What is detoxing and how can it help skin?

Detoxing is a way to get rid of the toxins in the body that accumulate, build up and don't get out of the body fast enough. Detoxing is colon cleansing to remove toxins using safe methods that won't hurt the body or you. These toxins when built up make us feel sluggish, bloated, full, gassy, tired, reduces our energy, prevents clear thinking, and shows up as problems with our skin on top of all that!

Even if you have daily bowel movements, you still want to detox to get rid of more toxins since the intestines are one of the largest organs in the body and they do hold and store bacteria and toxins that need to go!

People that have any of the above complaints over and over again benefit from a good, healthy detox at least monthly. If you suffer from any of these ailments too, you want and need to try detox for radiant skin, mind, and really you'll just feel better overall.

When you want radiant skin and have tried all the best products and really pay attention to doing everything you can and still don't see results, you are probably ready to detox! It's the missing link.

If you think that a monthly detox is too much, don't do it that often and instead try it a couple of times a year. Many people swear by detoxing routinely to make them look and feel better.

There are many ways that you can do a detox for yourself. Find one that works for you, everyone is different and there are many tips and ideas to help you figure out what works best for you and your body.

The main point is to try it, repeat it and notice the difference in the way you sleep, feel, think and look!

Here are some of our best tips to help you detox for your skin, body, mind and overall health.


One of the best selling detox programs is Organic Mercola Chlorella 

OR  Total Wellness Cleanse

and these are highly popular too:
Get Juicy Cleanse

7 Day Belly Blast Diet

Detox 101 for Beginners

Detox Bath using water

Best Eye Creams for Lines and Wrinkles

Looking for the best eye creams for lines and wrinkles? You've found it!
     These are inexpensive eye creams considering all the natural goodness that these products have in them. They're suitable for women and men to care for the delicate eye area.

     We'll share what you need to know all about eye creams to moisturize your eyes, add hydration that won't cause stinging, burning and helps to tighten lines and wrinkles around this most delicate area of your face. If you have crow's feet, lines around the lips and mouth, lines across the forehead and even sagging eyes, we'll share the best eye creams that work. We'll also keep it updated every month so you can find the best products, the best deals on eye creams and use products that work and help you save money!

     You know you shouldn't use an eye cream with scent, right? - it's irritating and causes redness and burning and also makes your eyes water because most scents are artificial fragrances.

     You also know you shouldn't use a regular facial moisturizer on your eyes, right? - moisturizers are meant to plump up your skin cells and if you use it on your eyes guess what you get? Yep, puffy eyes that make you look tired. Consider this if you use eye cream for puffy eyes and don't see results.

     Follow our best tips on How to Use Eye Creams

     Here's our list of the best eye creams

Dry Skin in Teens - This is for YOU!

When teens have dry skin.

Many times teens worry about the problem of acne and oily skin and pimples, blackheads, large pores and redness. This isn't always true and sometimes teens complain of their dry skin. This article is for YOU!

Let's talk about what causes dry skin in teens first and then some things you can do to have smoother and softer skin. Sometimes, skin can be so dry that wrinkles or lines start to form. Fix the dry skin and you'll probably have less lines too. Try these tips below and if they don't work, please see a doctor especially if you take medicine - those can cause dry skin too.

   Causes of Dry Skin in Teens:
 1. Not drinking enough water. That's a simple enough thing to fix, drink more water. Try to have at least 6 glasses of water a day. It will help your skin to start to get rid of the dryness and you'll notice softer skin. Be patient, it could take two weeks to notice a real difference.

2. Not eating enough fruit and vegetables. Sometimes, this one can be hard but, do try to find some fruit that you like and have at least one piece of fruit three times a day. Try fruit in the morning with breakfast, add it to cereal or your yogurt. Add another piece of fruit at lunch time. Berries, an orange, an apple or pear. Simple fruit that doesn't cost too much and even fruit from a can would be okay to add if that's all you have. Fruit has natural water and lots of very good vitamins that are good food for your skin. The same thing is true for vegetables. You'll notice better skin and more healthy energy from the food you eat.

3. Take warm showers or baths and not hot water. Add a few drops of essential oil to the bath water to soften and add moisture to dry skin, soak 10-15 minutes, rinse with cool water and towel dry by patting. Add body lotion to all areas of dry skin.

4. Dry skin in teens is sometimes not because of the food you eat at all. It could be from the soap you're washing your face with.
     Bar soaps usually dry your skin.
     Some face cleansers (most actually) have alcohol that dries the skin, chemicals that dry the skin and have little nutritional value.
     Face cleansers should be made with ingredients that are good for your skin, just like the food you eat.
     Are you using a moisturizer? Dry skin needs a moisturizer.
     Here are two good options we like for teen skin and both have natural healthy ingredients in them that are good for you, won't dry your skin, they're good for sensitive skin and they're easy to use:

      First is Good for You Girls for around $20 and Free Shipping! A three step system is the best. Use a cleanser, toner and moisturizer every day at least once a day at night. Twice a day is better if you can do it every morning and at night. If you can't, then at least do it every night before bed - you'll get rid of that dry skin!

    Next is Nutrimetics 'Clear Skincare' for $68 and will last 9 months or longer. From a 50 year old company that was the first to use all plants for each ingredient. These products are good enough to eat.

5. Use a sunscreen every day, especially if you are outside a lot, if you play sports outdoors. Use it as a daily lotion on your arms, legs and upper body. Wear a hat if you can too to protect your skin from the hot rays of the sun - the sun is very drying on our skin.

6. Your makeup (if you wear it) could be causing dry skin too. Look for natural makeup without chemicals.

7. Want to make your own beauty products at home? Great Green Beauty ideas here. You can read a quick peek by clicking on the corner of the book. There are oatmeal cleansers, strawberry cleaners, olive oil moisturizers, using essential oils and more, much more. We'll add a few of our own ideas here soon on making your own treatments for dry skin.

8. Repeat all of these for dry skin and let us know how long it takes for your dry skin problems to go away!

Improve your dry hair - one of the first things people see!

It's true that to have radiant skin, you may need to take a look at the health of your hair. It could be a sign of the health of the rest of your body and your skin! Products with chemicals and the tools that you are using on your hair affect your scalp, get absorbed into your blood stream and could be doing more damage to your hair.

Dry hair not only doesn't look it's best but, also makes you not feel your best!

Here's a great article to help you with that dry damaged hair. Improve your hair, get clean silky smooth hair and well hydrated hair that moves freely and you'll be helping your scalp and skin at the same time.

Read more dry hair remedies here:
Dry Hair Remedies

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Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin

Are you trying to obtain healthy skin? If you're not really sure what healthy skin entails, let's ask these questions first to find out what you should be asking.... These are some of the many questions we get asked at radiantskinexpertadvice.com. about how to get healthy skin.
     How do I get beautiful skin? What steps can I take to get radiant skin? What are the secrets for having glowing skin? What products do celebrities use? What causes pimples and how do I get rid of them? What moisturizer should I use? Do I need moisturizer? What can I do about dry flaking skin? How do I get rid of redness in my skin?
      Are you frustrated by all the product advertisements that all claim to be the best and not sure what to do or what to use to get the glowing skin you want?

Healthy skin is beautiful skin!
photo by istockphoto.com

     Let's take a look at what is healthy skin and how you can get it once and for all because once you focus on healthy skin, all the other attributes of glowing, radiant, beautiful etc. skin will naturally follow.

  Healthy skin has these main features:

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