Do a Skin Check Head to Toe

Wondering how to do your own skin check and what you should see or worry about? Use our simple ways to head to toe skin check. While you'll want to check with your doctor for any strange skin findings and for your routine physical exams, do your own monthly so you know what's normal for you and what's not. Once you know your own particular baseline,
it's much easier to notice a change. Changes should be noted and checked daily. The skin is our largest body organ and it needs attention.  If you've never done your own skin check before, start now and pay attention to what you find so that in the future, you'll be able to recognize changes in sizes, color or shapes.

     Here are simple ways to do your own head to toe skin check once a month.

Start at the head:

   In the privacy of your own well lit bathroom, stand in front of the mirror so that you can examine your scalp first with your hands, moving your hair out of the way and then use a mirror to check the back of the head. Get a helper if needed. Many times, you'll be able to feel any differences or variations in the scalp and if so, have someone else look to verify lumps or bumps you've found.

   Examine your facial skin next. Pull your hair back so you can get a complete look at your entire face. Look for any lumps, bumps, redness, rashes, swelling, or moles or dark spots. It's common sometimes to get an irritation on your face if you've recently changed your skin care products or have an allergy to a new ingredient. When this happens, stop using that product and use cool washcloths or aloe vera to heal the skin. Aloe vera is an amazing natural plant that soothes all sorts of problems from sunburn to rashes to acne and more.

   Move to your neck. Check all the skin around your neck front and back. Use your hands first and the mirror and don't forget to check the back of the head neck area. Many people have small skin tags that you can grab but, not remove. These are harmless unless they change in color or size and then you'd want to see a Dermatologist for a thorough exam.

   Skin Check your Ears next. You may need a helper to see behind your ears and inside too as far as you can see. Oftentimes, once you move your hands over your ears it's much easier the next time you do your check to notice any abnormalities.

   Move to the Upper Torso:
   Remove your top and check your chest, abdomen and arms. Use the same technique to glide your hands across each part to first feel for any irregularities and then use your mirror, holding a mirror behind you as you look into the sink mirror. Don't forget to lift the breasts and then do a self breast exam.

   Lift a leg onto the tub or toilet and then holding your hand held mirror, shine it up into the private genital area. Look for any bumps, lumps, redness, rashes or growth spots at the inside of the thighs too. Check your bum the same way.

   Skin Check the Lower Body:
   Skin Check the Legs next. You'll find this is probably a good time to shave your legs. Continue the same process of looking for redness, spots - black or brown, tender areas, rashes. The aloe vera gel we mentioned above is an amazing product for all areas of the body that have burns or rashes and can be used several times a day without hurting your skin or causing pain.

   Examine your feet next. Sit down on the toilet and feel the top of the foot, in between the toes, the arch, heels and entire sole of the foot. If everything looks and feels okay, why not add a great organic moisturizer to your hard working feet now. It feels great and your body deserves some pampering!

There are a multitude of skin conditions that happen from clogged pores, chemicals in products, irritants and animal by products. Rashes, acne, rosacea are a few. Use healthy organic skin care products for the best results.The Eminence skin starter set for sensitive skin has anti-inflammation ingredients that soothe the skin. There are also skin conditions that need a physician's attention such as skin cancers. If you're ever in doubt of something on your skin, if it's growing in size, if it changes shape, if it changes color, if it hurts you or feels deep under the skin, call your doctor for a complete skin check so you'll know exactly what it is. Only your doctor can do blood work or Xrays for more information in helping to diagnose diseases and problems.

   Keep up your skin checks and share with your friends, they need it too.


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  1. Its been more than a month now using this mask during bed time and there is purely no improvement at all. However, i intend to continue using it untill something happens. Sarah


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