Ways to Improve your Skin

What will you do today to improve your skin? Here are the Top Ten Ways to Improve your Skin. If you have problem skin, dry skin, oily skin, blemished skin or lines and wrinkles - there are things you can do every day to help you get the best skin possible.

We'll share ways to get smoother, softer, healthier and radiant skin by making small changes daily to your beauty routine. Ten things you can do today to get radiant skin! Try them everyday for better and even faster results. 
** Drink more water - our bodies are made up mostly of water and we can replenish what is lost through perspiration and simple evaporation.
     You'll help all your organs as well as your skin by drinking more water every day or drink tea (made mostly of water) or even broth.

** Clean your face thoroughly and apply a good moisturizer every morning and each evening. 
     This is an easy thing to do if you'll be staying home without having to go anywhere. Be sure to use the right moisturizer for your skin type.

** Steam clean your face.
      This is another simple thing to do as the benefits of face steaming are to open up your pores and clean them out using only water. Try it before bedtime after first washing your face and then apply moisturizer. You can set up one yourself or avoid burning your skin and buy a facial sauna that will give you the perfect water temperature and an enclosed place to keep your face. Use it often and you'll start to get cleaner and more radiant skin with this one simple skin care tip.

** Go without makeup to avoid clogging your pores when possible, allow your skin to breathe.
     An easy step to take if you'll be home!

** Eat five servings of fresh fruit or fresh vegetables today.
     Give your skin the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. You'll do your skin and your whole body a huge favor by eating fresher foods.

** Read the ingredient list of your skin care products.
     Knowing what is a good ingredient or a chemical is a good step to take to start to eliminate using chemicals on your skin that hurt, irritate and clog pores. You'll also notice less red skin, less breakouts and a generally radiant skin that you'll begin to love.

** Vow to stop eating junk food, fast food and greasy food.

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** Add an organic firming serum to your beauty arsenal. Firming serum helps your moisturizer penetrate into the deep layers of skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
     Firming serum also helps with skin elasticity. You should feel a tightening immediately and notice results within a week or two!

** Wash your hands before touching your face and use the back side of your hand if you have to scratch an itchy face instead of the palms of hands where bacteria is more likely to be.

** Take vitamin supplements daily to improve the texture and smoothness of your skin since we can't always eat right. Liquid Vitamins are easier to take for many people since they get absorbed almost immediately and it's easier to swallow liquids than tablets.
     Many vitamin supplements are made from chaulk and are hard for the body to digest, reducing their benefit. If you take supplements now and notice minimal difference, try liquid vitamins or sublingual vitamins for faster results.

What will you do today to get radiant skin!? As a bonus idea, add a little exercise to help clean out the pores! Which of these is your favorite tip and which will you add soon?

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