Today's Reminder - Wash the Skin Twice a Day

Just a reminder today to make sure you're always taking the time to wash your face properly to get rid of dirt from the air, makeup residue, grease that builds up from improper skin care.

We all need to wash our face twice a day. Are you doing it?
Wash every morning to clean and refresh the skin after sleeping. Wash every evening to remove the dirt of the day - from your old makeup that will clog your pores as it sits there and those blocked pores start to form blackheads and breakouts.

No matter how tired you are at the end of the day, spend just a few minutes to wash your face. It's a great habit to get into as a teenager since it will become a natural habit and one you won't even think twice about as you grow older. You'll also notice less lines and wrinkles as you age from taking good care of teenage skin.

Find a cleanser set that you like and stay with it if it feels good on your skin or try something new if you don't like how it feels.When the skin is reddened after using a product, there could be an allergic reaction so you should stop using it immediately and cool the skin with ice or a cool washcloth. Go organic with Good on Ya and check out all the natural, organic and yummy ingredients that your skin will drink up and it's good for any skin type, no parabens or chemicals and toxins, no animal testing and no sulfates.

Many skin problems can be avoided if you take the time to wash off the day's dirt and makeup. Cheap ingredients end up showing the problems of the skin. Our skin needs to breathe, it's the largest organ we have and care needs taken to get results that are bright and radiant.

   Easy steps to good skin care:
          Wash with your favorite cleanser in small circles for a couple of minutes.
          Rinse the cleanser off with a warm washcloth.
          Use a toner to remove any dirt or makeup that the cleanser may have missed and this step returns the ph of the skin back to normal.
          Air dry the skin.
          Apply your favorite moisturizer for your particular skin type. Just a few drops blended in to the forehead, cheeks and chin is all you need.

     You'll find that in the morning, your makeup goes on more evenly and smoothly with well cared for skin and at night while you're sleeping, your skin will be able to heal, breathe and the cells can regenerate.

Try it and start washing your skin twice a day, let us know your thoughts below.


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