If You Want Radiant Skin - Wash Your Hands

Clean Hands can help you get radiant skin

Do you pay attention to all the things you touch throughout the day and then touch your face before you wash your hands? Some of the things that we do in our regular daily routine make it harder to get the radiant skin that you are wanting but, you can make some small changes to make a big difference in your skin. Let's take a look at some of the things you are probably touching during a routine day and you'll get a good idea of why you want to wash your hands before you touch your face and do all you can do to get radiant skin.

*When you leave your home, you touch the doorknobs. If those doorknobs are not clean and you touch your face, you are transferring dirt to your face and that makes it harder to maintain radiant skin.

*You get into your car and if the door handle of your car and the interior of your car are not clean and you touch your face, you are transferring that dirt onto your skin.

*You arrive at work and touch the door to get into your building. Do you realize how many people touch that door every day and chances are pretty good that it's not clean. Avoid touching your face until you wash your hands!

*You enter the building to your work and reach the elevator. That elevator button is no doubt loaded with dirt and germs from other people touching it. If you touch your face before you wash your hands, you will be transferring more dirt and germs onto your skin making it much harder to maintain your radiant skin glow!

*You arrive at your office and maybe touch one more door getting into your office, more dirt and germs.

*In your office, you grab the phone and unless you routinely clean your work phone and especially if others use the same phone, you will be transferring that dirt and more germs onto your skin if you touch your face!

*You go to the bathroom at work and enter into the main door which has dirt and germs on it. If you touch your face while using the bathroom, you will be transferring even more dirt and germs onto your skin.

*By now, you get the picture of all the germy and dirty areas of your regular day that make it difficult to maintain radiant skin unless you wash your hands often!

Carry a Travel Sized Hand Sanitizer Everywhere You Go!

*You next go to lunch and touch counters, tables and chairs that have dirt and germs on them. If you eat your lunch now without first washing your hands, you can imagine how much you transfer onto your skin!

*You may have meetings throughout your day that take you to different offices and you'll be touching more doors, tables, chairs and especially pens that others may have used that contain dirt and germs.

*You head home from work and stop at the grocery store and touch all sorts of areas there such as the grocery cart, displays, products, the cash out area, touching money and you get a better idea now of how much dirt and germs are everywhere in our world.

Get into the habit of not touching your face while you are out and about before you first wash your hands. Clean hands will not transfer dirt and germs onto your skin and you'll have a much better chance of getting radiant skin without adding more oils and dirt into your skin.

Carry a safe, all purpose cleaner with you in your purse and in the car that you can use throughout the day to keep your hands clean so that any time you need to stratch your face from an itch or if you rest your head in your hands, you can rest assured that at least your hands are clean.

Wash your hands as soon as you arrive back home to get rid of al the dirt and germs from the day. You'll soon get the radiant skin you want when you pay more attention to what you touch throughout a regular day.

What do you think is the one biggest change you can make to your routine for clean hands and radiant skin? Thanks for your comments!


  1. Thanks for this practical tips for Skin care.Being a man, skin health is a very good thing to consider.

    Hands are really dirty and a bacteria carrier , I am glad you remind me..:)

    Keep it up!

  2. So glad you're here Bennix - I'll try to add more tips for men soon too. Thanks for reading and following my blog!


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