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 Are you wondering what you can do now to get rid of calluses on the feet and hands? Those hardened skin areas build up and form that uncomfortable pressure on the feet especially and also on the hands if not taken care of. We have your help for getting rid of calluses that cause and unsightly painful feet.

Calluses form from pressure build up often from wearing improper shoes and simply prolonged pressure on the feet. Make sure to wear the right size shoe and if you're not sure that you are, get your feet measured the next time you buy a new pair of shoes. A callus can become an infection or turn to a blister when allowed to stay there for prolonged periods of time, not to mention that they're uncomfortable and even painful. Most of us have a hard time minimizing pressure on the feet due to having to wear shoes at work or play all day. What we can do is treat our feet to a little pampering!

     Use these tips to get rid of a callus as soon as it appears to prevent more pain and discomfort and to have those smooth and soft feet you want. We've included our favorite products that will help you get soft and smooth feet easily and for not a lot of money.

     * Soak your feet at least once a week to soften that very hard skin. Try sitting on the edge of the tub with your feet soaking or use an old basin to create a foot bath. Our favorite way is to use a pedicure bath such as Dr Scholls Invigorating Spa Bath with heat and bubbles that can be set up in front of the television while you soak! It includes a pumice stone so you can gently soften hardened areas of the feet using your own feet.  Add Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak that will heal and condition your skin during the soaking bath.

     * Try the Sof Feet Callus Reducer to shave away dry, dead skin cells and hardened calluses. You'll see lots of great reviews by other customers that share the same problem as calluses on the feet, toes and even fingers. This very simple and super inexpensive tool is really amazing. It has a metal grater that works similar to your kitchen cheese grater but, is safer for the skin. Avoid applying too much pressure in one area as some people do report rubbing too hard and causing bleeding as the skin breaks. Use it on dry skin before showering every day and then you can clean your feet in the shower.

     * Dry the feet thoroughly after getting out of the shower. 

     * Apply a healthy and organic foot lotion after showering to keep the skin soft and smooth. We like and highly recommend Tea Tree Oil Foot Balm for it's soothing and cooling effect that heals as it repairs dry, damaged skin. An excellent addition to your treatment of calluses. Massage it into all areas of the feet including the toes, heel and even the lower legs. Rub in a small amount until it is fully absorbed.

     * Wear clean cotton socks that will hug your feet and keep all that moist lotion inside.

Paying attention to our foot care is important to not only feel great but, will reduce the chances of more problems with the feet down the road. Diabetics and anyone with circulation issues should consult a doctor first but, chances are very good that your doctor will recommend that you do meticulous foot care to reduce further problems.

     Get going, go take care of your feet today! Let us know how it's working for you in the comments section below and feel free to share with your friends.

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