Tips for Acne Free Skin that is Radiant

Anyone with acne knows that it is troublesome skin that can hurt physically with painful areas, boils, cyst like pustules, large pimples, blackheads and redness that interferes with your social life, professional life and can hurt your self esteem.

Acne can be relieved by following a skin care regime that provides health and nutrition to your skin without adding extra irritants and chemicals.

Start with these tips to improve acne and obtain radiant skin:

* Wash your hands before touching your skin - to avoid bacteria from the hands getting onto the face and neck, making acne worse. 

* Exercise - is crucial to having radiant skin since exercise will help to produce sweat which helps to remove toxins from the skin. Get a good workout daily for at least 30 minutes (or start with 10 minutes and increase it daily) that makes you sweat out impurities in the skin. Walking briskly or running are easy exercises that don't require equipment so there's little excuses to get moving for radiant skin.

* Add more fresh fruit and fresh vegetables to your diet - these foods contain essential vitamins and anti oxidants that are good for the insides and in turn help to produce clearer skin.

* Avoid fatty greasy foods that add additional oils to the body's organ and the skin is the largest organ we have.

* Use natural, organic cleansers and a moisturizer to your daily skincare habits. Wash your face daily in the am and pm for the best outcome.

* During the day avoid touching the face - use the back of hands to reduce adding oils or dirt.

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* Take daily multivitamins to give your skin the best vitamins and minerals to help strengthen and heal the sk. 

Important Tip About moisturizing: Many people with acne think they do not need moisturizers since they typically have oily skin already.

***** When you fail to add moisturizer to your skin, your skin produces sebum, an oil from the sebaceous glands in an effort to add moisture, since the body can't produce moisture. Add the proper moisturizer with natural ingredients every morning and evening in small amounts and your body will reduce the amount of oil it produces. You will see less problem skin within a short amount of time!***

* Avoid harmful ingredients to the skin such as mineral oil which clogs the pores and adds to pimples and blemishes; alcohol which dries out the skin, hurts and can cause redness; paraffin which causes whiteheads, irritates the skin and clogs pores; urea which is cat urine; petroleum which also irritates and clogs pores; animal by-products that add no value to the skin and artificial scents which irritate and can burn the skin and formaldehyde which is a common preservative that is absorbed into the skin and absorbed into  the bloodstream.

* Avoid picking at acne! As tempting as it may be, picking at your pimples and acne WILL make it worse since you can never get all that pus and bacteria out of each pimple or acne blemish and much of it will stay under the skin and produce another zit! Don't pick your face.  Do all these other steps instead and you will see improvement.

Follow these tips for clear and radiant skin - it may take up to three months of constant working on these steps to see results depending on the degree of acne, but you will notice a difference.

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What is your biggest skin care problem? Let's discuss your concerns and get you the radiant skin you want and deserve! Thanks for reading and sharing

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