Should I add a Body Scrub to my Skin Care Routine?

One question we get often is whether or not a body scrub should be added to the skin care routine and if it really helps at all. Sometimes, you can hurt your skin more based on the products you choose. Products with harsh chemicals or shells can damage the skin and they're also painful to apply.
Maybe that's why some people just skip using scrubs all together. You might notice that your skin is dry, flaky,
has deep set lines and just doesn't feel soft and smooth.

There are many times of the year when our skin is dry and damaged from the cool breezes of an early Spring, to the summer sun taking out a lot of the moisture, to the cold and windy days of winter. No matter where you live in the world and have seasons, your skin is getting beat up.

Add A Body Scrub for Soft Skin is worth reading for tips on how to use one, what benefits a body scrub will give your skin, how often to use it and we'd like you to take a peek! We love body scrubs and find they do make a difference in giving soft skin so it's more fun to wear those cute dresses, skirts, shorts and skorts without embarrassment.

Let us know what you think, how often you use a body scrub and the results in the comments section below.

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  1. Im always quite afraid to use body scrubs because they can be harsh! This was a great read :)

    Lorraine x


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