Airbrushing in Advertising

     Don't be fooled by perfect models that have been airbrushed in advertising. Natural beauty is a wonderful thing and you can enhance your skin with healthy ingredients in skin care and cosmetics without airbrushing. So why do advertisers do it?

     How much do you pay attention to magazine ads, cover girl photos and models that look absolutely perfect - perfect skin with great texture, smooth, soft, radiant without a single wrinkle or blemish - perfect figures without an ounce of fat, perfect teeth all aligned perfectly and sparkling, perfect clothes that fit to a tee. Really? Even models that make their living looking great have flaws.

     We think you're smarter than brands using these advertising techniques think you are! And, it's deceitful to make people think that if you use their products you can look like any of these models.

     Advertisers do not need to project these perfect images to sell products if their products are worthy of your hard earned money. The proof should be in the ingredients. Ingredients that are pure, from nature, are fruit, vegetables, oils and plant based work just as Mother Nature intended. Just like they do in your nutrition and diet plan - nature and science work!

     Here (see at end of article) we offer you two links from that show the rediculously perfect air brushing used on models, actresses that do not have perfect skin and complexions. Loreal and Maybelline to name two from the articles below. We all know these gals are not without flaws since we've seen these models shopping, getting coffee, running errands or with their kids.

     Don't think that you need to be perfect, or look perfect to be radiant and beautiful. Use products that are healthy for your skin and you will see great results combined with water, exercise, sleep and a diet full of healthy nutrition too.

We share our best advice at radiantskinexpertadvice for your beauty tips that never suggest you cover all of yourself up or use any airbrushing techniques that you can find in iphone apps or elsewhere online. We use and read customer reviews as ways to review products and also like the Environmental Working Group and you already know we like and highly recommend you buy Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me in kindle version! so you can always have it with you when you're out shopping. Take this blog along too for more helpful information at your fingertips!

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Ann Taylor retouched clothing photos, bodies of models and faces.
Ads of Julie Roberts and Christy Turlington banned for airbrushing.

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