Types of Pimples

Are you wondering what types of pimples there are, which ones you might have and how do you treat the different kinds of pimples for clearer, brighter and healthier skin? Let's look at the many types of pimples there are in this article on skin so that you can stop pimples for once and for all. Men, women and teenagers can all get pimples for several reasons so learn what they are and you can prevent getting them forever. First we'll describe the types of pimples and then the ways to treat pimples for radiant skin.

Should Men Wash their face at Night?

Should Men Wash their face at Night? 

 Men and women have the same basic skin and men are sometimes more prone to having dirty skin due to their jobs, their physical activity, the environment they work in and how they care for their skin.

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This is a frequently asked question about skin care - should men wash their face at night.

Let's explore the question and determine the best and easiest way for men to have great skin. Do you or someone you know work in a factory, in a restaurant, in a smokey area, near or with chemicals or outdoors? Chances are very good that without the proper skin care, men are more prone to dirty skin, oily skin, clogged pores and eventually will develop more lines and wrinkles, blemishes, blackheads and whiteheads simply from their job environment and not washing their face correctly.

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