Why Use Eye Cream

Why Use Eye Cream

Today's post is based on the fact that although I'm usually very strict about my own skin care regime and recommend that you be too, I sometimes find myself forgetting simple products such as my eye cream if I'm in too much of a hurry or distracted by other things and just want to get done quicker... it usually doesn't work out well for me.

What I notice whenever I do forget my eye cream is how dry my entire eye area feels and you probably have the same dryness. For me, dry eyes, even just the skin around my eye area makes it difficult to fall asleep until I realize like I did last night that if I would just get up and put my eye cream on, my eyes feel much better and I can sleep more soundly.... Does this happen to you too?

The eye area is the thinnest and most delicate skin on our entire bodies for men, women and teenagers and it does require special care and attention to make the eyes not only look radiant but, to feel great too.

Why Use Eye Cream? 

     Mainly, the answer to this question is to moisturize the delicate eye area without adding puffiness - this is really key since most moisturizers are made to puff the skin and we surely don't want this to happen to our eyes. Many people look for eye products that will reduce eye puffiness and dark circles so we need special care with products made especially for the eye area. Dry eyes also get more tired easier than moistened eyes so, if you have trouble with tired eyes, try using eye cream more often and see if it doesn't help.

     Eye creams also help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles that happen around the eyes from the sun and from our expressions when we speak. We surely don't want to stop smiling, laughing, opening our eyes wide or using our facial muscles when we communicate. But, these are exactly the types of movements that cause those fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes unless we take extra precautions and use beneficial eye creams.

     Eye creams will help you to look younger too. Dry, wrinkled, saggy, puffy and dark circles around the eyes make us look older than we may be or give clues to our age so if you want to look younger, add an eye cream to your daily routine twice a day and start to look and feel younger.

How often should we apply eye creams?
     Every morning and every night is the best way to use eye creams and when you do, you'll notice that your eye area feels tighter when the skin elasticity is improved and the dryness is greatly reduced. The morning skin care routine is a great time to add an eye cream as you head out for your day and will be exposed to the sun, wind and other weather issues. Night time is also great since it's during sleep that our skin cells rejuvenate and rebuild.

     Make sure to take time out for yourself and apply a quality eye cream and you will start to feel less dryness, less puffy eyes, reduced dark circles and tighter skin around the eyes helping you to get rid of those fine lines and wrinkes and you'll be on your way to radiant skin. I just applied my favorite eye cream and hope you will use yours too.

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     Next, we'll review How to Apply Eye Cream Correctly, stay tuned and thanks for reading!

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