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At least once a week and usually on Sunday or another day off, I like to give myself a relaxing manicure since it's one way to grow strong nails and make my hands look younger and great. The hands are one of the first places to show your age so by keeping the nails healthy with a manicure, it's one way to defy your age and to get radiant skin. If you're looking for how to give yourself a manicure at home to save money or just to save time without having to head to your nearest nail salon, try these tips for a manicure whenever you have time.

This is my routine for an at home manicure using my favorite products that hopefully you will find useful for yourself too.

Soak the nails:

Place a small amount of OPI Manicure Revitalize Effervescent Soak or your favorite nail soak in a medium sized bowl with warm water. Soak one hand at a time, allowing as much of the hand to be emersed in the solution as possible. This effervescent soak will help to clean and brighten the fingernails while it softens, hydrates and moisturizers the skin and nails. Keep soaking the hand until the water turns cool. Remove the hand and then make a new batch to soak the other hand using the same directions. Gently towel dry.

Soften Cuticles:
Apply a cuticle softener to help get strong nails and prevent cracking and splitting of the nails. Use a small amount and brush onto each nail bed and cuticle area. Blend in gently around the entire nail. Avoid cutting the cuticles since they help to protect the nails and without these important safeguards for your nails, you are more prone to infections of the nails. Gently push them back with a cuticle stick after they are softened.

File Fingernails:
I love the Polar Block nail buffer and file since it's easy on the nails, files without taking too much off and isn't too rough on my nails. Maybe I just haven't found an emory board or other nail file that isn't too rough but, for me the nail buffers work great. Take your time and gently file the nails to the length and shape you like best and buff the tops of nails. The polar block will help you to achieve a well shaped and white nail and also helps to remove any discoloration of the nail and smooths out any uneven ridges. Gently use a towel to remove any filing dust off the nails before polishing.

Apply a Base Coat:
A base coat will help to prevent splitting and chipping of the nails until your next manicure as well as to help grow strong nails. I find it helps my nail polish stay on much longer (10 days usually with a base coat instead of 4 or 5 days without using it). Brush on one thin coat of base to each nail starting at the center closest to the skin and working your way to each side of the nail. Repeat until all nails are coated, allow to dry thoroughly and then apply a second coat.

Apply Nail Polish:
Choose your favorite nail polish color, OPI has a huge selection of colors in fun, attention getting and conversation starting names! Choose a neutral color that will coordinate with most of your fashions if you don't want to have to change your polish often or just use the latest fahion colors inspired by celebrities!

Applying the nail polish color is the hardest part since you'll want a steady hand and even strokes. *Keep the wrist area flat on a table to help with a steady hand and avoid drinking too much coffee or other caffeine drinks before applying polish! Allow your manicure to dry completely naturally or use a nail dryer for faster drying.

Use a Top Coat:
One coat of top coat is usually enough to help to protect the nail polish and make it last longer, you may want two coats to make it even stronger. Use a shiny top coat if you like that look or use your base coat if you want a more natural or matte finish.

Add Hand Lotion:
Keep your hands soft and help to keep your freshly manicured nails moisturized after fully dry with a natural hand cream loaded with vitamins and nutrients. Make sure to use a hand cream or lotion that smells great, isn't greasy, absorbs quickly and is reasonably priced. Just a little should go a long way and when massaged into the fingers, plams and back of the hands, your hands will be soft, smooth and no one will ever know your age, or if you are young, you'll stay looking young and fresh. Keep a travel sized hand lotion with you at all times for quick touch ups during the day for dry and hard working hands.

Pamper yourself at least weekly and give yourself a manicure at home with these manicure tools. It's part of how to get radiant skin, by paying attention to your hands and nails. It's easy, fast and I hope you'll find these tips helpful. Add a hand scrub every now and then to your manicure routine to get rid of really dry skin.

Tip: Keep your cuticle oil/gel at your bedside and apply a small amount every evening before bed and each morning to keep your cuticles soft.

Got a manicure tip to share? Leave it in the comments for others and thanks for reading. Share with your friends that may want to know how to give a manicure.

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