Popping Blackheads

Skin expert popping blackheads advice
Is popping blackheads a good idea is the question we will answer today since we get this question often from many women, teenagers and men that want to get rid of these unattractive skin discolorations that stretch the pores and are difficult to get clean.

What are Blackheads?

Blackheads show up when your skin is sending you a message that your pores are clogged. It's really that simple. The skin is the largest organ of the body and we need to take care of it just like any other organ. When the skin can't breathe, the dirt or makeup that is under the top layer of the skin (dermis), you will start to notice these small black marks that are typically circle shapes, just like your pores.

Blackheads are not your fault if you're using products that won't block the pores but, for most people that have this problem, it IS because of the products that you are using or not washing your face properly.

If you have blackheads, you probably also have problems with other breakouts such as pimples and acne. Let's tackle this blackhead issue once and for all and help you to stop popping blackheads and making the problems of your skin worse.

Alternative to Popping Blackheads:

Instead of picking at or popping blackheads, get into the habit of washing your skin every single night with the basics of facial cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Many people don't take the time to wash their face at night and that's when it's most important to do it, after a day of dirt, pollution, makeup or touching the face.
Skin treatments should definitely be added to that basic routine to help clean the pores and allow them to breathe and these will also be important as you're aging.

Add a facial scrub/exfoliator.

A facial scrub helps to get rid of the top dry and dead layer of skin to super clean the skin. Use a scrub at least twice a week, after your facial cleanser and with a gentle hand instead of scrubbing hard and damaging the skin more. Let the product do the work and you will start to see and feel smooth and radiant skin. Look at this top selling facial scrub on amazon.com and read the positive reviews from others:

Do you Need a Facial Sponge or Brush?

You can add a facial sponge product to apply your scrub but, avoid rubbing it hard on the skin or rubbing it too fast. Sponges for the face have exfoliating abilities built right in so they can be helpful to clean the skin - if used correctly. Rough action on your skin will irritate it more, cause redness and make the problems worse.
Spend your money on the best products you can afford, with natural ingredients and that's what will work. Not harsh scrubbing!

Add a facial masque.

One of our favorite products to help get rid of blackheads is a mudd masque. The benefits of a mudd masque is that it will help to pull out the bacteria and dirt from the pores, helps to shrink the pores, helps to reduce the size of blackheads and at the same time helps to smooth out the texture of the skin so it will get smoother, softer and much more radiant.

Use a facial mudd masque with wet fingertips, apply a think layer of it all over the face, heavier on the areas of blackheads and then allow it to sit on the skin for at least 15-20 minutes. Your skin should start to feel tighter too as the masque hardens, that's shrinking some of those blackheads and is a much better alternative to popping them! Rinse with warm water, then cool water and apply your toner and moisturizer.

Buy a facial masque brush to apply your product in a smooth, thin and even layer which will help you avoid wasting too much product and helps to save money when you're not wasting it.


Give yourself at least a month of actively cleaning and treating your blackhead problem and you will see a noticeable difference.
Stay with it every day and not just when you get the results that you want or those blackheads will return.

Use products that have a return policy if you are not satisfied. Many department stores will not allow you to return skin care products and if they don't work, you just have to throw them away or you continue to use them anyway. Avoid any company or brand that won't take the product back - that's just smart customer service and something every company should be doing but, doesn't!

Please stop popping blackheads, you risk scarring your skin and the dirt that is in the blackhead or on your fingers will go back under the skin instead of you getting anything out of it. This treatment regime for your skin works if you do it daily and weekly.

Let us know which products work for you and how long it takes to get rid of your blackheads when you add these treatments to your skin care regime. Share with your friends if you know of someone else with the same concerns.


  1. wonderfull post...pimples are common skin problem in asian countries,these are help full for those ladies,thanks dear. beauty salon perth

  2. Thank you saloon and we hope at least one person learns not to pop pimples making the skin worse and taking longer to heal. We appreciate you reading along!


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