Add a Paraffin Wax Treatment to your Manicure

You already know that the hands are one of the first places to show your age. Paraffin wax treatments are helpful for your hands and feet if you are having pain or stiffness from arthritis and other joint problems but, can also be very helpful as part of your at home manicure for very dry or flaking skin on the hands. People with eczema, rashes and psoriasis can also benefit from the warmth of a paraffin wax treatment. I like to add a paraffin wax treatment at least weekly as part of my manicure although you can safely use it daily without any problems at all.Men and women benefit from paraffin wax treatments and I'll add my brother and nephew showing off their hands soon!

If you're considering using heat treatment at home, you'll want to know the benefits of paraffin wax to determine if this is a good option for you or your family:  

Benefits of Paraffin Wax Bath at Home

 *At home paraffin wax units heat wax to a slow and safe temperature that won't burn the skin although it can take some time to get used to dipping your hands or feet into warm wax.
*Owning your own wax treatment unit will save you money - each professional treatment at a salon can cost $20 or more.
*Warm wax helps to dilate the blood vessels and increase circulation to the hands and feet offering pain relief without pills.Many people state amazing pain relief from arthritis using a paraffin wax bath.
*Paraffin wax helps to soften and moisturize very dry skin on the hands or feet and especially around the nail beds, cuticles or knuckle areas.
Paraffin Wax Treatment Softens Hands for your Manicure! image by radiantskinexpertadvice
*Paraffin wax can be reused if the same person is using the unit and scents such as calming lavender are available for additional soothing relief.
*At home units are safe and self contained with lids to protect the wax from dirt and debris from getting inside and are easy to store.
*Always keep heated units out of the reach of children who are too young to understand the use and danger of heat and spillage.
*Paraffin wax refills are easy to find and affordable plus are available in bulk and will last a long time through many hand wax treatments.
* You might want to hand the cozie liners to keep the heat in while you relax during your hand and feet treatment. 
Therabath Paraffin Wax Unit comes with everything you need for at home wax treatments

The medical therabath professional grade paraffin bath unit above is the one I have and love because it's large enough for feet (11.5" long and 6" deep) so two units aren't necessary for the hands and feet.
The outside of this unit stays cool to the touch for safety.
It already comes with 6 - one pound bars of paraffin wax so can be used as soon as you get it home and heat the wax.
It can be left on all day and night without danger and is especially great when you want to use it several times a day or every day for a week or more.
This is a professional grade unit used by medical professionals and salons alike.
It's made in the USA which is another feature that I love and try to buy made in America as much as possible.
The only supplies needed are paraffin wax and liners for replacement, scent is optional, the unit itself should last for years and has a limited lifetime warranty.

It's easy to add a paraffin wax treatment to your manicure:
-Place the wax into the inside of unit, plug in and wait for the wax to melt.
-Slowly dip one hand into the unit with palm side down and then remove quickly. Repeat two or three times to get a thin layer of wax onto your hand.
-Place waxed hand into a hand liner through the open end and gently wrap around the wrist area. This step helps to retain the moisture of the wax as it stays warm. * Buy hand liners that are large enough for feet so they serve two purposes and help you to save money instead of buying liners for hands and liners for feet.

-Wrap lined hands in a towel and then rest them on your lap until the wax cools, about 15-20 minutes.
-Remove hand liner and dispose of. Gently peel off wax starting at the wrist area and working down towards the fingertips. Be sure to remove all wax around the fingernails. * If you are the only one using the paraffin wax unit, you can reuse the wax and place it back into unit to future use.

Your hands will feel super smooth and soft and will smell great if you are using any of the scented waxes too. Each time you do an at home manicure or need pain relief for your hands or just softer hands, repeat the paraffin wax treatment. I think you'll love it and you can also share it with your friends. (Just be sure to discard any wax from others into the trash so you don't contaminate your own wax).

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Have fun and let me know why you like your parrafin wax treatment.

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