Solutions for Dark Circles Around Eyes

Looking for Solutions for Dark Circles Around Eyes?  We'll help you to determine why you have those dark eye circles in the first place and what is the best way to treat those under eye bags and dark areas that make you look tired, over worked and older than you are. 

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      We all want to look and feel our best. If you have problems with dark areas under the eyes, you probably feel that you don't look as good as you could. If you've tried all the drug store brands of cleaners and treatments to get rid of those unwanted circles and they're not working, let's help you once and for all.

Take a look at this list and see if you have any of these eye problems:

     - Eye Skin Can Have Dark Rings Around the Eyes
     - The eyes can have dark, sunken in areas under the eyes
     -  The color under the eyes is dark purplish blue
     - The eyes are puffy with dark color

Why Do I Have Dark Circles Around My Eyes?

     - Several reasons could be causing your dark circles.
     - It's not usually one thing that's going wrong with your lifestyle or skin care regime.
     - Genetics can play a role in whether or not you have the problem of dark under eye circles.
Melatonin 5mg Time Release - 100 - Tablet
Add Melatonin before bed for a very good night's sleep!
     - You may not be getting proper sleep.
     **Adding Melatonin ( a natural substance found in our bodies) will give you a solid night's sleep without getting addicted to drugs or chemicals. Wake up totally refreshed and ready for the day. Watch your dark eye circles slowly go away if sleep is causing this problem for you!
     - You could be using products that are not working to get rid of those pesky circles and dark areas.

Solutions and Treatments for Dark Circles Around Eyes:

     **Top Ingredients to Add to your daily skin care regime that will help with dark circles include:

          Almond Oil
          Aloe Vera
          Apricot Kernel Oil
          Peanut Oil
          Glycolic Acid
          Hyaluronic Acid
          Shea Butter
          Green Tea
          Vitamins A, C, E and K
          Hydolyzed Silk

**Try a cucumber eye gel around the eyes completely or use thin slices of cucumber on the eyes for 15 minutes each evening. I prefer to eat cucumbers and use a product on my eyes but, if you don't like eating cucumbers, this could be a good remedy for you. Make sure to do it each night for a month to see results though.  Read the reviews and then try this Cucumber Tea Gel for a nice change to what you're doing now. Men and women both like it since it's cooling, refreshing and makes the skin around the eyes feel good.

**Read our How to Cleanse Colon Naturally with Detox for Radiant Skin to help rid the body of toxins that could be building up causing those dark circles.

**Make sure you're eating enough iron in the diet for another solution to dark circles around the eyes.  If you aren't, add an iron supplement to your daily vitamins.

How to Choose an Eye Cream

     It's difficult to find one product on the market that will contain all the healthy ingredients to reduce eye circles. We've searched for you and make these suggestions to help with dark eye circles to add to your daily routine. You'll soon see and feel a difference.

     You want the ingredients from our list above and you want to make sure that your eye cream will NOT be animal tested. Often times, when companies test on animals, they also use ingredients that come from animals. Gross! I know but, true.

     Look for eye creams without a scent or perfume. Scent that comes from the natural and organic ingredients such as the fruit or vegetables inside are fine. No perfumes since they will irritate the delicate eye area and cause more problems such as redness or irritation and watery eyes.

     Look for organic products without chemicals, no mineral oil such as Body Merry Eye Cream.  It's gentle and light enough to use every morning and evening and just a little dab goes a long way. Don't forget that everything we put on our skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream. Say no to chemicals and do your skin a huge favor. 

     Choose an eye cream for sensitive skin. Since the eye area is very delicate, making sure that you find a product that is suitable for sensitive skin will ensure that you're buying the best product that won't irritate your eyes. Then you'd have another problem to deal with. 

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