Treatment of Dry Cracked Elbows, Knees and Feet

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Tips for Treatment of Dry Cracked Elbows, knees and feet. Dry, cracked elbows, knees or feet don't feel good! And, they don't look good either when you're wearing a slinky strapless or short sleeved dress, tops and shorts or those pretty summer sandals or a fancy holiday dress.  Even the skin on the back of the neck can tend to become really dry without the proper care.

Taking care of these areas of the body isn't that hard and you can start now before the warm weather hits or before you start to get ready for your vacation on the beach or when the cold and windy days of winter arrive. There's always the right time to take care of your skin.  How do these areas get so dry and what can you do about it? At least you're here now looking for the answer so here are our best suggestions to get rid of dry elbows, knees and feet that even hospitals use on problem skin for patients.

   ~Soak in the tub~ We suggest this as the first step before you start layering lots of lotion. The areas of the elbows, knees and feet are often more exposed to the air and wind and if you're not paying attention to them, it can be quick that all of a sudden you wonder 'How did I get so dry here'. Soaking in a warm bath will help to soften the skin. Showers can wet the skin but, sometimes it's a really good long soak that will help the most.
          * Try adding Organic Essential Lavender Oil to the tub. Lavender is a wonderfully relaxing scent and the oil will help to soften your water. Relax in the tub for at least twenty minutes and breathe in the amazing aroma as your skin starts to soften. Get into a routine of taking a bath. It does takes some time but, it's also a great time to close your eyes and relax, to meditate or to read a good book.
          * Adding more softeners to your water gives your skin an even bigger boost of moisture.
 Lavender sea salts are another wonderful product that only takes about a tablespoon in a bath to get the full effect of additional aroma and that super soft water. You'll probably want to add more warm water as it starts to cool since you won't want to get out. Take some time for yourself before going to bed or on a day off. You deserve it and it's a great first step to softening the skin on the elbows, knees and feet.

     ~ Use a body scrub on those super dry elbows, knees and feet. If you're not sure which one is good and won't hurt or burn the skin, try Tree Hut Shea Sugar Honey & Almond Scrub as a three pack for super savings for you or to share. Organic scrubs are made mostly from the meal and not the shells so are more gentle on the skin and easier to apply and to continue doing. Use a small amount placed in the palm of one hand and add a few drops of water to mix it. Then start applying a small amount onto your really dry elbows rubbing in small circular motions. Do the entire elbow and take your time. Rinse and then move on to those dry knees and always do the feet last. You can also make your own scrubs using sugar, honey and almond nuts ground finely if you want to experiment making homemade scrubs.

     ~ Pat your skin dry ~ by patting your skin and not completely rubbing it to dry off after a tub or shower, you'll leave just a touch of water on the skin. Water is a good base to add your extra moisturizers and oils to the skin. It's not enough to just let water sit on the skin and expect your skin to be well hydrated enough. Water just doesn't cut it. You need more than that.

     ~ Add a heavy moisturizer ~ some moisturizers are milky and thin and some are thicker and more emollient. This is the kind you want after a soaking bath and on those dry areas of the body that aren't getting enough attention. Medline Remedy Olivamine Skin Repair Cream is one you'll find that hospitals and nursing centers use for it's superb moisturizing and healing abilities. Get free shipping too with an amazon Prime membership.

     ~ Dimethicone Cream~ If you need a skin protective barrier cream, this is the type of moisture barrier used in the hospital setting for anyone with really bad, dry, cracked and irritated skin to help it heal. You'll find it's thick and offers a full 5% Dimethicone - most of your local stores will only have 1-2% Dimethicone.  Try it for chapped areas of the skin and lips, as an amazing diaper rash treatment. Nurses and health care professionals use it for hands that are in water frequently or irritated from hospital gloves. Dimethicone cream is strong enough to protect against bed sores for patients. Use it to treat dry cracked elbows, knees and feet every night before bedtime. You can buy one to try it or buy a full dozen to always make sure you have it in stock. Use a small amount on any of your problem skin areas (even sensitive skin) and blend really well. It takes some time to absorb but, worth the effort to take your time.

We hope our ideas will help you to get that radiant and glowing skin on all the areas of your body and even those cracked elbows, knees and feet. Read more about how and why to use body scrubs here.  Leave us your thoughts in the comments section.



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