Face Steaming and The Benefits of Steaming

Steaming is a process of using the vapors created by heated water and can be used as a facial treatment to cleanse the face more thoroughly than a regular washing to get clear and radiant skin and to help with some problem skin issues. You've probably either seen a sauna or you've experienced the steamy heat that is produced and how great the skin feels afterwards. You may not own a sauna or have access to one and think you can only experience these benefits if you take your next vacation. You don't need a vacation to have a face steaming, you can do your own and you should probably do it more often!

If you are wondering how to do a face steaming and what the benefits of steaming the face are, read on to learn the steps involved to determine if this would be a good addition to your skin care regime on your way to radiant skin.

Face Steaming can help the following skin care and breathing problems:

Dry skin
Dull complexion
Oily skin
Breathing problems

Benefits of Steaming your Face:

- Facial steaming cleans the pores and can make the complexion look brighter, clearer and more youthful.
- Steaming can help to open the pores for deeper cleaning of areas that are prone to pimples, blackheads and acne.
- Revitalize a dull complexion.
- Steaming the face adds more moisture to dry and flaky skin.
- Face steaming is also very good for opening nasal passages during a cold and to help with allergies and difficulty breathing.
- Men and women can all benefit from face steaming, so be prepared to share your unit with your partner!

How to create your own face steamer:

Place a medium sized pot on the stove and fill 1/4 way with water. Turn on to a medium heat. While the water is warming, place a large sized bath towel around the back of the head and neck.
When the water begins to boil, turn it down to a simmer.
Lean your face forward over the top of the pot while holding the edges of the towel around the sides of the face.
** Be careful to not get too close to the hot pot to avoid burning yourself and slowly ease into the steaming vapors to avoid burning the skin. Also make sure that the water isn't spurting at all as this can cause burns to the skin.
Stay over the steaming water for a few minutes or as long as you can take the heat.
After face steaming, turn the pot of water off and head to a sink to rinse the face with cool water.
Finish your skin care routine with a toner and moisturizer.

Using a Facial Sauna to Steam your Face:

 Conair Facial Sauna System with TimerConair Facial Sauna System offers one of the most popular facial steamers on amazon.com for it's ease of use, safety of use, area for measured amount of water, timer with auto shut off, costs less than $30 and offers free shipping.

If you want a self contained unit that includes a place to put your face into, a facial scrub brush to apply scrubs or just to scrub the face during a steam, this makes a nice unit and scent or herbs can also be added to the water.

Apply your eye cream before face steaming to protect the eyes as well as keep your eyes closed during a steam.

Using a face steamer can improve the overall health of your skin when used routinely and can help you achieve radiant skin.

Skin care tip: Use a facial masque immediately after face steaming since the pores are already fully opened so the product can work even more effectively, rinse with cool water and then add toner and moisturizer.

Have you tried a face steamer and what do you think of your skin care results using it compared to not using a steamer? Thanks for reading and for sharing your comments or questions. 

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