Makeup for Teens with Acne

Need makeup for teens with acne? Teens are more prone to acne for several reasons and it can make you feel sad, not pretty, self conscious or even mad! Let's look at what causes acne and how to cover up acne until you can get rid of it. Ready to get to work? Here we go!

** Before we look at makeup for teens and acne, let's first talk about a very important subject:
 Teens don't usually have the healthiest diet and it can be one of the causes for acne. We are what we eat, so if you have acne try to avoid eating fatty, greasy, unhealthy junk food and fast food. You're better off eating more fresh fruit and fresh vegetables to get rid of acne. Find a few foods in the fresh produce department and add at least one fruit or vegetable at each meal and for snacks to get better, clearer and more radiant skin.

** Now let's look at the makeup you use now! Did you know that there are some ingredients in makeup that can clog your pores, so your skin can't breathe and that's another reason for acne? It's true. Skin has to breathe! Avoid ingredients such as mineral oil (it's basically motor oil for a car that is refined, but the bottom line is that it's not helping your skin), petroleum (another motor oil product), petrolatum (same thing), lanolin (sheep fat)chemicals, and other irritants like fragrance or dyes.

** Instead, use ingredients from nature. Search the internet to find out what's in your makeup now and make natural changes.

Makeup for Teens:
** Keep your makeup light. Heavy is not better and makes acne and blemishes stand out even more. Cheap drugstore brands are probably just that, you get what you pay for so be sure to check the ingredients. Use water as the first ingredient in all good makeup for teens or adults - that part doesn't matter.

** Start with a concealer to cover up blemishes that is water based and not one of those unhealthy oils listed above. Dab it on the blemishes and gently tap in with your little finger. This creamy concealer is yellow and helps to block out redness and dark circles too:

** You want makeup that is light with coverage but, that won't clog pores. Choose mineral foundations with oat protein, vitamins, covabeads or mica. Choose a color or shade that matches your skin or is one shade lighter. Find these in liquid mineral foundation or powder foundation. Use a small amount on a makeup sponge and gently tap onto the face and gently blend in small upward strokes.

Nutrimetics Beauty Veil is a good choice, long lasting, use only a drop for full coverage and well priced.

** Bronzers are good too and can give you a tanned look without the harmful rays of the sun. We like the powder bronzers that are fast and easy to apply with a blush brush. Bronzers give the skin a sun kissed look with a hint of color no matter what the season is. Some bronzers have a little shimmer to give your skin a nice glow so you can also use them as a blush or light hint of eyeshadow color.

** Add a lipgloss or other light lipstick and keep your teen makeup natural looking to enhance your features.

Read more about skin care for teens to get rid of acne and thanks for following along as we continue to bring you good news to get radiant skin!

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