Sun Hats for Skin Protection

Summer isn't the only time you need to worry about the damaging effects of the sun's rays. Sun hats help to keep the sun off your face, neck, shoulders, head and even upper body and are fun to wear too!
 If you're heading on vacation to a warm location, exercising or hanging out at a park, heading to outdoor sports events, need the perfect hat for the Kentucky Derby! or live in a warm climate you always need to be concerned about getting the protection that will help you.

We love sun hats for the fashion aspect as well as keeping the sun off the face, neck, shoulders and they even help to protect the hair from drying out. After some research, these are the best sun hats we love for the protection you need to stay safe in the sun. They're also great gifts for women on your list for Christmas or birthdays.

Check out our favorite sun hats and consider getting one for everyone in the family for your next outing - we bet you'll be glad you did.

     Outdoor Research Oasis Sombrero in fun berry or sand. Slightly floppy brim hat in thin, lightweight nylon with adjustable strap so it won't blow away for boating or riding in your convertible offers UV Protection of 50 and works to keep the sun off your body. Partial proceeds donate to the Access Fund as an added bonus.

     San Diego Womens Ribbon Large Brim Hat with UVP of 50 in 6 fun sun protected colors for any occasion to keep you out of the sun and keep your skin radiant and glowing safely.

          Sunday Afternoons Field Hat is soft, nylon, breathable and we think you'll love it for any outdoor activity in warm and hot sunny days. It feels good, fits well, travels perfect since it flattens without damaging the hat and offers UVP of 50. Sunday Afternoons Field Hat has a chin strap for security and a small amount of decorative trim in front with 4 light colors to choose from and well priced!

If you like a straw hat (we do!) for working in the yard or garden or a simple sun hat you can wear to the beach without worrying that you'll get it dirty or damage it, try this Columbia Sportswear Sun Ridge Straw Hat with UVP 50. The Mirage color is oh, la, la!

Slogger's Wide Brim Braided Garden Hat in light wheat/beige color has enough of a stiffness to the brim for outdoor work such as gardening that it won't get in the way and still offers protection to the neck and back of head. We love that it can get wet and still looks great, easy to pack too!

How about the Palm Straw Large Brim Hat for your next outdoor adventure! Super comfortable and chic for your smart skin care. We like the chin strap and feminine ribbon, what a great gift too.

Heading to lunch with a friend, a cruise, outdoor picnic, family reunion? Choose a pretty Classic Straw Hat Wide Brim Straw with Bow. You get two hats for one low price in pink and olive. One for you and one for a friend/gift!Special 2 Pcs Wholesale Lots Classic Straw Hat Wide Brim Straw Cloche Bow Hat with BowknotSpecial 2 Pcs Wholesale Lots Classic Straw Hat Wide Brim Straw Cloche Bow Hat with Bowknot
   We hope you'll continue to take good care of your skin, wear sun hats for protection when you're out and about on all your work and play outdoor events. These are stylish, inexpensive and chic. You'll be a trendsetter and a thoughtful gift giver too when you share these pretty hats.

   Which is your favorite sun hat and how or when do you wear them? Thanks for your comments!

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