Men Want Great Skin Just as Much as Women Do!

Men want great skin just as much as women do.... even if they won't or don't tell you! If that sounds like you or your spouse, let's see if this sounds familiar to you and if not, how to know if you can help your man get great skin.

Last night I came home from work to find my handsome husband showered, shaven, lotioned and he had his face masque on, as he has small skin tag looking growths under his eye areas that he's been trying to shrink.

It's working. Since he's been using a china clay and mica mineral masque at least weekly, those skin tag areas are actually shrinking and he's super happy about it.

He applies a thin layer of the masque to his freshly washed face and then just leaves it on for at least 20-30 minutes as he watches his updates from Sports Center!

How it Starts:

My husband started noticing those very small growths under his eye areas scattered all the way down to the top of his cheekbone area and asked me to have a look at them to determine what they are and if he should be worried about them. These areas are soft, not changing in color, just some extra skin that protrude from his face. I'd be concerned for skin cancer if they changed color, grew or even changed shape - for my husband none of those issues were happening although we both keep checking them often just to make sure he may need to see a doctor.

He could have gone to a dermatologist to have them cut off or burned off but, he wanted a recommendation for a product that could help shrink these skin growths before he opted for cutting or burning on his face. I can't blame him, they are under his eyes and he'd rather not see a doctor for them.

We chose a mineral masque that is made to draw out impurities from the skin, has no chemicals, contains healing vitamins and oils so that he wouldn't have any scarring issues afterwards.

The first or second time of using his masque, I have to admit that he preferred that I apply it for him since he had no idea how to use it. Many men don't know how to use facial products and maybe you can be the one to help for the first or second time. They do get the hang of it and are more likely to do it for themselves once they see how fast and easy it is to do.

If you don't have someone that can show you how to use a specific treatment product, most companies provide easy to follow directions so that you can do it for yourself at home too, without the costs of facials at a salon - most men definitely won't go for that but, don't mind trying it at home!

It Takes Time!

Fortunately, my husband realizes that these skin tag growths would not be gone overnight and he was patient with his skin care. He is diligent with taking care of his skin and applying his facial masque on himself, usually at least once a week and sometimes more often if he leaves his product handy to remind him to use it!

Many of those skin tag growths have now shrunk to almost an invisible status and with continued use and paying attention to his skin, my husband is seeing great results. He's super happy and shows me how well the mineral masque is working.

Mineral Mudd Masques

Getting Great Skin - the Results are a Work in Progress:

With continued use of my husbands mens facial products, he is able to reduce the size of his skin growths without having to see a dermatologist for cutting them off or burning them.

He's a happy man and is proud of his skin as he watches it get better each week. Wishing you the best of success in getting great skin - keep working on it, you'll have radiant clear and smooth skin before you know it.

Contact me under the 'view my profile' area for the exact product my husband uses if you have trouble finding a mineral masque or other products that work for you.

If you have something similar on your face like my husbands skin tag growths and have had success in removing them, please share it in the comments area for everyone to know, with thanks!

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