Types of Pimples

Are you wondering what types of pimples there are, which ones you might have and how do you treat the different kinds of pimples for clearer, brighter and healthier skin? Let's look at the many types of pimples there are in this article on skin so that you can stop pimples for once and for all. Men, women and teenagers can all get pimples for several reasons so learn what they are and you can prevent getting them forever. First we'll describe the types of pimples and then the ways to treat pimples for radiant skin.

Papules - these are the small red areas on the skin that first form out of the blue. They can be painful but, they have no pus inside of them and are just dirt that is under the skin and unable to allow your skin to breathe. Treat papules with a skin care routine that includes a healthy face wash, toner and moisturizer to reduce the amount of oil produced and help dry areas of the skin.

Pustules - these are a type of pimple that once started out as a papule without any pus inside but, left untreated continues to grow and then develops the pus inside. These are also the type of pimples that many people love to pick at and pop which, usually helps more of the pus to get inside the skin developing even more papules and pustules and also scar the skin when they are popped. Avoid popping these pimples, resist the urge and instead treat them with natural and healthy skin care.

Whiteheads - these are a type of pimple that is a blocked and clogged pore so that the dirt and sebum (the oil your skin produces) build up on the skin. They are usually very small and sometimes difficult to see unless you look very closely. Whiteheads are really harmless pimples although you still want to treat them with a good skin care regime so that they don't worsen.

Use a natural treatment such as Honey Almond Scrub to get rid of whiteheads that gently cleans skin and removes the dry dead layers so the skin can breathe and the other products you use can penetrate effectively. http://bit.ly/sPTeQI

Blackheads - these are a type of pimple that is partially blocked from bacteria, dirt and debris, build up of sebum or unwashed makeup. Blackheads can take a longer time to remove, also called comedos and are a sign of acne. Blackheads are not painful although you will want to start to take better care of your skin so that you can get rid of them and not develop other skin pimples or acne.

Blackheads can be cleaned with a mud masque that helps to pull out the dirt, bacteria and impurities from the skin naturally while helping to smooth the texture of the skin. Try Mineral Masque from China Clay, apply a smooth layer allow to dry and remove with a warm washcloth: http://bit.ly/sPTeQI

Cysts - these are the large, reddened, painful inflammation areas or nodules of pimples that have gone untreated and become worse over time and can include a combination of all the types of pimples listed above. If you can treat the other types of pimples as soon as they appear, the chances of developing into cysts is less likely. They are a definite sign of acne and you can help your skin with a natural blend of tea tree or lavender oil applied to the affected area as well as a balanced diet, exercise and good skin care products. Cysts can appear on the face, neck, back and body.

Acne - many of the types of pimples listed above can result in acne vulgaris, a skin condition that is caused from bacteria buildup in the skin cells. Acne can happen at any age but with proper diet and skin care products used routinely at least twice a day, acne can be reduced to allow clear skin.

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