Makeup that is Good for Acne Problem Skin

Acne problem skin is such a huge problem for so many from young teenagers to adult acne and all happen for many reasons that range from hormones to heredity to bacteria in the skin. Do you wonder if there is makeup that is good for acne problem skin or do you avoid makeup because of acne thinking it will do more harm than good or you don't like the look and feel of heavy makeup?

Acne problem skin can actually be helped by makeup if you know what to look for and use these tips for getting the right makeup for your skin.

What to Look for when shopping for makeup for acne problem skin:

Look for water based foundation as the number one ingredient in makeup. Water based foundations will glide on easily without a thick or heavy feel to your skin. Water base also add moisture and hydration to makeup instead of oil. Water based foundation will help to absorb some of the oils produced throughout the day.

Look for oil free makeup if you have acne problem skin. One cause of acne is too much oil in the skin (also called sebum) so you want to limit the amount of oil on the face and makeup with oils that will add to the problem.

Makeup that is good for acne problem skin contains Vitamin E for healing, shea butter or soybean oil as a natural oil, oat and chamomile, titanium dioxide, benzoate and mica and talc for coverage and color, minerals that come from the earth, algae extracts, aloe vera and fruit extracts that add color but because they come from nature are actually good for the skin.

For acne problem skin, avoid alcohol that will dry out the skin and cause more oil production and increase pimples and breakouts. Also avoid petroleum - this is refined motor oil, mineral oil that you wouldn't want on your skin and could be the cause of many skin problems such as acne and breakouts.

A quick word about parabens in makeup. Parabens are preservatives. Some amount of parabens will not harm you and actually help to prevent your makeup and other products from getting bacteria in them or having a very short shelf life. There is no research that has shown that the very small amounts of parabens used in makeup will result in anything bad happening to you. Look for parabens that are listed at the end of an ingredient list - this shows you that small amounts are being used and not as the main or even the top five ingredients.

Best Selling Natural Makeup Products

There is makeup that is good for acne problem skin and when you at least use a foundation base you help to protect your skin from dirt and pollution in the air and cover blemishes while you are using skin care that helps to combat the problems. Many makeup brands offer all these healthy and natural ingredients and avoid cheap ingredients that do little to help your skin or cover blemishes. So, don't be afraid to use makeup, it's a good thing! Shop smart, learn ingredients and get the best makeup you can afford for acne problem skin.

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