How to Cover Up Acne and Embarassing Blemishes

 Tips to Cover Up and Hide Acne
Looking for How to Cover Up Acne?

Follow these tips and with only five steps for the best way to cover acne until you can get rid of it and get clear radiant skin - it's hiding underneath those pimples but, let's get you started on a daily program and how to cover up acne with the best treatments and makeup.

Deep Clean Acne Skin with a Pore Deep Cleansing Brush from Amazon
     Wash your face, neck and ears thoroughly for the best chance at reducing acne so you'll have less to cover up. If you've never used a facial brush, you'll love this 5 in 1 mini facial cleansing brush for daily use.

  Once your face is clean, you can move on to our best tips to hide those blemishes:

 How to cover up acne step one: Acne Treatment Cream

Keeva Natural Acne Treatment Cream

Use a acne spot treatment that contains tea tree oil, vitamins, aloe vera as natural anti bacterial ingredients or other nutrients that will heal acne and still allow you to apply makeup afterwards. Apply the spot treatment product on any acne area and allow it to absorb into the skin before moving on to step two.

Step two to cover up acne:
Use a concealer on all acne areas of the face or neck. Buy concealer that is lightweight with minerals and vitamins to cover blemishes while allowing the skin to breathe and heal. Choose a color that is similar to your foundation makeup or one shade lighter. Try Physicians Formula Green Concealer Stick to cover and hide red spots. Just wait till you try it!

Step three to cover up acne:
Start using a foundation primer if you don't use one now. A foundation primer helps to protect the skin and keeps it soft but, the most important thing a foundation primer helps with acne skin is that it helps foundation stay on all day long without smearing or getting oily. Try a foundation primer today, it will be your new best friend!

Step four to cover up acne:
SHANY Perfect Canvas Liquid Foundation, Paraben/Talc/Oil Free, LW1, 30 Fluid Ounce
Shany Perfect Canvas Oil Free Foundation
Wear foundation every day. A good water based, oil free foundation will help you to hide and cover up acne blemishes, scars and other imperfections and give a smooth and even texture to your skin. Foundation also helps to protect your skin from dirt and pollution, as well as other makeup you will add on top which is very important when you are trying to get rid of acne.

Wait until you start wearing a light foundation every day, you'll notice great coverage of blemishes and the skin will start to heal. Some considerations for your foundation that will help acne skin are ingredients such as minerals, mica, talc, vitamins and covabead technology.

Step five to cover up acne:
Wear finishing powder at the end of all your makeup application. Powder that is light, similar color to your skin tone will help to set your makeup as well as help to absorb oils from acne skin throughout the day. Apply a light coat of powder using a powder brush all over the face and neck until it is well blended.

Chemical Free Makeup Powder

Try these five steps to cover up acne with makeup and use them every day that you go out. Once you get into a routine with your makeup, it should only take you five or ten minutes at the most and will help you to look better and feel better about yourself and your skin.

*** Make sure to always wash your face and neck at night before going to bed to remove all the makeup and allow acne skin to heal overnight as you sleep. Continue to use these tips for acne along with your other skin care program and treatments as you follow along here with us. Use the best skin care products made for acne skin that you can afford and in just a few months, watch your skin change right before your eyes!
          Leave us your comments or questions about covering up Acne or add your own special tip.

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