Clear Skin Tips for College Girls

Let's face it. When you're in college, your studies have to be the most important thing that you worry about and how you spend most of your time. You also can't forget about your skin care program if you want to feel and look your best.
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You're spending thousands of dollars each year to get your college education. You need clear skin tips that are fast and easy to do so that you can get on with your classes, studying and sleep as soon as possible.  Studying and long days in class will take a toll on your skin so the sooner you take care of it, the clearer and better your skin will look.
You also don't want to ignore your skin care for the next two to four years either or your skin won't be as radiant and beautiful as it is now. You'll also have lots of college events that you want to attend too so your skin care is still important.

Here is the easy and fast way for clear skin - College Girls Style! 
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     Clear Skin Tip #1   Clean your Skin

   Be sure to wash your face every morning and before bed.
  Use warm water to moisten your face first. 
  Then, use a small amount of face cleanser in the palm of your hand. We love the Christina Moss Organic Facial Wash in a pump so you get just a small amount and it's loaded with goodness for your skin.
  Apply a few dabs to your forehead, cheeks and chin. 
  Use your fingertips to rub the cleanser into the skin using small circular motions. 
  Rinse with warm water and a washcloth gently tapping the cleanser off your skin. 

   Clear Skin Tip #2  Apply Toner

   Toner is the important second step to your easy skin care. 
   Toner returns the ph of the skin to normal and also helps to refresh skin and prepares it for the next step - moisturizer. 
   We love all natural lavender mist water toner since it's loaded with vitamins and yummy ingredients your skin will just drink in.   
   Plus, it's a spray for super simple ease of use, just a quick spray to the face and neck and allow it to air dry.  
  This toner will help to tighten the skin, smells clean and fresh and dries quickly.  

  Clear Skin Tip #3 Use Daily Moisturizer

  The last step to your simple clear skin is to use the right moisturizer. 
  We love organic, oil free moisturizer for all skin types. You'll love it too. 
  Just use a pea sized amount and apply it to the forehead, cheeks and chin. 
  Massage in using small circle motions and the ring finger. Don't press too hard. 
  Allow the product to do the work! You've got enough work to do to get back to studying! 

     When you follow these clear skin tips for college girls, your skin will feel clean and refreshed without heavy products that clog the pores and cause breakouts.

     Make sure to repeat this same process every night before bed to get your makeup off and allow these delicious products to rejuvenate the skin while you sleep.

          These are the basic skin care tips to help you get used to taking good care of your skin. When you're ready to add more products and treatments to your beauty routine, we have to recommend our  Number One Product that Every Skin Type will Love and See Benefits. 
    Read more of our radiant skin care tips and leave us your comments. thanks for sharing!


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