Time to Clean out that Makeup Bag!

Today we want you to take a look at your makeup drawer or bag and get it cleaned out. Did you know that one way to improve your skin's appearance is to make sure you're using current, new and not expired products? It's true that all products for your skin have an expiration date - have you looked at yours lately!?

Easy tips to cleaning out that makeup drawer and bag:

   * The easiest way to know how old something is if you can't even remember when you purchased that foundation, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, liners or lipstick. Get rid of it, it's outdated!

   * Are the products you open up really hard to open? For example, that mascara - is it so hard to open that you barely can get it to open and then when you do, you're pulling that wand up to find that there isn't any mascara on it. That's a sure sign that it's too old and you need a new one! Don't put that old, crunchy, dried out product on your eyes. You'll end up with eye irritation, watery and itchy eyes. Try a new, organic, lash building organic mascara we love without chemicals that won't burn eyes, itch, run, flake or dry out.
Get a new one every other month for your best looking eyes. Try it in blue/black and click the link to read all the rave customer reviews too - you'll be happy to have a vegetarian, light, natural mascara finally.

   * Get rid of products that you rarely use. Why take a chance on old and outdated products that you don't even bother to wear any more. It's just silly to damage your skin that you're working so hard on to make soft and radiant. Better to have only the current things in that makeup bag that you're using. Getting ready will be so much faster too when you can find what you need in a flash without sifting through all the junk.

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   * Check the expiration date on each of your makeup and skin care products. Sometimes they're hard to find or hard to read but, look on the bottom of the product or near the lid. If you can't find an expiration date on it, better to just toss it out and start fresh. Toss those old, thick foundations and powders and try BalmShelter Tinted Moisturizer for light, natural, effective coverage that goes on easily, covers and adds moisture plus spf. See what others say about it and keep your makeup bag full of fresh, yummy and healthy products your skin will love and so will your wallet.

   * Go through your makeup and skin care products now and repeat it every other month. Once you have less products in that drawer or bag, you'll have to do this less often. You'll have just what you need and just what you use.

   * Avoid giving away old and outdated makeup to your friends or a donation center. If it's not good enough any longer for you, it's just not good enough for others either. Feel good about throwing it away.

   * Treat yourself to the Nifty Cosmetic Organizing Carousel or this MultiFunction Travel Toiletry Organizer  so that you can see everything at a glance, use it before buying more and keep everything contained and organized in one compact space for your bathroom or bedroom vanity or closet. Sometimes, it's just a matter of needing a place where you can see what you have and you'll notice that you'll get much faster getting ready for the day. Everything you use and need is right there at your fingertips. Pick one up for a teenager, bff, sister or mom. She'll love the gift of organization!

When you keep clean, new and fresh makeup in your bag you'll save money by not repeating purchases that you don't need, want or use and you'll also avoid chances of getting an infection or red cheeks and other irritations to your skin.

Which tip will you use first?
     Best wishes to your beautiful, radiant skin. Find more of our tips for radiant skin here.

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