your radiant skin!

If You Want Radiant Skin - Wash Your Hands

Clean Hands can help you get radiant skin

Do you pay attention to all the things you touch throughout the day and then touch your face before you wash your hands? Some of the things that we do in our regular daily routine make it harder to get the radiant skin that you are wanting but, you can make some small changes to make a big difference in your skin. Let's take a look at some of the things you are probably touching during a routine day and you'll get a good idea of why you want to wash your hands before you touch your face and do all you can do to get radiant skin.

*When you leave your home, you touch the doorknobs. If those doorknobs are not clean and you touch your face, you are transferring dirt to your face and that makes it harder to maintain radiant skin.

*You get into your car and if the door handle of your car and the interior of your car are not clean and you touch your face, you are transferring that dirt onto your skin.

*You arrive at work and touch the door to get into your building. Do you realize how many people touch that door every day and chances are pretty good that it's not clean. Avoid touching your face until you wash your hands!

*You enter the building to your work and reach the elevator. That elevator button is no doubt loaded with dirt and germs from other people touching it. If you touch your face before you wash your hands, you will be transferring more dirt and germs onto your skin making it much harder to maintain your radiant skin glow!

*You arrive at your office and maybe touch one more door getting into your office, more dirt and germs.

*In your office, you grab the phone and unless you routinely clean your work phone and especially if others use the same phone, you will be transferring that dirt and more germs onto your skin if you touch your face!

*You go to the bathroom at work and enter into the main door which has dirt and germs on it. If you touch your face while using the bathroom, you will be transferring even more dirt and germs onto your skin.

*By now, you get the picture of all the germy and dirty areas of your regular day that make it difficult to maintain radiant skin unless you wash your hands often!

Carry a Travel Sized Hand Sanitizer Everywhere You Go!

*You next go to lunch and touch counters, tables and chairs that have dirt and germs on them. If you eat your lunch now without first washing your hands, you can imagine how much you transfer onto your skin!

*You may have meetings throughout your day that take you to different offices and you'll be touching more doors, tables, chairs and especially pens that others may have used that contain dirt and germs.

*You head home from work and stop at the grocery store and touch all sorts of areas there such as the grocery cart, displays, products, the cash out area, touching money and you get a better idea now of how much dirt and germs are everywhere in our world.

Get into the habit of not touching your face while you are out and about before you first wash your hands. Clean hands will not transfer dirt and germs onto your skin and you'll have a much better chance of getting radiant skin without adding more oils and dirt into your skin.

Carry a safe, all purpose cleaner with you in your purse and in the car that you can use throughout the day to keep your hands clean so that any time you need to stratch your face from an itch or if you rest your head in your hands, you can rest assured that at least your hands are clean.

Wash your hands as soon as you arrive back home to get rid of al the dirt and germs from the day. You'll soon get the radiant skin you want when you pay more attention to what you touch throughout a regular day.

What do you think is the one biggest change you can make to your routine for clean hands and radiant skin? Thanks for your comments!

Skin Care for Men

Men want skin that feels and looks good just as often as women do they just want it to be easy, super fast and effective without feeling at all feminine.

Skin care for men can be even more important than for women for the one reason that men's skin is always exposed to the weather. Women have one advantage of makeup that helps to protect the skin.

Hang in there guys, we understand your problems with skin and can help.

Read more about skin care tips for men with this latest post: http://www.radiantskinexpertadvice.com/p/mens-skin-care-tips.html

How to Get Smooth Skin – Radiant Skin

 Tips for Smooth Skin
Tips for Smooth Skin
8 Top Tips for radiant skin – How to get smooth skin is very possible!

Do you notice men and women that have radiant skin and notice how super smooth and soft it is, with an even texture, without pimples or even many lines and wrinkles and think that you will never have such smooth skin?

If you want to get smooth skin and haven't had success yet, you can change a few things with your diet and skincare regime to get radiant skin that is soft and kissable and silky smooth once and for all.

Following these smooth skin tips will help to combat the effects of sun, wind, pollution and chemicals in the environment that contribute to unwanted skin conditions while helping you to look and feel your best.

How to Restore Skin Elasticity

Restore Skin Elasticity if your skin has lost it's bounce and starts to age

You may remember the skin you had in your twenties or early thirties. It was firm, smooth, soft, glowing and dewy and resilient. That resiliency and bounce is mainly attributed to the skin elasticity also known as skin turgor.
As we age, our bodies lose elasticity because of the sun, diet, environmental pollutants, smoking, dehydration, aging and improper skin care. If you'd like to restore skin elasticity of your hands and body, follow these tips to get that bounce back on your skin and begin to look and feel younger again for improved overall health and wellness.

7 Tips to restore skin elasticity

How to Choose Skin Care Products for Radiant Skin

Get Radiant Skin with the right skin care products for your skin type!

Choosing a results oriented, preferred skin care line can be difficult and overwhelming with all the choices available unless you know what to look for. Here's how to do it to make sure that you are using the right products for your particular skin care type and skin care needs and to always have the most radiant skin.

TULA Skin Care Healthy Glow Starter Set

Tips  for radiant skin with the right skin care products:

How to Minimize Dark Circles Under Eyes

If you have dark circles under eyes, you probably don't feel your best or have the radiant skin you want. There is hope for under eye circles with a little help and these 9 steps to take daily to see visible results and no more dark eye circles.

Dark circle causes can range from poor circulation to heredity to medications, lack of nutrients, ageing, pregnancy, menstruation, anemia or lack of sleep. There are some things that can be done to combat dark circles although, patience may be needed if you've had them for a long while. Follow these tips to help minimize and conceal dark circles around the eyes.

If you have dark circles under eyes, you probably don't feel your best or have the radiant skin you want. There is hope for under eye circles with a little help and a few simple steps to take daily.

Dark circle causes can range from poor circulation to heredity to medications, lack of nutrients, ageing, pregnancy, menstruation, anemia or lack of sleep. There are some things that can be done to combat dark circles although, patience may be needed if you've had them for a long while. Follow these tips to help minimize and conceal dark circles around the eyes.

Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You'll Need to Minimize Dark Cirlces Under Eyes:
Balanced Diet
Warm compress
Eye creams
Eye massage

1. Step 1
Increase eye circulation
Consider that often the cause of dark circles around the eyes is a lack of circulation from the tiny blood vessels of the thin, delicate eye tissue. Spend a few moments daily tapping gently around the entire eye area using the ring fingers to increase the circulation as well as increasing the amount of any exercise program to increase blood circulation.

2. Step 2

Increase daily water consumption
Increase your intake of water frequently as dehydration is another cause of dark circles. As the body becomes dehydrated, the thin eye tissue becomes more pronounced making the dark circles more visible.

3. Step 3
Increase iron and vitamins
Increase your intake of iron daily through the diet or supplements since anemia and a lack of nutrients can contribute to dark eye circles because of a lack of oxygen flowing to the delicate eye tissue.

4. Step 4
Get adequate sleep to minimize dark circles under eyes
Be sure to get adequate amounts of sleep daily as a lack of sleep can reinforce the problem of dark circles by increasing the visibility of thin eye tissue.

5. Step 5
Apply warm compress
Apply a warm washcloth compress or other eye pack to the eyes and hold for several minutes to reduce swelling associated with dark eye circles. Get in the habit of doing this daily to assist the body's ability to dilate the blood vessels, which will help to increase the circulation and help to move that trapped blood.

6. Step 6
Try a detoxification process of the body to rid out all toxins that could be contributing factors to dark circles. Remove all foods that are routinely eaten and replace with fresh juices, fruits and vegetables, fish and chicken for one to two weeks. You should see a change in those problem dark circles with a proper detoxification program.

7. Step 7
Use eye creams with vitamins and nutrients
Try using eye creams with vitamins and nutrients that lighten, fade and whiten dark eye circles while you are trying to eliminate them. Avoid any moisturizer on the eyes as the eye tissue is thin and moisturizers are meant to puff and plump - not something you want to do with a problem of dark circles.

8. Step 8
Massage the sinuses
Massaging the sinus areas daily all around the eyes can help eliminate dark circles since inflamed sinuses can cause a build-up of inflammation that gets trapped under the eyes.

9. Step 9
Use nutritional skin care
Use a skin care line with vitamins and nutrients that doesn't cause allergies or block pores as these can contribute to dark eye circles, especially with ageing skin. AHA is great to firm the eye tissue as well as a concealer one shade lighter than skin tone to hide the darkened circles until they can be healed and removed for good.
Best Selling Dark Eye Cirlces Products

Tips & Warnings
Add additional Vitamins A, C, E and Vitamin K (bananas) to the diet
Try thinly sliced cucumbers placed on the eyes to soothe or a cool, unused teabag for 15 minutes
Protect the skin with sunscreen and avoid tanning
See your physician if on medications that could cause dark circles as well as during pregnancy or menstruation
Consult your physician if unable to reduce dark eye circles on your own

How to Apply Eye Creams Correctly

Apply Eye Creams Correctly for Radiant Skin

How To Apply Eye Creams Correctly:
The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most delicate tissue on the whole body. As we age, there are many factors that affect the appearance of the skin around the eyes including sun exposure, gravity, roughness to the delicate eye tissue, hormonal changes, chemicals, lack of hydration, stress and the breakdown of cell renewing collagen and elastin. All of these issues lead to the formation of lines and wrinkles on, under and around the entire eye.

Eye creams are meant to safely moisturize the delicate eye tissue, tighten, lift the skin and reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles non-surgically. You can achieve smooth, hydrated, less wrinkled, younger looking eyes with the use of eye creams.

Follow these steps to apply eye creams correctly for the most beneficial results of your eye creams.

Things You'll Need:
Cleanser, toner, moisturizer for your skin type
Eye creams

Step 1
Wash hands

Wash your hands always before touching your face to prevent adding additional dirt or oils.

Step 2
Clean, tone and moisturize the face and neck areas

Clean, tone and moisturize the face with your preferred skin cleaning system on the entire face excluding adding moisturizer to the eye area. Moisturizers are meant to plump and that's the opposite effect you want for the eye area.

Step 3
Open your eye cream and using a small, clean cosmetic spatula
remove a pea sized amount and apply it to the back of the hand. Using a clean cosmetic spatula will prevent adding any additional bacteria to the eye creams and will maintain their longevity and integrity of your eye cream longer.

Step 4
Use ring finger around eyes

Using only the ring finger, dab a tiny amount of eye cream to the finger and then tap it onto the eyelid area, under eye area and above eyebrows. Using the ring finger only will reduce adding additional pressure, pulling or stretching the delicate eye tissue.

Step 5
Reduce lines and wrinkles

Continue to only use the ring finger and gently tap the eye cream into the skin in a circle until all of the eye cream has been absorbed. Proper use of eye creams will reduce lines and wrinkles and prevent pulling and stretching the skin around the eyes.

Step 6
Apply eye creams correctly for beautiful eyes

Use all eye creams daily in the morning and at night for optimal results in moisturizing the eye area while reducing lines and wrinkles. By following this regime, you will apply eye creams correctly and should see noticeable changes rather quickly for beautiful, bright and radiant eyes.

Tips & Warnings to Using Eye Creams Correctly
Always take time out of your day for your personal care regime
Always be gentle with the eye area to minimize further damage to the skin
Eye creams are meant for external use only and never inside the eyes
Look for pure, safe, mild, opthalmologically tested, natural products that are guaranteed for optimal benefits from eye creams
Avoid mineral oil, petroleum, parafin wax, artificial fragrance, irritants, chemicals, animal by-products such as lanolin and urea

Swollen Puffy Eyes What to Do

Puffy Eyes Help!

Sweet Dreams Eye Mask and Ear Plugs courtesy of amazon

It's difficult to look your best or feel 100% confident when you have swollen puffy eyes either from a lack of sleep or working too hard or not eating right or having a crying episode. Even some medications can have a side effect of creating swollen puffy eyes as well as some illnesses. All these factors contribute to stress on the body that can show up as swollen puffy eyes.

Let's look at a great remedy for puffy eyes that is fast and easy to fix and will have you looking and feeling better in no time. Take your pick from this list of ways to reduce puffy eyes - you may need to try them all until you find one that works best for you or if your puffy eyes are persistent, use each one on a regular basis.

Swollen Puffy Eyes What To Do. Six Tips for Puffy Eyes

Cool Eye Compress - Try our favorite Eye Mask - just freeze and use. Or make your own cool eye compress using a washcloth moistened with cool water, place it in a ziplock bag and place in the freezer for about 15-30minutes or until cold enough. Lie down and apply the cold compress to the eyes for 10 minutes at a time, taking a 5 minute rest in between. You will need to adjust the compress to fit over the eyes since a washcloth is larger than the size of the eyes - but, this method is do-able with the right persistence.
** Avoid making the compress too cold and damaging the skin.

Gel Eye Coolers Cucumber Pack - this is a great product from amazon.com that contains two gel cucumber scented discs each around 3" in diameter that fit perfectly over the eyes. They are pliable so that you can get a good fit right over each eye or just use one a time if needed. The gel eye coolers cucumber pack is affordable and reusable. Just store in the refrigerator until needed the next time. Use them daily until puffy eyes are reduced! Fresh cucumbers work well too to soothe tired eyes that are puffy but make more of a mess and you're better off eating them. Buy reusable cucumber eye coolers and always have them ready when you need them.

Eye Gel and Eye Cream for Puffy Eyes - as part of your daily skin care routine, make sure to add a soothing eye gel that is made from cucumber extract or strawberry extract. These are both ingredients that will help to reduce puffy eyes with calming benefits as well. An eye gel or eye cream used daily will also help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles as an added bonus. Read more at How to Apply Eye Creams Correctly.

Use an Eye Mask -  block out all the light if you have difficulty sleeping since this can add to your puffy eye problem. And, a cold eye mask that can be kept in the freezer or refrigerator will help to reduce puffy eyes and if you find on that is soft,with gel inside, lightweight and pliable, you can make sure it stays on the eyes. A sinus mask is a great choice for it's size and will help with sinus problems as well as puffy eyes if used daily. An eye mask will stay cold for 15-20 minutes so you may need to have two - one to use now and another to use when this one loses the cold temperature.

Reduce Salt Intake - salt makes the body retain salt and if you are eating too much salt, you may find that you have a greater risk of getting puffy eyes. Moderation is key to the diet so, try to track how much salt you eat and see if there is a correlation between getting puffy eyes after eating too much salt.

Get plenty of rest to reduce puffy eyes that also get sore, tired, red and watery.

Speak to your physician if you take any medications that may be causing your puffy eyes. Often times, your doctor can help you to choose different medications without this side effect. Also get regular checkups to make sure that you aren't having puffy eyes due to a thyroid problem or other illness.

Combine one or more of these treatments daily to reduce puffy eyes, you'll see a difference when you pay attention to this problem area of the face that will add confidence to your daily routine and help you look and feel better. 

You can reduce your puffy eyes with any of these products used on a consistent basis to look and feel your best as part of your radiant skin care tips! Read more Quick and Easy Skin Care Tips and thanks for reading, sharing and following.

Skin Care Treatment for Blackheads - Remove Blackheads for Radiant Skin

Looking for skin care treatment for blackheads? You're in the right place if you want to remove blackheads once and for all!

Blackheads are noninflammatory acne called comdones. They appear as small round skin discolorations often found on the face, especially the nose, chin and cheek area caused by blocked pores from dead skin cells. When pores are blocked the body is unable to produce sebum - an oil from the sebaceous gland and also where the melanin (color) is obtained and the result is this black non inflammatory skin condition.

Blackheads can be a precursor of acne if not treated and left to stay on the skin. They can last a long time and although not typically painful, blackheads can reduce a person's self esteem and appearance. Covering blackheads with makeup only blocks the pores even further and although is a temporary solution to the problem, this way of hiding blackheads should only be used temporarily while you are using a blackhead treatment for the problem.

Steam the face to remove blackheads. Use a facial steamer that is safe and won't burn the skin. Steaming the face will help to open the pores. Steaming the face takes only 10-15 minutes a day and can be repeated several times per week to help clean the pores and open the pores for additional treatments to be used afterwards. Conair makes a great value facial sauna with timer that heats up quickly, is a great size for most people and includes a scrub brush, it also has high reviews and remarks from other customers. If you haven't been using a facial steamer, get one today! You'll be happier with your skin:

Use a facial scrub that will remove all the dry dead skin cells as part of your treatment plan to remove blackheads. A natural facial scrub can safely be used every few days and you will notice a scrub also helps to smooth out the complexion. Stay true to your beauty regime daily for marked improvement and more radiant skin.

To choose a skin care treatment for blackheads look for a china clay (Kaolin) masque with vitamins and minerals that is able to withdraw the blackheads. Natural products without chemicals are the best choice for blackhead treatment since you don't want to add any extra irritants that could cause redness and damage to the skin. If you choose a blackhead cleansing pad, be sure to find one without alchohol which dries out the skin and is not what you want right now.

Other Ingredients to Look for in a Blackhead Treatment:

Water Base
Zinc Oxide
Soybean Oil
Sage Leaf Extract
Balm Mint Extract

Use a masque treatment to remove blackheads every several days until you see a smoother texture to the skin and minimizing of blackheads. With continued use on a weekly basis, you will be able to remove the blocked pores from blackheads and they will eventually disappear. Allow the product to work as usually you may see more blemishes emerge as the blackhead treatment is drawing out other skin impurities. Your skin will start to breathe better, look better and feel better!

One important point to remember with the care of your skin and to remove blackheads is to always avoid picking and trying to pop a blackhead or any other skin condition. You will not be able to adequately remove it by picking and it could result in scarring and increased amounts of blackheads. You could even cause inflammation and an infection by picking at your face which will aggravate the condition and really only make it worse!

Other things you can be doing to remove blackheads is to drink plenty of water throughout the day and reduce the amount of fatty foods that you eat. Add more fresh fruits and fresh vegetables that provide vitamins and antioxidants that your skin craves to look radiant and clean. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face and always before using your daily cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Try a pore cleansing hand tool to gently remove those unwanted blackheads such as those highly rated on amazon.com.

Be patient and continue using skin care treatments and you will get noticeable improvement in the skin without blemishes, whiteheads and blackheads.

What is your favorite suggestion to remove blackheads?

Pretty Beach Feet Fast for Radiant Skin

Pretty bare feet and beach feet any time is a good idea and just part of getting radiant skin.

There's no sense in having nice facial skin if your feet have dry dead skin cells, callouses, chipped toenails or overgrown toenails due to having your feet all bundled up during the winter months.

Take some time out of your schedule to sit down, evaluate the skin on your feet and the shape of your bare feet. Are you ready and able to throw on your pretty summer sandals now and head outdoors, to take a walk in a park, to go on vacation or to dinner or a party? Chances are good that the answer is no way! if you haven't paid any attention to your foot care in the last few months.

Set aside an hour or two for a good foot soaking and prepare your best foot products, lotions and nail care and give yourself a pampering treatment in the comfort of your home with these simple tips sure to have you with the best and pretty beach feet no matter where you plan on going soon.

This article will help you to take care of your feet and suggest the best products you need for a perfect pedicure at home. Feel free to share it with your friends because they're probably in need of pretty beach feet too.


Healthy Skin Care - From the Inside Out

Radiant skin is healthy skin and starts from the inside of our bodies. What we see on the face, neck, arms, legs and our entire skin is truly a reflection of how healthy or radiant our insides are!

What can you do for radiant skin that begins on the inside? Follow these tips to help you achieve the glowing, fresh, clear and clean radiant skin that you desire:

* Drink more water - our bodies are made mostly of water and we lose it daily through work and exercise, perspiration and hydration of our cells. Adding more water to your daily diet will help you on the inside and eventually you will notice clearer skin that is moist all over your body as rehydration occurs.

* Eat more fresh fruit - fruit contains water naturally as well as essential vitamins that the human body needs for good health of our organs and our skin. Fresh fruit also tastes great. Experiment with new fruit that you don't typically eat and you will probably find a new favorite food. The natural sugars in fruit are also healthier for the body than juices which typically contain added sugars.

* Eat more fresh vegetbles - add more color to your diet with fresh vegetables to increase the vitamins and healthy carbohydrates that will show in clear and radiant skin. You've heard the saying you are what you eat and by following what Mother Nature provides for us, we'd all be much healthier.

* Exercise - adding just 10-20 minutes of some exercise daily to our routine will help the skin to perspire and remove toxins as well as increase the health of our internal organs. Try walking if you're not accustomed to exercise until you build up your endurance, energy and you'll probably find that you feel much better on the inside as well as your skin will love the fresh air you provide.

* Use natural products on your entire body - natural products will help you to achieve natural beauty that avoid adding extra chemicals and irritants that get absorbed by the bloodstream and that harm the health of your body as they show up on your skin as acne, flakiness, redness, pimples, oiliness, blackheads and clogged pores that can't breathe.

You'll soon see more of your natural beauty when you follow these simple tips for radiant skin that you can add today and begin to see and feel the difference within a week.

Take time to pamper yourself for radiant skin with more tips here:


What is your best tip for radiant skin? Thanks for sharing and helping others!

Radiant Skin with the Help of Food to Include in the Diet

Radiant skin glows, is moist and dewy and is not only about what you put on your skin, wash with, the sun, genetics or how you handle your skin. If there was only one answer to how to have radiant skin it would be much easier for everyone to always look and feel their best. Unfortunately, it also involves the diet and adding many essential vitamins and minerals that are sometimes easier to get through food than with adding another pill in a supplement.

Read these tips to get radiant skin through food and diet tips that will help you in a short amount of time.

What foods do you eat often for radiant skin or what are you planning to add?

Thanks for reading and commenting, feel free to share this important information with your friends - they want radiant skin too!


Skin Tightening Tips for Radiant Skin

Radiant Skin - Skin Tightening Tips

Lines, wrinkles, puffy skin, dark circles, dull skin and rough textured skin reduce the radiance of the face and neck, make you look older than your years and probably makes you feel less than your best.

One of the ways to improve and get radiant skin is to work on skin tightening since younger looking skin is always more vibrant, just like when you were in your 20's.

There are many anti aging products that can help you have radiant skin that you can add to your daily regime. Also, pay attention to treatment products and use them daily such as scrubs, masques, eye gels and eye creams to firm and tighten. You should see an almost immediate difference in your skin with healthy and natural products that avoid chemicals and irritants. Most products should allow you to see an immediate difference as well.

Ask any specific questions you'd like to see answered so a future post can be added here for you. Thanks for stopping by and always wishing you radiant skin that you deserve!

Read this article with tips on how to get tighter skin easily and quickly:


How to Apply Exfoliating Product for Radiant Skin

You know that using an exfoliating product is good for your skin to reveal the smooth, soft and radiant skin below the surface and want to know the tricks to applying your product. Use these tips to get the best results from your products:

Step One:
Pull your hair back so that all of your facial skin can be revealed and the scrub/exfoliating product can be applied thoroughly.

Step Two:
Moisten your fingertips with warm water and gently pat your face with your moistened fingertips.

Step Three:
Remove a quarter sized amount of scrub or exfoliating product onto your fingertips taking care that is will not slide off!

Step Four:
Blend the exfoliating product into the fingers and then apply a small amount to the face, beginning at the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.

Step Five:
Gently begin to work in small, circular motions blending the exfoliating product thoroughly on your face. Allow the product to do the work and be careful not to apply heavy pressure to the skin. Take extra time around the nose and chin areas to be sure to get into any small areas.

Step Six:
Once all the face is covered with scrub/exfoliating product, moisten a wash cloth with warm water and gently remove the product working in an outward and upward motion. Rinse the cloth several times until all the product is off the face.

Step Seven:
Using the washcloth or your hands, give the face a cool water rinse to close the pores and then gently pat dry.

Step Eight:
Continue with your facial care regime of applying your toner, moisturizer and then eye products.

Step Nine:
Repeat the exfoliating product use at least weekly to remove dry, dead skin cells and to reveal the radiant skin that is waiting below.

Try one of the best selling exfoliating products with natural ingredients:

What is your favorite exfoliating product and why do you like it? Readers will want to know!

Exfoliate for Radiant Skin

Exfoliate for radiant skin!
The human skin needs to shed similar to a snake to reveal new and radiant skin below and will eventually do it automatically but, it takes much longer than if you simply keep up with this simple process to reveal radiant skin. If your skin is looking dry, dull, without smooth texture it's probably time to give yourself a good exfoliating treatment and to continue it weekly until you reveal the radiance below.

Use a natural exfoliant that avoids chemicals and toxins that will be absorbed into the lower layers of your skin. Look for ingredients from nature such as honey, almonds, cucumber, shea butter, oatmeal and vitamins to name a few.

Gentle exfoliation is necessary so that you won't damage the skin in the process of trying to reveal radiant skin below! Take a soft and gentle approach when touching your facial skin instead of hard and rough movements that cause irritation, redness and even pain.

Repeat an exfoliating product at least weekly for the best results.

Exfoliating will remove dry and dead skin cells while smoothing the texture and eliminating white heads, blackheads and blemishes.

Use body exfoliators in the shower weekly to get the same smooth, soft and radiant skin on the body - especially during warmer months when more skin is exposed.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share this post with someone you know that is problem skin and is looking for radiant skin. We'll share more helpful information in posts to come and we love your comments! Next, we'll share how to apply an exfoliating product so stay tuned.

What questions do you have about using an exfoliating product?

Radiant Skin

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