Exfoliate for Radiant Skin

Exfoliate for radiant skin!
The human skin needs to shed similar to a snake to reveal new and radiant skin below and will eventually do it automatically but, it takes much longer than if you simply keep up with this simple process to reveal radiant skin. If your skin is looking dry, dull, without smooth texture it's probably time to give yourself a good exfoliating treatment and to continue it weekly until you reveal the radiance below.

Use a natural exfoliant that avoids chemicals and toxins that will be absorbed into the lower layers of your skin. Look for ingredients from nature such as honey, almonds, cucumber, shea butter, oatmeal and vitamins to name a few.

Gentle exfoliation is necessary so that you won't damage the skin in the process of trying to reveal radiant skin below! Take a soft and gentle approach when touching your facial skin instead of hard and rough movements that cause irritation, redness and even pain.

Repeat an exfoliating product at least weekly for the best results.

Exfoliating will remove dry and dead skin cells while smoothing the texture and eliminating white heads, blackheads and blemishes.

Use body exfoliators in the shower weekly to get the same smooth, soft and radiant skin on the body - especially during warmer months when more skin is exposed.

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What questions do you have about using an exfoliating product?

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