Airbrushing in Advertising

     Don't be fooled by perfect models that have been airbrushed in advertising. Natural beauty is a wonderful thing and you can enhance your skin with healthy ingredients in skin care and cosmetics without airbrushing. So why do advertisers do it?

     How much do you pay attention to magazine ads, cover girl photos and models that look absolutely perfect - perfect skin with great texture, smooth, soft, radiant without a single wrinkle or blemish - perfect figures without an ounce of fat, perfect teeth all aligned perfectly and sparkling, perfect clothes that fit to a tee. Really? Even models that make their living looking great have flaws.

Lip Care Beauty Tips

Lip Care as part of your Summer Beauty routine

Lip Care Beauty Tips
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     Summer beauty usually means we have to take a look at our winter skin all over our bodies and do what it takes to have smooth, soft, touchable skin and beautiful full pouty lips. The summer sun can damage your lips as easily as it burns the skin and your hair. Take time to pay special attention to your lips in the summer and you'll like the results! Our lips have very delicate, thin and sensitive skin that protect our mouth and teeth. Lips need special care to make them look their most radiant. If your lips are chapped, red, dry and cracked or have sores that are painful you tend to look older and may not feel your best when you don't look your best. So, part of having smooth, soft and kissable lips is to hydrate and moisturize them with vitamins that heal and protect.

     Follow these tips for your lip care routine and within a short amount of time, you'll be the summer beauty you hope to be.

How much tan is too much tan?

You've probably seen the woman now called 'tanorexia' after she reportedly took her young daughter to a tanning bed while she herself is so tan - actually baked/fried/roasted that it doesn't look good and it sure doesn't look healthy.

Now, the latest: H&M apologizes for featuring bronzed model
after the Swedish Cancer Society becomes angered with and scolds the clothing retailer, H&M, for their display of Isabeli Fontana on a beach wearing a brightly colored bathing suit and so tan that she almost looks African American if you didn't know who she was. Wonder why they wouldn't just use a beautiful black model instead of getting this model so dark that she doesn't even look like herself. No doubt, lots of spray tanning, possibly tanning booths, lotions, potions and even the sun could account for this tan - the story doesn't say, just our opinion. H&M apologized and wants everyone to know they aren't condoning sunning or getting this dark but, it will help their sales no doubt. Keep reading for more about tanning.

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Let's talk about tanning a bit and how much tan is too much tan.
     The sun's rays are very powerful and you increase your risk of cancer every time you burn your skin. It may not show up as cancer for years and many people that tanned as teenagers and young adults get skin cancers many years later. Just because you don't get it right away doesn't mean you're safe from getting cancer!
     The lighter or fairer your skin is, the more dangerous the sun is since you have little melanin to protect your skin from the rays. Everyone can potentially get skin cancers, no one is immune no matter how dark your skin is to begin with!
     The more we learn about how dangerous tanning is, isn't it our very own responsibility to learn about it and take heed? Yes, of course it is but, the Swedish Cancer Society has a point when they state that young people will see this as 'the look' to obtain and we'll see more and more younger men and women on the beaches, at the parks, in their yards or wherever laying in the sun without proper protection aiming for this super dark bronze tan.
     Tanning beds are getting in danger of being shut down if some groups have their way as a means to protect the public from the cancer potential.
     Would you stop tanning with tanning beds or dangerous sprays and chemicals if you knew it was bad for you? We'd love your comments below. Some people just don't believe it's dangerous or that cancer will ever happen to them.
     See our article on self tanner tips and follow it and don't go for the look that H&M is showing in this advertisement.

Getting a tan - a safer alternative
     Use a self tanning lotion! It's simple really. Tanning lotions have built in color that when added as a lotion to your skin build up the level and layers of color. Not all products are alike and you get what you pay for. Healthy ingredients cost more just like when you go to the supermarket and buy all fresh fruits and vegetables but, they're so much yummier and so much better for you. Want more color, add another coat and wait 10-20 minutes until it's dry. Choose a natural product with healthy ingredients or you'll just do as much damage to your skin from toxins and chemicals. Check out Caribbean Solutions Self Tanner and read all the positive reviews from other customers, we think you'll be happy with this product for giving you the look of a tan, safer than baking in the sun! Or, search for another you like better and use it if you want a darker color. The bottom line is that tanning is dangerous and it's up to each of us to take responsibility for what we do to our skin.

Be safe, have radiant skin that is healthy and you'll be happy you paid attention to how much tan is too much!

Natural Skin Care Recipe ebook

Would you like to know how to make all your own recipes for skin care, beauty products that work? If you've tried all the other treatments and products available and still haven't had the success that you want, maybe consider making your own.

Some people even start their own businesses by making their own products, that could be YOU!

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Storing your own natural homemade products could be a big problem and contamination also could be a problem with making your own beauty items but, you'll find out how to store it all properly and easily.

Check out this highly acclaimed ebook and learn what products you can make yourself.

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