Going Green, Eliminate Chemicals from all your Products

Going Green to eliminate all chemicals from all your household products will help to keep you, your pets and our earth healthier, you'll look and feel better and you can make many of them for yourself right at home with surprising ingredients that most people have on hand or are easy and cheap to find.
Americans spend over $2000 per year on chemical household cleaning products. Yikes!

If you or anyone you know has skin problems, breathing problems, joint problems, neurologic problems, or sleep difficulties you could very well be breathing in toxic fumes from household cleaning products that are slowly eating away your insides. Going Green is more than just recycling and reducing energy consumption.

The Green Clean Book is one the Best Natural Health Homemade Cleaning Recipes Book on the market today for less than $10 with an added bonus when you click the blue link. That's about the same cost as a fancy cup of coffee and muffin these days and you can keep it and refer to it over and over again. You'll get over 120 cleaning recipes for general household cleaning and even deep cleaning for hard to clean areas of your home, garage and patio. Use them for your car, boat and RV too. Read it and then share it with your mom, sister or best friend that could also use the ideas to go green. We hope you'll consider taking a hard look inside all your cupboards and cabinets in and around your home and do a serious cleaning out of all the toxic and unhealthy products you've been using.

Many drug store and discount store cleaners may say the word natural but, the organizations that are in charge of watching our products and health don't have too many rules regarding natural. Oftentimes, only 10% of a natural ingredient are needed in a product to make it okay for the use of the natural word. That's one reason and a good one of why more and more people are turning to their own kitchen cupboards to make much better, much healthier and much cheaper products for household cleaning.

Let us know what you think of The Green Clean Book, we'd love to hear what you're making and how you use it!

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