Easy Summer Makeup

During the warmer months of summer many people find that their normal makeup routine doesn't work as well. You want easy summer makeup! Summertime is a great time to make some changes to your beauty routine that will give you a light, fresh, glowing and radiant skin without being too heavy. Use our best tips for easy summer makeup that will help you to look your best everyday no matter what your indoor or outdoor plans are.
Always make sure to use your basic cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye cream and anti aging products first, sunscreen and then simple makeup for an entire beauty routine that only takes a few minutes.

We'll share some of our favorite summer beauty products too, have fun shopping!

Easy Summer Makeup Must Haves:

Sheer Foundation - During the warm summer months, choose a foundation that is a natural base with vitamins, moisturizers and spf protection. You want your foundation to cover any redness or blemishes as well as to give you an even tone and smooth out your complexion during the warmer summer months. We like Physicians Formula Organic Natural Tinted Foundation with SPF 15 or try Ecco Bella Natural Liquid Foundation with SPF for just the perfect color match for everyone and Nutrimetics NC Sheer Tint Foundation for the lightest natural color.

Bronzer - Consider opting for a bronzer to add color to your face instead of blush for the summer and you can also use it on the body and at least the exposed areas of the body to give you that sun kissed look of a tan without the harmful effects of the sun. Just a little bronzer goes a long way so use sparingly and apply with a brush over apples of the cheeks, a touch on the nose, forehead and chin and then why not add to your decolletage area and arms. Bronzer is also amazing for an eyeshadow hint of color instead of layers of heavy shadow and will give you the look of a tan. Try Afterglow Cosmetics Organic Glow Bronzer for a beautiful hint of color in your shade without that nasty orange glow or staining.

Blush - not everyone wants a bronze look, especially if you're already dark skinned. In the summer, your easy makeup is better with a light blush. We love the cream blushes for a dewy look and you can find colors that look like a light tan if you choose.

Mascara - Choose mascara for summer makeup that gives you long, full lashes without being too heavy or bold. Summer makeup is meant to highlight your best features and by keeping your mascara light and easy, you'll help to make your eyes stand out without being too made up. Check out ZuZu Mascara in Natural Black for non toxic, no clumping, lengthening mascara great for even sensitive eyes. One or two coats of mascara should be great for all day without touching up.

LipGloss - Go light with just a hint of color and a dash of shine on your summer lips for the best look. You want protection, vitamins, moisturizers and a color that is the same as or one shade darker than your lip color should do the trick. Physicians Formula Organic Wear Superfruit Lip Gloss in six perfect summer lip colors to add color, shine and creaminess to your lips very inexpensively and without chemicals. Check out the Cushy Lips section on our blog for full, sexy, plump lips. Lip gloss is also nice in the summer if you carry your lip color in your purse or bag since it's already a liquid the warmth of the summer heat won't destroy your color - lipsticks will melt and get ruined in your car or purse!

   That's your easy summer makeup and all your should need during the warmest months. Avoid heavy, caked on makeup, bright bold colors and even though you won't be sunning, you can still look like you've just returned from the best beach vacation!

   What's your best easy summer makeup item? We'd love to hear from you in the comments section. Stay safe, enjoy the warm weather!

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