Summer Skin Care - Help for Dry Skin

Summer Skin Care - Help for Dry Skin

Do you need help for dry skin especially during the summer months? You're not alone if you want summer skin care tips that help you get glowing skin for all those summer picnics, the beach, summer parties, barbeques and all outdoor events so you can bare your skin without worrying.

Some of the problems you may be having with dry skin include red patchy skin, itchy skin, scaly skin, flaking skin. Other problems can also include psoriasis, eczema and acne skin that require even more daily attention.

Dry Scaly Skin can happen quickly during the summer when the temperatures rise, the humidity increases, we're sweating more and you spend time outdoors in the heat without the proper care and protection for the body's largest organ.

Use these 8 tips every day to help dry skin:
* Shower or bathe with a moisturizing body wash in warm water which is gentler on the skin and opens the pores for cleaning. Always follow by a cool water rinse to help close the pores. Keeping the skin clean will help to remove dirt, pollutions, toxins and bacteria that causes other problems such as acne. Shower or bathe at the end of the day if you've been spending many hours outside working or playing in the heat of summer.

* Use a body exfoliator every few days as part of your summer skin care program to remove dry scaly skin at the surface level. The body will slough off dry dead skin layers every month but, we can speed up the process by using products and helping mother nature along. It's easy to apply a body exfoliator while showering and makes the clean up process a simple rinse. You'll notice smooth soft skin immediately after using this product.

* Keep your body shaved as an added layer of exfoliation and to keep the legs smooth and soft.

* Towel dry gently leaving some water on the skin so you can add moisturizer.

* Moisturize the whole body using the best lotions you can buy with natural ingredients that add food for the skin.

* Get a fake tan using a self tanner that will moisturize the body while giving a tint of color that looks like you've just returned from the best vacation ever! Self tanners can be used every day to help build your tan slowly and make it look much more natural without the burn of the sun's rays as help for dry skin.

* Take vitamin supplements known to help the skin. Read more in this post to help you get the right vitamins for your dry skin.

* Protect the skin from getting even more dry when you're out and about by wearing sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen every day. Reapply sunscreen every hour if you spend a lot of time outside to protect the skin from sunburn and from drying out even more.

* Take care of sunburn areas immediately to prevent redness and to prevent dry skin.

Follow these 8 tips for summer skin care and get help for dry skin so you'll feel great in all your summer clothes and feel confident in baring your skin. Share your best dry skin tip here and let others know about this article that will help them too.

What Vitamins are Good to Take for Acne Skin

What Vitamins are Good to Take for Acne Skin is a very good question that you may be asking and wondering if it's even possible that vitamins will make a difference to acne.

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Yes, is the first and most simple answer to this question. Let's get into it a little more so that you can add vitamins to your daily list of things to do for radiant skin and no more acne!

How do Vitamins help the skin?
The skin is the largest organ of the body and just like any other organ such as the heart, lungs, liver, stomach or brain, nutrients like vitamins and minerals are essential for good health and keep all these organs working at their optimal level. If you're following our posts, you've known that nutrition for the skin and the things you eat every day can either help or harm your skin.
What do we mean by harm?

How to Cover Up Acne and Embarassing Blemishes

 Tips to Cover Up and Hide Acne
Looking for How to Cover Up Acne?

Follow these tips and with only five steps for the best way to cover acne until you can get rid of it and get clear radiant skin - it's hiding underneath those pimples but, let's get you started on a daily program and how to cover up acne with the best treatments and makeup.

Deep Clean Acne Skin with a Pore Deep Cleansing Brush from Amazon
     Wash your face, neck and ears thoroughly for the best chance at reducing acne so you'll have less to cover up. If you've never used a facial brush, you'll love this 5 in 1 mini facial cleansing brush for daily use.

  Once your face is clean, you can move on to our best tips to hide those blemishes:

Makeup that is Good for Acne Problem Skin

Acne problem skin is such a huge problem for so many from young teenagers to adult acne and all happen for many reasons that range from hormones to heredity to bacteria in the skin. Do you wonder if there is makeup that is good for acne problem skin or do you avoid makeup because of acne thinking it will do more harm than good or you don't like the look and feel of heavy makeup?

Acne problem skin can actually be helped by makeup if you know what to look for and use these tips for getting the right makeup for your skin.

What to Look for when shopping for makeup for acne problem skin:

Look for water based foundation as the number one ingredient in makeup. Water based foundations will glide on easily without a thick or heavy feel to your skin. Water base also add moisture and hydration to makeup instead of oil. Water based foundation will help to absorb some of the oils produced throughout the day.

Look for oil free makeup if you have acne problem skin. One cause of acne is too much oil in the skin (also called sebum) so you want to limit the amount of oil on the face and makeup with oils that will add to the problem.

Makeup that is good for acne problem skin contains Vitamin E for healing, shea butter or soybean oil as a natural oil, oat and chamomile, titanium dioxide, benzoate and mica and talc for coverage and color, minerals that come from the earth, algae extracts, aloe vera and fruit extracts that add color but because they come from nature are actually good for the skin.

For acne problem skin, avoid alcohol that will dry out the skin and cause more oil production and increase pimples and breakouts. Also avoid petroleum - this is refined motor oil, mineral oil that you wouldn't want on your skin and could be the cause of many skin problems such as acne and breakouts.

A quick word about parabens in makeup. Parabens are preservatives. Some amount of parabens will not harm you and actually help to prevent your makeup and other products from getting bacteria in them or having a very short shelf life. There is no research that has shown that the very small amounts of parabens used in makeup will result in anything bad happening to you. Look for parabens that are listed at the end of an ingredient list - this shows you that small amounts are being used and not as the main or even the top five ingredients.

Best Selling Natural Makeup Products

There is makeup that is good for acne problem skin and when you at least use a foundation base you help to protect your skin from dirt and pollution in the air and cover blemishes while you are using skin care that helps to combat the problems. Many makeup brands offer all these healthy and natural ingredients and avoid cheap ingredients that do little to help your skin or cover blemishes. So, don't be afraid to use makeup, it's a good thing! Shop smart, learn ingredients and get the best makeup you can afford for acne problem skin.

Self Tanner Tips for Radiant Skin

When warmer weather arrives, the days get longer and the sun shines more you are probably wanting a suntan for glowing, radiant skin. The dangers of the sun shouldn't be ignored and instead of laying in the sun for hours on end to get a tan, you may want to consider the benefits of a self tanning lotion. Self tanners are easy to use at home and work for men and women for glowing skin. A fake tan using a self tanner can look like the real deal with all the effective self tanning products on the market.

Use these self tanner tips for radiant skin that glows in the summer without the dangers of the UV rays of the sun:

Buy a self tanner with natural ingredients without chemicals to avoid damaging the top and lower layers of the skin. Search for ingredients with a water base and dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as one of the top 3 ingredients. The higher in the list of ingredients that the active ones are listed, the more of that ingredient in the product. Avoid products that list active and important ingredients at the end - they offer little value for the money. Make sure that your self tanner also includes moisturizing ingredients such as apricot kernel oil, soybean oil, shea butter or aloe vera so that the product keeps the skin hydrated and moist without drying it. Vitamins and herbal extracts are added bonus ingredients good for the skin.

Test a small area of the skin that won't be seen to check the color of your self tanner. Apply a small amount of products on a breast or under the bra area that will be hidden and wait for it to dry to check the color.

Apply self tanner after a bath or shower: Once you have a self tanner that has a sun kissed color and isn't orange, apply it to clean and dry skin. Place a quarter sized amount into the palm of your hand and rub hands together. Blend over a small area of the body and smooth out in small circular motions. Reapply until all areas of the body are covered with self tanning lotion.
* Apply gently and lightly over the elbows, ankles and knees which will hold onto more color and may become darker if too much is applied.

Allow self tanner to dry completely. The self tanning lotion will be sticky and slightly tacky as it's drying. Wait until completely dry before getting dressed to make sure the color will not transfer onto clothing.
* Wash hands with warm water and soap after applying self tanner to make sure that the color isn't transferred onto hands and give away your secret of a fake tan!

Apply a second coat of self tanner if time allows and for deeper color and tan. Just be sure to wash hands between each application of self tanner.

Reapply self tanner daily for a more natural appearing tan and until the level of tan is achieved. Self tanners and bronzers use time released technology to deepen a tan with each use.

Reapply self tanner weekly to maintain the natural glow of a tan and to keep radiant skin all year long.

Use these self tanner tips for radiant skin that will have you looking like you've just returned from a fabulous vacation in the sun without any of the dangers of the UV rays! Top Self Tanning Products

Practice safe sunning by wearing a hat, sunglasses and stay out of the sun as much as possible. Get your tan with a self tanner instead and maintain your radiant skin!

If You Want Radiant Skin - Wash Your Hands

Clean Hands can help you get radiant skin

Do you pay attention to all the things you touch throughout the day and then touch your face before you wash your hands? Some of the things that we do in our regular daily routine make it harder to get the radiant skin that you are wanting but, you can make some small changes to make a big difference in your skin. Let's take a look at some of the things you are probably touching during a routine day and you'll get a good idea of why you want to wash your hands before you touch your face and do all you can do to get radiant skin.

*When you leave your home, you touch the doorknobs. If those doorknobs are not clean and you touch your face, you are transferring dirt to your face and that makes it harder to maintain radiant skin.

*You get into your car and if the door handle of your car and the interior of your car are not clean and you touch your face, you are transferring that dirt onto your skin.

*You arrive at work and touch the door to get into your building. Do you realize how many people touch that door every day and chances are pretty good that it's not clean. Avoid touching your face until you wash your hands!

*You enter the building to your work and reach the elevator. That elevator button is no doubt loaded with dirt and germs from other people touching it. If you touch your face before you wash your hands, you will be transferring more dirt and germs onto your skin making it much harder to maintain your radiant skin glow!

*You arrive at your office and maybe touch one more door getting into your office, more dirt and germs.

*In your office, you grab the phone and unless you routinely clean your work phone and especially if others use the same phone, you will be transferring that dirt and more germs onto your skin if you touch your face!

*You go to the bathroom at work and enter into the main door which has dirt and germs on it. If you touch your face while using the bathroom, you will be transferring even more dirt and germs onto your skin.

*By now, you get the picture of all the germy and dirty areas of your regular day that make it difficult to maintain radiant skin unless you wash your hands often!

Carry a Travel Sized Hand Sanitizer Everywhere You Go!

*You next go to lunch and touch counters, tables and chairs that have dirt and germs on them. If you eat your lunch now without first washing your hands, you can imagine how much you transfer onto your skin!

*You may have meetings throughout your day that take you to different offices and you'll be touching more doors, tables, chairs and especially pens that others may have used that contain dirt and germs.

*You head home from work and stop at the grocery store and touch all sorts of areas there such as the grocery cart, displays, products, the cash out area, touching money and you get a better idea now of how much dirt and germs are everywhere in our world.

Get into the habit of not touching your face while you are out and about before you first wash your hands. Clean hands will not transfer dirt and germs onto your skin and you'll have a much better chance of getting radiant skin without adding more oils and dirt into your skin.

Carry a safe, all purpose cleaner with you in your purse and in the car that you can use throughout the day to keep your hands clean so that any time you need to stratch your face from an itch or if you rest your head in your hands, you can rest assured that at least your hands are clean.

Wash your hands as soon as you arrive back home to get rid of al the dirt and germs from the day. You'll soon get the radiant skin you want when you pay more attention to what you touch throughout a regular day.

What do you think is the one biggest change you can make to your routine for clean hands and radiant skin? Thanks for your comments!

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