Oh that itchy skin!

Maybe you have noticed that when the seasons start to change, so does your skin. Mine does too, it's just a normal process of the skin and happens to everyone. Early in the changing season these are the steps that I take and also recommend to you to help to reduce and eliminate itchy skin. Try it and let me know how it works for you in the comments area, you're also helping other readers!

Itchy skin help:

Shave your skin. Shaving will help to get rid of not only unwanted hairs on your body but, also the dry and dead layer of skin that everyone gets. Choose the best razor or shaver you can afford so that you prevent cutting and irritating your skin causing even more problems.

Use Oils:

Bath Oil or Shower Oil works very well to help to lubricate and moisten your itchy skin. Keep a natural shower oil in your shower so you can use it daily if needed to wash with. Essential oils scent the water, calm, soothe and moisturize the skin all at the same time. Many of the shower oils on the market also work as shower gel or liquid soap that clean as it moisturizers.

Eliminate Soaps that Dry the Skin:

Most soaps are very drying and do little to help moisten the skin. If the soap you currently use leaves your skin feeling tight or even with a film on it, it's definitely time to stop using a bar soap or any kind of soap that isn't working for you. Liquid soaps moisturizer better on the whole and will contain vitamins and fruit or vegetable extracts that nourish your skin. You get what you pay for, so buy the best natural products you can. You skin will thank you for it and you won't feel dry, tight, irritated and itchy skin.

Bathing for Itchy Skin:

Try taking a weekly bath at least to help reduce itchy skin. Use your bath oils in a warm tub of water to allow 15 minutes of soaking. This helps to get those oils into the pores and deeper into more layers of the skin.

Add moisture to the Air:

Many times, itchy skin is due to your furnace, fireplace or electric heaters being on in your home drying out the air. If you can't turn the heat down, obviously during very cold winter months, you can still add moisture. Try using a humidifier in the rooms you spend the most time in and in the bedroom while you're sleeping. You'll notice that static cling, dry, flaky and itchy skin starts to be a problem you have cured! It works.

Moisturizer the skin daily:

After daily showering and bathing, make sure you use a body moisturizer to your arms, legs, stomach and backside. Our skin doesn't make moisture so it's important to add it daily especially as we start to age after 30 years old. The sooner you start to take care of your daily skin care, the longer you'll have beautiful and radiant skin without itchiness.

Keep your hair clean and moisturized:

Dry hair needs attention since it can often be the cause of having static and a dry scalp adding to the problem of itchy skin or an itchy scalp. Use deep conditioners frequently.

Reduce allergens and irritants:

If you're already doing the steps outlined above and still have problems with itchy skin, it could be other reasons causing the problem. If you have changed your laundry detergent lately, that could be the issue. Other reasons to have itchy skin include: new clothing that isn't washed first, new fragrance, skin care and body products with ingredients that don't agree with your body and skin, stress, medications or illness and disease.

Seek Medical Advice:

Make sure to seek medical advice if you are taking these steps and still have problems with itchy skin. Your doctor can review your medications and do certain tests to determine the cause of your itchy skin.

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