Celebrities without Makeup

Celebrities without makeup: Get Radiant Skin without Makeup

A recent article by glamour.com shows photos of 53 celebrities seen in public without any makeup on but, their skin looks clean, fresh, minimally wrinkled and with very few blemishes or sun spots. Celebrities often go out in public to lunch, grab a coffee, or hit the grocery store or even out walking their pets or taking the kids to school without a stitch of makeup on.

Think you can make the bold move of going out in public without any makeup, with skin that glows and is radiant on it's own? Some of the celebrities have red marks, fine lines and even a few blemishes and brown spots but, overall their skin looks basically healthy. Some of the stars seen without makeup in public were Kate Hudson, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, Jennifer Garner, Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, Marsha Cross and others that aren't afraid to be seen in their natural glory.

If you want to have radiant and glowing skin so you too can go out in public without any makeup on, start with the basics of good skin care. Celebrities have the advantage of unlimited funds to buy the highest priced serums, skin care and anti aging treatments available but, you can get the same results on a much more reasonable and affordable budget. The key is to do your routine daily and to use the products!! If you haven't started yet, it's time to take care of your skin, do it today, do it now. Get the products that work:

Basic Good Skin Care can help you go without makeup:

Wash your face at least twice a day, every morning and every evening before bed to remove all the day's dirt, pollution, makeup, smoke, irritants and bacteria.

Use anti aging serums after your cleansers to spot treat fine lines and wrinkles to help to smooth out and plump those dry areas that are more visible without makeup.

Use skin care treatments for your particular skin type that help to exfoliate dry, dead skin cells, smooth out the texture of your skin and to remove white heads, blackheads, pimples and to clean the pores. Use them every few days for smooth and radiant skin without makeup.

Pamper yourself with a facial masque that helps to shrink large pores, smooth the texture of your skin, deep clean the skin down to the lower layers and to draw out impurities of the skin. Use a masque at least once a week for the best results so you can go in public without any makeup on.

Use eye cream made with hyaluronic acid, avocado oil, chamomile, Vitamins A, C and E, soy, wild yam, green tea extract, pink grapefruit extract, wheat protein or strawberry extract without fragrance and natural moisturizers that are light enough for the thinnest skin on your body. Eye creams will also help to reduce fine lines and tighten wrinkles such as crow's feet and laugh lines around the eye area.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Buy the best moisturizer you can afford and use if faithfully every morning and evening. Even oily skin needs moisturizer - our skin can't make moisture so by not adding it, your skin will make more oil. Moisturizer with an spf is an added bonus so you don't need an additional sunscreen, otherwise you need sunscreen moisturizer too.

Wear at least a foundation to protect your skin until you get the clear and radiant skin you want. Foundation with an spf protection of at least 10 will help to protect your skin as an added layer. Once your skin is as radiant as can be, you can feel confident to go in public without any makeup at all and still look and feel your best!

By following this basic skin care routine, you too can have radiant and glowing skin like so many celebrities do,,, without the huge costs of skin care products. Check out amazon.com for the most popular and highly rated products by people just like you that offer free shipping, easy returns and with skin care products to help you go in public without makeup and look radiant!

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