Easy Summer Makeup

During the warmer months of summer many people find that their normal makeup routine doesn't work as well. You want easy summer makeup! Summertime is a great time to make some changes to your beauty routine that will give you a light, fresh, glowing and radiant skin without being too heavy. Use our best tips for easy summer makeup that will help you to look your best everyday no matter what your indoor or outdoor plans are.

Going Green, Eliminate Chemicals from all your Products

Going Green to eliminate all chemicals from all your household products will help to keep you, your pets and our earth healthier, you'll look and feel better and you can make many of them for yourself right at home with surprising ingredients that most people have on hand or are easy and cheap to find.

Summer Pedicure Tips

Warmer weather calls for pretty feet that you want to show off in your new sandals so let's have a pedicure!
Use these easy summer pedicure tips for an at home soothing treatment to help you have soft, smooth, glowing feet that look and feel healthy. Put together a gift basket with some of our favorite pedicure items for the perfect gift!
  •      Soak your feet in warm soapy water with Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil foot soak containing minerals to heal foot problems and callouses and mint to rejuvenate while you begin to soften feet. Relax while your feet soak for 10-15 minutes or until water begins to cool down.
  •      Clean toenails using a nail brush by gently washing all around the toes and nail areas and a cuticle stick to clean under and around each nail, carefully!
  •      Gently dry feet and use a callous remover/shaver to get rid of those dry areas. We love the Denco Easy Grip Professional Foot Smoother for an easy footcare tool anyone can use that is superior and much cheaper than other shavers/callous removers and with a lifetime warranty! It contours to your foot and removes dry, flaking and hardened areas of the feet that happen so often to many men and women. It's a great Father's Day gift idea too! Some callous removers are way too harsh and

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