Facelift Without Cosmetic Surgery

The face is one of the first places to show signs of ageing due to the sun, environment and pollution, lack of hydration, chemicals and improper care of facial skin. It is possible to get into a routine of doing facial exercises for facelift without cosmetic surgery which has no cost, side effects or pain. Follow these simple exercises daily for optimal results and younger looking skin without any of the side effects of cosmetic surgery.

Wash the hands thoroughly with warm soapy water and towel drying before touching the face.

Place the ring finger and middle finger above the eyebrow at one end. Each hand can work on the corresponding eye. Gently press on the skin in an upward, outward motion all the way to the hairline. Move along the entire eyebrow area. Repeat 10 times each morning and evening.

Using the ring finger, gently tap along the entire eye area making a circle as you tap. Avoid pulling the eye area to avoid adding to the problem of lines and wrinkles here. Continue tapping on the eyelid, under the eye and sides of the eyes.

Place the ring finger and middle finger along each side of the nose. Gently press the skin and lift towards the area between the eyes. Continue pressing and lifting all the way up the forehead to the hairline. Repeat for at least 10 times each morning and evening so that you will begin to notice a lifting and tightening of the skin without machinery, pain or cosmetic surgery.

Next, place the same fingers at the base of chin, press upward along the cheeks and continue upward along the forehead to the hairline.

Place the ring and middle fingers at the base of the neck. Using light pressure, press the skin gently while lifting in an upward motion towards the chin. Continue each area of the neck for at least 10 times on each area.

Using the back of the hands, hold the hands just under the neck area and begin to tap the skin just under the neck. Gently tap, using both hands to the count of 40 while moving the hands under the entire chin area. This motion will help to counteract gravity, lift and tighten the neck area, while reducing sagging skin under the chin.

End by lying on the bed so that your head will hang comfortably just over the side of the bed. Lying in this position will help to fight gravity, reduce lines and wrinkles. Do any of the above facial techniques with your fingertips as you lie in this position. Try to maintain this position for at least 5 minutes. Get up slowly and gently to avoid dizziness, lightheadedness.

Repeat any of these facial exercises for facelift without cosmetic surgery for at least a month to create a habit during your morning and evening skin care routine, and to begin to notice changes in tightening of the facial skin with less lines and wrinkles.

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You can improve the firmness of your skin for a more radiant appearance without cosmetic surgery with these techniques. After you try them for a while and also using your best skin care products with serums and anti aging products, let us all know how your skin is improving!

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