How to Get Smooth Skin – Radiant Skin

 Tips for Smooth Skin
Tips for Smooth Skin
8 Top Tips for radiant skin – How to get smooth skin is very possible!

Do you notice men and women that have radiant skin and notice how super smooth and soft it is, with an even texture, without pimples or even many lines and wrinkles and think that you will never have such smooth skin?

If you want to get smooth skin and haven't had success yet, you can change a few things with your diet and skincare regime to get radiant skin that is soft and kissable and silky smooth once and for all.

Following these smooth skin tips will help to combat the effects of sun, wind, pollution and chemicals in the environment that contribute to unwanted skin conditions while helping you to look and feel your best.

Instructions for How to Get Smooth Skin:

Things You'll Need:

time to take care of your skin
natural botanically based products
balanced diet

Step 1
Have items needed to get smooth skin at home
In order to have silky smooth, touchable soft skin all over, the first thing to do is to take the time needed to properly care for this largest organ of the body. Keep all the products you need at hand and you can do your own facials and body care at home. You can treat yourself when ever you have the time and you'll save money with everything you need for your at home spa and spa products.

Step 2
Drink water daily
Drink plenty of water daily to help remove toxins from the body and to get smooth skin that is well hydrated. The water requirement is different for each person and is based on age and weight, typically 6-8 glasses per day and can include water used to make coffee and tea. Use a water calculator to find out how much water to drink daily for the most radiant skin all over your body.

Step 3 
Use Natural Botanicals - Avoid chemicals

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Choose facial and body products carefully that contain ingredients from plants and extracts and avoid ingredients like mineral oil and petroleum (refined motor oil that clogs pores), alcohol (drying), chemicals (irritants and cause cancers), animal by-products (irritants and clog pores), artificial fragrances (irritants that cause allergies and unwanted skin conditions such as redness or rosacea, pimples or dermatitis).  A good face cleanser for all skin types is Beauty by Earth, not only good for the skin but good on the wallet. All products you put on your skin get absorbed into the bloodstream and can also cause other illnesses and disease.

Step 4
Use only natural botanically based products on the body that allow the skin to breathe, provide moisture and healing.
Look for ingredients such as water as the primary listing, honey, soybeans, wheat germ, almond meal, cucumber, coconut, strawberry, apricot, tea tree oil and other pure oils, fruit and vegetable extracts. These nutrient rich ingredients are good enough to eat and are also a great start in how to get smooth skin.
* Avoid ingredients that you know you are allergic to in the diet, since the same reaction will happen when you apply these same ingredients to your skin.

Step 5
Exfoliate the skin weekly

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Exfoliate the body skin at least weekly to achieve silky smooth and radiant skin all over. Body exfoliation removes all the dry and dead skin cells to reveal healthy skin below. This will allow moisturizers to penetrate deeply into the skin instead of just sitting on top of dry, dead skin cells. With repeated use of an exfoliating product, this is a great way to get smooth skin that improves with each treatment.

Step 6
Eat a well balanced diet
Eat a well balanced diet to get smooth skin that includes the requirements from the food pyramid guide for optimal skin care. Add a dietary supplement of vitamins and minerals if any of the 20 required amino acids are not eaten daily. Man Made 360 Complete Daily Nutrition Pack is a good choice to get all the daily requirements.

Step 7
Keep your legs shaved for smooth skin
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Keep the skin on legs shaved frequently in the shower using warm water, botanically based shower gels and a fresh shaver/razor for radiant and smooth skin. We love the Puracy Natural Body Wash in a Two Pack, one for me and one for him! Gently pat the skin dry after showering and add moisturizer all over blending with some of the water left on skin.

Step 8
Use sunscreen daily to get smooth skin
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Use sunscreen daily no matter what the weather is outside to guard against the harmful rays of the sun and to prevent skin damage. Too much sun will cause leathery texture and super dryness instead of a nice, smooth texture. Even on cloudy days, the sun can still damage the skin. Use it before your regular face and body moisturizers for super smooth and radiant skin.

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Radiant and smooth skin is possible when you follow these tips on a regular basis and pay attention to each of them. Get back on track if you miss a day of taking care of your skin and before you know it, you too will have radiant skin that you will love. Thanks for reading and feel free to tell your friends about our radiant skin care site. Find more of our Favorite Beauty Product Reviews on our home page here.

What is your biggest skin care concern? Feel free to share in the comment section so that we can discuss it and help you and others get smooth skin. Thanks for reading!


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