Are Brown Freckles Dangerous?

You may have and may be wondering if brown freckles are dangerous? This is a great place to be since we'll discuss freckle danger, freckle prevention and freckle removal.

First of all, you need to know that as babies, most of us are not born with freckles. When did you start getting those brown spots? More than likely if you started getting them as a young teenager, you also spent a lot of time in the sun without using sunscreen and proper skin protection.

Freckles are brown spots that develop on the skin as a way to alert you that your skin is in need of protection. Many people don't worry about them when they get a few or even more and may only start to be concerned when they start seeing freckles all over the body.

Oftentimes, freckles and brown spots on the face, hands, back and other areas of the body only start to show up as part of our aging after years of sun exposure or improper skin care.

The sooner you notice those brown freckles and start to take better care of your skin, the less increase in them you will have.

Let's tackle those brown freckles early since they can lead to skin cancer if they continue to get larger, change shape, start to ooze a fluid or start to hurt.

Freckle Prevention:

Obviously, the best medicine is prevention. So, if you don't have any brown freckles on any parts of your body yet, that's best.
** Use sunscreen on your face and body daily. Reapply it every half hour to hour if you are spending long periods of time outdoors either working, exercising or playing in the sun.
** Wear sunglasses while outdoors to protect your face and eyes from the sun. Even cloudy days can give the skin some harmful rays so protect yourself every day, even in winter months.
** Wear a hat to keep as much sun off the face and upper body. Make hats a part of your fashion statement - they're cute, fun and trendy during all months! Be a trendsetter if your friends aren't wearing hats yet - they will!!
** Use a foundation with spf to protect your skin as this is an added bonus layer of sun protection to prevent brown spots.

Brown Freckle Removal:

Look for products made for anti aging spot and pigment correction for the face and hands and any other areas of the skin if you already have brown freckles and want to get rid of them. Use it faithfully directly on the brown spot every morning and night before using a natural moisturizer.
A facial exfoliator is also good to use at least weekly since it will help to remove the top layer of skin and with continued use, you can lighten the brown spots.
Use a facial skin peel cream weekly on other days than you use an exfoliator for a deeper and cleaner removal of dry, dead skin cells and to help to rejuvenate the skin cells. A facial skin peel cream can also be used at night in place of your regular nightly moisturizer for a full month. Wait one month and then repeat the process of using a skin peel cream.

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See a Dermatologist or other skin specialist if you start to notice an increase in the size of your brown spots, they change shape or if they begin to ooze a fluid. Your physician can do a biopsy to check them early to make sure they are not cancerous.

Share your concerns with brown freckles so that we can continue to discuss them and help others with your favorite products. Thanks for reading and continue to follow along as we discuss all your skin care concerns and help you to achieve radiant skin.


  1. You can never be too careful Some look harmful but.... Best to have all things checked out rather than leave and find it was bad. Good article

  2. You can never be too careful... It is best to have all marks checked out to make sure all is ok good article

  3. Thank you tipslifeandtravels for stopping by and taking time to comment, better safe than sorry is an old saying that even our grandmothers adhered to and today we know so much more!

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  5. You can never be too careful Some look harmful but.... Best to have all things checked out rather than leave and find it was bad. Good article
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