What are Brown Spots on Skin

Have you noticed that you are starting to get brown spots on the face, neck, hands, feet, back or other parts of your body and wonder what they are and if you can do anything to get rid of them? Are brown spots on skin the same for men, women and teenagers?

Let's explore what are brown spots on skin, where do they come from and how to get rid of them.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and contains melanin, which helps to determine the pigment or coloration of our skin. Many people with very fair and light colored skin have very small amounts of melanin, which helps to protect the skin from the sun and other injury.

The melanin is our skin helps to absorb the rays of the sun as a layer of protection. When the skin is exposed to years of the sun without the proper protection, the skin responds one way by producing brown spots.

Brown spots have also been called liver spots, freckles and age spots. The truth is that your age has very little to do with these spots although many people do notice them as they age simply because they have had years of sun exposure without the proper protection. These brown spots have actually been slowly accumulating in the skin for years, although you may not have noticed them.

Dark skinned people have more melanin in their skin and therefore, more sun protection but that does not mean that they will not get brown spots. Everyone needs to pay attention to their skin, do regular exams of themselves to find any brown spots right away and then watch them closely.

Are Brown Spots Dangerous?
Most skin care experts will tell you that you should always inspect your skin on a regular basis and especially look for brown spots that may be a sign of disease such as skin cancer. Brown spots that stay the same for extended periods of time are mostly a sign to you to get out of the sun and to start protecting your skin.

Spots on the skin that start to get larger, change color to a deeper, almost blackened color, protrude from the skin, change shape or that start to contain or exude a fluid always need examined by a physician to determine if it is cancerous so that treatment can begin immediately and prevent further skin damage.

Is Laser Treatment for Brown Spots an Option?
A dermatology specialist can examine your brown spots and determine if laser treatment is an option for you to remove your spots. Many people see results for removing brown spots on various areas of the body.

Several sessions are required for laser treatment of brown spots and the treatment can be permanent provided that clients take precautions against the sun in the future.

Each laser treatment session is minimally painful and takes between 20-30 minutes to complete. Costs vary depending on the area of the country you are in and your dermatologists fees. Do your research for the best doctor in your area.

What are Brown Spot Treatments You can do Yourself?
Many people find success of brown spot reduction or at least lightening with the use of whitening creams. Whitening creams contain a bleaching agent so should be used only as directed by each manufacturer for the best results and can take at least a month or usually longer to see the results. This could be a good option for most people that may have many brown spots and are unable to afford laser treatments by a physician.
Wear moisturizers daily that contain spf protection as well as makeup and foundations with spf for further protection with your body sunscreen. Layering protection is always a good idea and can help to hide your brown spots and prevent further spots from developing.

Prevention of Brown Spots is the Best Option.
Start early and teach teenagers the danger of the sun. Use sunscreen every day of the year, all over the body! Sunscreen with a broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection is the best choice and should be reapplied every 30 minutes to an hour when outdoors. By using sunscreen even if you already have brown spots can help to reduce getting even more of these discolorations that you probably do not like, most people try to find a way to reduce or eliminate them.

Wear sunglasses to protect the eye area and to cover the face for brown spot prevention, as well as a hat. There are many very fashionable and cute hats that will coordinate with your outfits and help you to protect your skin at the same time. Hats are great for more than just the beach or a ball game.

Buy sunscreen in bulk at the end of the summer season which usually offer the best prices and many times can be found on clearance online. You'll want enough sunscreen to be able to use it every day for everyone in your family.

I hope this information on brown spots helps you and welcome any comments you have.

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