Benefits of Facial Moisturizing Masks

We'll answer your top questions about the benefits of facial moisturizing masks:
Who can benefit from using a moisturizing mask.
How do I know I need to add this mask to my beauty routine.
When to use a facial moisturizing mask.
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How to choose the best one for your skin type.

     As we age, we lose moisture from our skin. The sun, stress and simple gravity also takes it's toll on us everywhere on our bodies, including our face, ears, neck and cleavage areas.

I started taking good care of my skin at age 16 with the basic trio and a facial spray mist. The younger we are when we start to pay attention to our skin and maintain a beauty routine that adds the necessary components of moisture, the older we'll be when we finally start showing our age. It doesn't have to happen in our 30's or 40's with proper skin care products.

Facial moisturizing masks are essential for a look of youth and vitality. Everyone can benefit from adding a facial moisturizing mask. All men and women, teenagers and every skin type will benefit from using a moisturizing mask.
          My skin is already oily or combination, do I really need moisture? Yes, sebaceous glands produce oil, not moisture and if you don't add it, the skin thinks it can help and produces even more oils to make up for the lack of moisture. This simple tip of adding the proper type of moisture will reduce the amount of oil produced and you'll see less blemishes too. 

     Natural Republic Aloe Vera Gel is cooling and soothing so won't irritate the skin plus it has healing properties. Yet it adds very needed moisture (not oil) to sensitive and oily combination skin types. Use it at night before going to sleep and let it work while you rest. You'll wake up feeling hydrated without additional oils. All skin types can benefit from using aloe vera gel.  

          Tip: Keep it in the refrigerator until using for even more refreshment to your face, neck, decolletage area and ears.

Age Defying Face Cream with Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides for Men
     Anaiti Age Defying Face Cream improves the skin deep into the cellular level with key natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, matrixyl for softening and renoval of wrinkles/large pores and to reduce pigmentation and smooth the layers of skin. Anaiti is one of just a few products with rave reviews and 5 stars. Use it at night in a thin layer to moisturize and soften while you sleep. Dry or Combination skin types need extra moisture and you'll love the Anaiti Age Defying Face Cream.

  You will benefit from adding a facial moisturizing mask if your skin is dry, flaky, has loss of elasticity, feels dry to the touch or even hurts when you smile or laugh. Certain medications can have a side effect of drying out your skin too. Another way to know if you need to start using a face moisture mask is if your makeup doesn't go on smoothly or if your blush won't glide on evenly.
   Even teenagers could notice very dry skin and will see improved skin tone and texture by adding a facial moisturizing mask weekly. If you're young, ask your mom what she thinks and if she's ever used it too.

     BeeFriendly Honey Facial Mask is worth a try since honey is moisturizing and healing at the same time. This product is organic and made only of pure ingredients.This face mask is best used in the shower when your face is already damp. Mix well, apply just a dab, wet fingertips and blend on the face in small circular motion - avoid the eye area. Allow it to sit on the face for a few minutes as you finish your shower and then rinse with a warm washcloth and finish with a cool water rinse. Your skin will be super soft, silky, clean, refreshed and well moistened.

  Try any of these recommended facial moisturizing masks once a week. Always apply to the entire face, neck and chest and don't forget the ears. As the seasons change and we're in the indoors with furnaces on, our skin gets dried out more than during the summer. It's a perfect time to add this product to your beauty routine. By the time the holidays arrive, your skin will be radiant and glowing with dewy moisture.

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