How to Apply Eye Creams Correctly

Apply Eye Creams Correctly for Radiant Skin

How To Apply Eye Creams Correctly:
The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most delicate tissue on the whole body. As we age, there are many factors that affect the appearance of the skin around the eyes including sun exposure, gravity, roughness to the delicate eye tissue, hormonal changes, chemicals, lack of hydration, stress and the breakdown of cell renewing collagen and elastin. All of these issues lead to the formation of lines and wrinkles on, under and around the entire eye.

Eye creams are meant to safely moisturize the delicate eye tissue, tighten, lift the skin and reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles non-surgically. You can achieve smooth, hydrated, less wrinkled, younger looking eyes with the use of eye creams.

Follow these steps to apply eye creams correctly for the most beneficial results of your eye creams.

Things You'll Need:
Cleanser, toner, moisturizer for your skin type
Eye creams

Step 1
Wash hands

Wash your hands always before touching your face to prevent adding additional dirt or oils.

Step 2
Clean, tone and moisturize the face and neck areas

Clean, tone and moisturize the face with your preferred skin cleaning system on the entire face excluding adding moisturizer to the eye area. Moisturizers are meant to plump and that's the opposite effect you want for the eye area.

Step 3
Open your eye cream and using a small, clean cosmetic spatula
remove a pea sized amount and apply it to the back of the hand. Using a clean cosmetic spatula will prevent adding any additional bacteria to the eye creams and will maintain their longevity and integrity of your eye cream longer.

Step 4
Use ring finger around eyes

Using only the ring finger, dab a tiny amount of eye cream to the finger and then tap it onto the eyelid area, under eye area and above eyebrows. Using the ring finger only will reduce adding additional pressure, pulling or stretching the delicate eye tissue.

Step 5
Reduce lines and wrinkles

Continue to only use the ring finger and gently tap the eye cream into the skin in a circle until all of the eye cream has been absorbed. Proper use of eye creams will reduce lines and wrinkles and prevent pulling and stretching the skin around the eyes.

Step 6
Apply eye creams correctly for beautiful eyes

Use all eye creams daily in the morning and at night for optimal results in moisturizing the eye area while reducing lines and wrinkles. By following this regime, you will apply eye creams correctly and should see noticeable changes rather quickly for beautiful, bright and radiant eyes.

Tips & Warnings to Using Eye Creams Correctly
Always take time out of your day for your personal care regime
Always be gentle with the eye area to minimize further damage to the skin
Eye creams are meant for external use only and never inside the eyes
Look for pure, safe, mild, opthalmologically tested, natural products that are guaranteed for optimal benefits from eye creams
Avoid mineral oil, petroleum, parafin wax, artificial fragrance, irritants, chemicals, animal by-products such as lanolin and urea

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