Quick and Easy Skin Care Tips

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Taking good care of your skin doesn't have to be a long and drawn out process. These simple skin care tips work for men, women and teenagers too.  Use our quick and easy tips to have beautiful, blemish free, minimally wrinkled  radiant skin every day - see results fast!

Here are ten quick and easy skin care tips you can use every day to get that glowing, radiant skin you want:

** Wash your hands always before beginning to take care of your skin to avoid transferring germs or dirt onto your complexion.

** If you must touch your face, for example to scratch an itch, use the back of the fingers which holds much less dirt and germs than our fingertips do.

** Wash your face gently every morning and evening - dirt is in the air so even if you aren't going outside you should wash your face daily. Avoid hard or rough scrubbing or rubbing any time you're washing your face. When you're older, you'll be very happy to have less wrinkles from harsh facial treatment. Make sure to use natural organic skin care products without chemicals or you'll be defeating the process.

** Use a face scrub at least once a week after your daily cleanser. Scrubs help to
 remove the dry skin, smooth the complexion and reduce white heads, black heads and clean down beyond the first layer of skin. Keep your scrub in the shower so you'll be ready to use it when it's time.

** Use a mud masque at least weekly too.

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Mud masques help to shrink large pores so they're less noticeable, get rid of blemishes and white heads and smooth the texture of your skin.

Apply your masque after your daily cleanser, let it set for at least 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

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** Use a skin toner after your cleanser or treatments. Toner helps to return the ph of your skin to normal, get rid of excess dirt, makeup or treatments that you didn't completely remove and gives the skin a fresh feeling. I love the Grace Botanicals for the light spray that gives just want I need without wasting it, the smell is just gorgeous and it's not tacky feeling afterwards. Use it daily just after cleaning, allow to air dry and then add much needed moisturizer.

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** Avoid picking at pimples, blackheads and acne. It's so tempting but you'll make every blemish worse when the fluid inside won't all come out and instead you'll get another blemish instead. Use blemish treatment products instead and be patient. If you haven't tried Keeva Organics Tea Tree Oil for Acne Treatment, you'll be very surprised at the results, shown above! Use makeup to cover blemishes until they're healed.

** Use the proper moisturizer for your skin type: dry skin, oily skin or combination skin, problem skin or aging skin. The Marine Collagen Aging Cream contains super ingredients that you'll love!  We all need daily moisturizers and once you find the right one for you, using it daily will replenish the moisture in the cells that our bodies can't produce. Don't skip your moisturizer any day for any reason! Your skin will start to be less dry, less flaky, less wrinkled and more radiant. Try this light tinted facial moisturizer with spf 30 by Purelx if you need a recommendation and read what other customers love about it too. Great price!

** Use eye cream daily under your eyes, over the eyelid and just above the eyebrows. Eye creams are light, for use on the delicate skin and can reduce puffiness, lines, wrinkles and dark eyes. See our Best Eye Creams for Lines and Wrinkles for suggestions on what's best for you.

 ** Our Top 10 Clear Skin Naturally shares information on diet and vitamins to add to your beauty routine for healthy skin.

These are the basic daily skin care tips you will see a big difference with in your skin tone, texture and smoothness when you start to take better care of your skin every day!

For more daily, weekly and monthly skin care tips, read more of our tips on Radiant Skin for Women

What's your favorite daily step in your skin care regime? Share below for others and thanks for your continued support and visits!


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    1. You're right Sarah. That's why we're here and sharing lots of information for skin care, thanks for reading.


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