How to Test Your Skin Type

Are you asking 'What is My Skin Type” or did you even know that there are several different skin types? Before we keep talking about care for dry skin, acne skin, oily skin, anti aging treatments and more, we need to talk about how to determine skin type' so that you know your particular needs.

If you are not getting the results you want in skin care products, take time to do this fast and easy skin type test and the results may surprise you.

Knowing your own skin type will assist you in knowing what to look for when shopping for skin care products so that you can get clear and radiant skin. Using the wrong type of products for your skin will not work as effectively as those that are made just for your particular type of skin. Using the correct products for your skin type will help to ensure you receive the best results but, first you need to determine your skin type. Here's a fun and easy way to do it.

Things You'll Need to Determine Skin Type:
scotch tape

Step 1

Start with clean skin:
In the morning use your cleanser, toner and moisturizer during your regular skin care routine as you always do. You might be using the wrong products right now but, it's best to start with super squeaky clean skin. We'll get you on the right path to your right products soon!

Step 2

Add Scotch Tape!

Gotofine Double Sided 1x - 7x Magnification Hand Held Makeup Mirror with Stand,clear (7x)
Double Sided Magnifying Mirror with Stand
Use a hand mirror and scotch tape to determine skin type.

I prefer a double sided magnifying mirror to really be able to see all your skin areas and flaws up super close. If you don't have one yet, get it today.

Wait approximately 20-30 minutes after you have cleansed your skin so the water is absorbed and before you apply anything else to the skin. Use a mirror to see yourself. Using a piece of scotch tape test a small area of each of your beauty points (the main beauty points are the forehead, chin, cheeks and nose) to determine dry, normal or oily or combination. Gently press the scotch tape against one area of the face for a few seconds and remove slowly and easily to avoid damaging the skin. Look at the sticky side.

Step 3

Determine skin type by reading the scotch tape results:

If the tape has small, flakey skin flecks on it, you're most likely dry skin type. Dry skin will easily come off with tape and also flakes throughout the day.
If there is noticeable greasy, moist and oily areas on the tape, you're most likely oily skin type. Oily skin usually also has large pores, pimples, whiteheads and blackheads.

Normal skin type will have no noticeable changes to the tape although there may be a moist area very small. Normal/oily will have some areas drier and others (usually down the nose and across forehead) that are oily. Normal/dry skin type will have some areas of dryness and flaking but, the difference will be that the whole face is not flaking or greasy.

Step 4

Combination skin type typically has oily areas along the T-zone of the face:

What is the T-Zone of the Face? The area across the forehead, down the nose and to the chin. These areas can also have larger pores, blackheads and even some whiteheads or simple pimples. When testing your scotch tape, if the T-zone area is more moist and greasy looking compared to the cheeks, you have combination skin.

Now that you know how to determine skin type, you can get the skin care that is appropriate for your particular needs, ensuring effective results and you'll be on your way to radiant skin that is glowing, clear and blemish free. Check out these best value skin care sets to get you started on the right products for you!

Share this fun and easy skin type test with your friends, they may be surprised to learn that there are different skin types and they all require different skin care products for the best results.

Skin Care Tips & Warnings
Change your skin care products as your skin changes, either due to climate, stress, diet or aging or when they no longer produce the results you are looking for.
Avoid tissue on the face, since it's made from wood and can scratch and harm the skin.
Avoid the delicate eye area when doing a skin type test.
Apply scotch type tape gently and easily onto skin and remove slowly.

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