How to Apply Exfoliating Product for Radiant Skin

You know that using an exfoliating product is good for your skin to reveal the smooth, soft and radiant skin below the surface and want to know the tricks to applying your product. Use these tips to get the best results from your products:

Step One:
Pull your hair back so that all of your facial skin can be revealed and the scrub/exfoliating product can be applied thoroughly.

Step Two:
Moisten your fingertips with warm water and gently pat your face with your moistened fingertips.

Step Three:
Remove a quarter sized amount of scrub or exfoliating product onto your fingertips taking care that is will not slide off!

Step Four:
Blend the exfoliating product into the fingers and then apply a small amount to the face, beginning at the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.

Step Five:
Gently begin to work in small, circular motions blending the exfoliating product thoroughly on your face. Allow the product to do the work and be careful not to apply heavy pressure to the skin. Take extra time around the nose and chin areas to be sure to get into any small areas.

Step Six:
Once all the face is covered with scrub/exfoliating product, moisten a wash cloth with warm water and gently remove the product working in an outward and upward motion. Rinse the cloth several times until all the product is off the face.

Step Seven:
Using the washcloth or your hands, give the face a cool water rinse to close the pores and then gently pat dry.

Step Eight:
Continue with your facial care regime of applying your toner, moisturizer and then eye products.

Step Nine:
Repeat the exfoliating product use at least weekly to remove dry, dead skin cells and to reveal the radiant skin that is waiting below.

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What is your favorite exfoliating product and why do you like it? Readers will want to know!

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