Softer Hands with this Simple Trick

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Are your your hands looking old, dry, red, chafed or wrinkled and even painful?  Want a way to get softer  hands quickly and easily?
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      The hands are one of the first areas of the body to show signs of aging. You might have problems of redness, eczema or dry and flaky skin. Do your hands get rough and chafed from being outdoors or in the wind? Do you suffer from cracked fingertips or dry, brittle fingernails?

We've got a super simple trick you can use every day to start to see smoother, softer hands and healthier fingernails in no time!

Urban Spa Moisturizing Gloves
Urban Spa Moisturizing Gloves for softer hands
                       Benefits of using gloves for softer skin:

These gloves are made of a super soft cotton with a hint of spandex for stretching/easy application to hands.
They're simple to use. Just apply your favorite hand cream or lotion before bed, massage around the nails and cuticles.
Place the gloves on and go to bed.
While you sleep, the heat from your hands will help the lotion to penetrate into the skin for noticeably smoother and softer hands and nails when the gloves are removed.
Redness and chafing will disappear very soon and the appearance of the hands will only improve with continued use of the gloves. 
Boosts the strength of the fingernails and nail beds.
The hands and nails will simply get smoother and softer with each use of wearing gloves at night.
You can also wear your gloves while watching tv or working on the computer. They're thin enough that they won't interfere with typing on a computer!
     Tip: Add a drop or two of your favorite body oil and mix with your hand lotion for a superior blending of the lotion and added moisture. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how great your hands feel in the morning when you wake up. 

                          Easy Care of Moisturizing Gloves
     Wash weekly using warm water and gentle soap to remove the buildup of lotion.
     Air dry by placing the gloves over a small can or bottle of water.
     Reuse over and over again.
     One pair will last for years with proper care.
     Keep at your bedside to remind yourself to wear them as often as possible before bedtime.

Share this simple idea with your friends and family, they'll be so happy to hear how easy it can be to have softer and smoother hands and nails.
  Have you used moisturizing gloves? Let us know your own results. 

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