Summer Pedicure Tips

Warmer weather calls for pretty feet that you want to show off in your new sandals so let's have a pedicure!
Use these easy summer pedicure tips for an at home soothing treatment to help you have soft, smooth, glowing feet that look and feel healthy. Put together a gift basket with some of our favorite pedicure items for the perfect gift!
  •      Soak your feet in warm soapy water with Earth Therapeutics Tea Tree Oil foot soak containing minerals to heal foot problems and callouses and mint to rejuvenate while you begin to soften feet. Relax while your feet soak for 10-15 minutes or until water begins to cool down.
  •      Clean toenails using a nail brush by gently washing all around the toes and nail areas and a cuticle stick to clean under and around each nail, carefully!
  •      Gently dry feet and use a callous remover/shaver to get rid of those dry areas. We love the Denco Easy Grip Professional Foot Smoother for an easy footcare tool anyone can use that is superior and much cheaper than other shavers/callous removers and with a lifetime warranty! It contours to your foot and removes dry, flaking and hardened areas of the feet that happen so often to many men and women. It's a great Father's Day gift idea too! Some callous removers are way too harsh and if not careful, you can really do some damage to your feet by over rubbing and getting down too far. Not so with the Denco, you'll really like it.
  •      Apply a foot scrub product such as Nutrimetics Soul Renewal Foaming Foot Scrub to further reduce the dry, dead skin cells of the foot and legs. This refreshing foot scrub contains lemon, mandarin, thyme and sea salts for a most amazing foot cleansing and softening experience you'll want to repeat several times a week. Massage it in with small circular motions. Rinse and dry feet well.
  •      Clip the toenails gently and easily straight across using your favorite nail clippers and file smoothly to avoid rough edges.
            * Note - Diabetics should seek medical attention for nail care to avoid cutting and injurying yourself.
  •      Apply a moisturizing and healing foot lotion such as Mode de Vie shea butter foot cream for softening dry foot skin and for healing or try Nutrimetics Soul Renewal Soothing foot creme with peppermint and shea butter for an energizing boost to your hard working feet. Rub in until fully absorbed while massaging all pressure points of the feet ie. heels, balls of feet and toes.
  •      Add your favorite cuticle oil nail treatment and two coats of your summer nail polish such as Essie for sophisticated, pretty and fashionable colors to your freshly pedicured toes. Add a top coat to set the polish and help it last longer. Allow your freshly pedicured toes to dry thoroughly as you admire their beauty and wonder which of your summer sandals you'll wear first!!
  •      Reapply foot lotions to feet at night and Wear a soft cotton sock to keep the lotions penetrating to your feet and to add comfort. If you've never tried them, Earth Therapeutics foot therapy moisturizing foot socks will surprise you as they help the feet retain the oils and moisture levels for smoother and softer feet. Wear them and see for yourself.
  •      Do your own summer pedicures weekly or every other week to keep the skin on your feet and toes in prime shape for summer clothing and footwear. Your feet will not only look better but, they'll also feel much better too.
  •      Give a pedicure gift basket to someone you love, it's the perfect gift for a hard working mom, sister, best friend that works hard and needs to take time to care for themselves.

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