Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin

Are you trying to obtain healthy skin? If you're not really sure what healthy skin entails, let's ask these questions first to find out what you should be asking.... These are some of the many questions we get asked at about how to get healthy skin.
     How do I get beautiful skin? What steps can I take to get radiant skin? What are the secrets for having glowing skin? What products do celebrities use? What causes pimples and how do I get rid of them? What moisturizer should I use? Do I need moisturizer? What can I do about dry flaking skin? How do I get rid of redness in my skin?
      Are you frustrated by all the product advertisements that all claim to be the best and not sure what to do or what to use to get the glowing skin you want?

Healthy skin is beautiful skin!
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     Let's take a look at what is healthy skin and how you can get it once and for all because once you focus on healthy skin, all the other attributes of glowing, radiant, beautiful etc. skin will naturally follow.

  Healthy skin has these main features:

     ** Healthy skin is smooth without lumps, bumps and an even texture.

     ** Healthy skin looks clean without dirt or oil buildup.

     ** Healthy skin has fine pores that are hardly visible at all.

     ** Healthy skin also has minimal lines or wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, forhead or lips.

     ** Healthy skin is clear without pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, cysts or acne.

     ** Healthy skin doesn't have peeling areas of dryness and looks moist and dewy instead.

     ** Healthy skin has one color throughout without areas of redness.

     ** Healthy skin has no scarring from troublesome acne and other breakouts.
               *Note: physical injury can cause scarring from accidents, fire and other trauma and this group is not included in this discussion but, will be featured in a new post shortly. Physical injury patients can still have the most healthy skin possible with certain tips too so all hope is not lost if you or someone you love has been affected.

     ** Healthy skin is an overall appearance of facial skin and total body skin without neglecting either one.

When you focus on the health of your skin with these suggestions below, you'll find your skin starts to get clear, clean, pores get smaller, redness disappears, dry flaky patches start to go away and you'll have less and less pimples and acne. The appearance of our skin starts down from the seventh layer of skin and is only visible to use when whatever is going on down there finally reaches the surface.

          Take these steps DAILY to get healthy skin:
Top 5 Healthy Skin Tips:

               *** You are what you eat! We'll start here first because nutrition is a very important part of getting your skin to look how you want it. The skin is our largest body organ and requires vitamins, minerals and nutrients to look it's best. Add more fresh fruit to your diet at each meal. Eat fresh vegetables with each meal and for snacks. These two food groups will have more impact on your skin than you may realize. Find seasonal fruit and vegetables to keep the cost affodable and variety is the spice of life. You'll stay much more excited to add fresh fruits and veggies to your diet if you aren't eating the same thing every day. Switch it up. Buy one of something to try it instead of a whole bag that may go to waste.

Nutrition is an important part of healthy skin
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               *** Exercise to get healthy skin. Any form of exercise is good for the body and also good for your skin. Exercise helps us to sweat out any toxins and bacteria that are building up in our bodies and are shown on the skin as a warning sign basically! Take a look at most athletes and you'll notice that their skin looks very healhty too. If you're not a big fan of exercise, find some simple things to do that will only take you 10-15 minutes a day to finish. Exercise does a body good and is one very good thing you can do to get healthy skin.

Exercise for healthy skin!

               *** Avoid touching your facial skin during the day. Our hands touch all sorts of things throughout the day attracting germs and bacteria and those germs get transferred onto our skin without us even thinking about it. Start paying attention to what you touch and wash your hands more often with warm soap and water --- not those antibacterial gels or lotions that contain chemicals.When you need to touch your face for an itch for example, use the back of your hand instead of the fingers or palms where bacteria is more likely to be.

               *** Use basic skin care at the very least to take care of your skin. Basic skin care includes a natural healthy cleanser (for your particular skin type), skin toner (to return the ph to normal and remove excess dirt and makeup that the cleanser may have missed) and a moisturizer. Oftentimes, people with oily and problem skin skip this most important step and end up with more problem skin. The key to healthy skin is to add the correct type of moisturizer for your skin type. Use your basic skin care every morning and every evening and you will absolutely start to get healthy skin.

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               *** Add the extra skin care treatment items to attack particular skin care problems. These include scrubs to exfoliate the dry flaky and patchy skin that also removes pimples and whiteheads;  masques that reduce pimples by shrinking them, improves the texture and creates smooth skin, shrinks large pores and cysts; anti aging serums that are proven to reduce lines and wrinkles and give skin the radiant nutrient boost it needs as we age and lose collagen (protein building blocks of our cells). Don't forget an eye cream to reduce dark circles, puffy eyes and lines. Moisturizers are too heavy and are made to plump --- not what you want on your eyes and eye care is specific! Use an eye gel or eye cream daily.

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By following these Top 5 Healthy Skin Tips every day you will see improved skin in usually a month's time and sometimes after only a few days depending on the severity of your skin care problems. Bad skin doesn't happen overnight so don't expect any product to perform miracles overnight either. Celebrities have loads of money and assistants to help them get radiant skin but, they also have the benefit of being able to afford all the best foods and products available. You can do it too using these tips! There are many amazing and natural products on the market that will give you radiant skin with proper use and care though. Buy the best products you can afford and avoid cheap products that add no nutritional value to your skin!

     We'd love to hear what new tips you've added and what difference you've seen in your skin. How long did it take you to get healthy skin?

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