Lip Care Beauty Tips

Lip Care as part of your Summer Beauty routine

Lip Care Beauty Tips
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     Summer beauty usually means we have to take a look at our winter skin all over our bodies and do what it takes to have smooth, soft, touchable skin and beautiful full pouty lips. The summer sun can damage your lips as easily as it burns the skin and your hair. Take time to pay special attention to your lips in the summer and you'll like the results! Our lips have very delicate, thin and sensitive skin that protect our mouth and teeth. Lips need special care to make them look their most radiant. If your lips are chapped, red, dry and cracked or have sores that are painful you tend to look older and may not feel your best when you don't look your best. So, part of having smooth, soft and kissable lips is to hydrate and moisturize them with vitamins that heal and protect.

     Follow these tips for your lip care routine and within a short amount of time, you'll be the summer beauty you hope to be.

     Exfoliate your lips - use a natural exfoliator with healthy ingredients such as vegetables, sugar, vitamins, moisturizers and without petroleum, mineral oil, sulfates or other toxic ingredients. Use a lip exfoliatgor twice a day, every morning and evening until your lips have no more signs of flaking or dryness. You'll notice that your lipstick and lip gloss stays on longer when you treat your lips to this invigorating lip treatment. Maintain soft lips with your exfoliator once a day at night so that your lips get rejuvenated during sleep.

     To use a lip exfoliator - apply a small amount to fingertip, moisten lips, rub the scrub onto lips in small circular motions rapidly but, gently. Allow to stay on 3-5 minutes, rinse with warm water.
          Some of our favorite lip exfoliators/ lip polishes with yummy ingredients and no chemicals that are also Super Affordable include:

          Lip Revival Exfoliate and Hydrate Lip Scrub

Beauty For Real LIP REVIVAL Exfoliating + Hydrating Lip Scrub, 0.5 oz
Lip Revival Exfoliate and Hydrate for Soft Smooth Lips

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         Soft Candy Vanilla Buttercream Lip Scrub with Organic Sugar also boasts many natural moisturizers we love, feel good on the lips, heal and protect your delicate lips without chemicals.

         Fresh Sugar Lip Polish - highly rated lip exfoliator with more natural and healthy ingredients. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish Exfoliant & Conditions .28 oz DLX Travel Size

     As part of your lip care routine use a daily lip balm even if you don't use makeup or other cosmetics, lips need special care to look and feel their best.

     Loving Naturals Organic Unscented Hemp Lip Balm  


     Vegan Lip Balm by AAA Shea Butter  For the vegans out there looking for natural lip care products, try this pure shea butter with moisturizing benefits you'll see and feel.Nature's Finds Shea Butter Natural Organic Skin Care, 8 oz

     EOS Organic Lip Balm 4 pack set Get one for you and three for your friends! In handy travel containers for your purse or bag, no preservatives so store in a cool, dry place to avoid bacteria forming.

     Use natural lipsticks that contain vitamins, moisturizers, apricot kernel oil,  lip plumpers and pure colors from fruit and vegetables instead of mineral oil, petroleum, coal tar, animal by products or other toxic chemicals. Lipstick adds color and helps to protect your lips from the sun and wind.

          Enjoy these lip care beauty tips, share them and have the soft kissable lips that will help you to look and feel your best at all times. No more dry, cracked, red or sore lips for you!

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