Make Skin Smooth and Silky with Body Scrubs

Any time of year is a great time to have smooth and silky skin whether you are a man or woman but, the Spring season is one of the most popular times to take note of your skin after a long and cold winter. Today, let's look at your skin now and what you can do easily and quickly to get that glowing radiant skin you want.

     ** During the winter you've probably been hiding your skin to keep it warm during cold months. Shed off all the layers of clothing and take a good look at your own skin.

               ** Do you see dry areas all over your body?
               ** Do you see skin on your legs, feet or arms and abdomen that are flaking enough that you could actually peel away some skin?
               ** How do your pores look?
               ** If you grab a section of skin on your legs does it look like an old man's face of dry, crumpled skin?
               ** Do you have hairy legs that haven't been shaved for months? (guys don't usually shave the legs so a closer inspection of your skin is necessary and we're not recommending that you shave your legs!).

     ** Let's add some quick and easy tips to get smooth and silky skin now so that you can start to bare your legs and arms during warmer weather.

               ** Take a warm shower and use a body polishing scrub all over. This is a very important step to getting radiant skin. Hot water is not recommended since you can burn your skin and only warm water is needed to gently open the pores so that you can clean them well, they can breathe, the skin looks lighter and cleaner, refreshed and radiant. Keep your shower water warm enough to create some steam and that should help to open the pores on your body.

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               ** Choose a body scrub that contains natural ingredients without shells, glass, animal by products, mineral oil, petroleum, chemicals and other cheap fillers. We like ocean inspired products since they are gentle enough to not hurt the skin and they are extremely effective to clean and polish dry skin. Ingredients such as red seaweed, irish moss, sea salts and silica beads or sugars will feel invigorating while getting that old winter dry skin removed gently. Many also include aromatherapy oils that help to relax the mind and soothe the soul for an added bonus. They're also safe enough to use every day. Apply a body scrub to the entire body using small gentle circular strokes going over each area and don't miss a spot!

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                    ** Ladies, shave your legs while your body polish is on the skin for an even smoother and softer shave that helps to get rid of dry skin while exfoliating. You're busy so the more you can do for your skin and body in one step the better - killing two birds with one stone. (Yikes, we love the birds and never recommend you hurt them!).
                    ** Tap your skin dry and leave a trace of water behind to help in the next step.
                    ** Add a body moisturizer or sunscreen lotion while the skin is still damp after your shower. The water will help to mix with your moisturizer and at the same time helps the moisturizer to flow easily on the skin. Rub it in gently in small circular motions until it is all absorbed.
                    ** Air dry your body allowing all the moisturizer to fully penetrate the skin before putting on your clothes.

          ** Bath in aromatherapy oils at night!

               ** Use a drop or two of your favorite scented essential oils in the bathtub and soak for 15-20 minutes.
               ** Bathing is not only relaxing, men and women can do it and it really helps to allow the oils to penetrate the pores and softens the skin.
               ** You can safely bathe with essential oils every night for a week to reduce dry skin and it also will help with rashes, excema or psorriasis where extra moisture is needed.
               ** Essential oils can also reduce pain in joints and muscles as an added bonus to getting smooth and silky skin.

     These are quick and easy steps to take to get smooth and silky skin. By paying attention to the dry and flaking skin and removing that top layer, you will see faster results with soft skin that you will be happy to show off in your new Spring wardrobe.

  Which step will you add to your daily or weekly beauty routine?


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