Common Skin Conditions with Causes and Treatments

Some of the more common skin conditions are problems that you can care for at home without the need for a doctor or medications. We'll share the most common skin issues such as pimples, rashes, bumps, redness, eczema, psoriasis and give you the causes of these plus the tools you need to get rid of these problems. We'll also let you know when to seek the professional help of a doctor for more severe and dangerous skin conditions.
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     We've organized the most common skin conditions with the causes and treatments to help you find your own problem with your skin and ways to relieve these issues now and in the future. 

Pimples - One of the absolute most common skin conditions that men and women alike typically get at some point in their lives and seek information on what to do to get rid of them. Pimples are small raised red bumps on the skin, mostly on the face, neck or back. Pimples can be isolated as one or two or even show up in clusters or small groups.
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     Cause of Pimples - Pimples are caused from clogged pores and bacteria under the skin. They can also show up during hormonal changes such as in puberty, during pregnancy and even in menopause.
     Treatment of Pimples -
          1. Pimples can be treated by properly washing the face and back with products for your skin type and keeping the pores clear.
          2. Treat pimples by steaming the face to open the pores. You can safely steam your face once a week and you'll love how it feels too.
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 3. You've read our other posts recommending a good mud mask to the face, neck and even the back to get rid of pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. Try the ArtNaturals Organic Dead Sea Mud Mask as shown to the left. You'll be happy you tried it as over 1,400 other customers are.

I have it and use it not only for my face and neck but, also on my hands to make them super soft.

See my photo below. 
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          4. Add an exfoliant that will scrub the pores, remove the dry dead skin cells and give your skin a squeaky clean feel.

Without treatment, pimples will spread to more areas of the face and back and can grow larger and become painful.

Skin Care Don't - Pick or prod at pimples. Picking at your pimples will only cause more problems since if there's any pus under the skin, you won't get it all out and you'll get another pimple and you can also cause scarring. 

Whiteheads and Blackheads - These are very tiny areas on the skin, also known as comedones.
     Cause of Whiteheads and Blackheads - Clogged pores cause these spots on the skin when the skin can't breathe due to blockage of dirt and bacteria.  Pores become clogged if you leave dirt and makeup on the skin, improper washing of the skin or not adding moisture. Our skin has sebaceous glands that produce oils. When you don't add moisture, the skin compensates by producing more oils in an effort to help. Too much oil can lead to increased pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. If you look closely at a whitehead, there is no opening at the center. Blackheads on the other hand, do have a tiny opening at the center.
     Treatment of Whiteheads and Blackheads - It's time to start cleaning your skin better if you continue to have these blemished areas on the skin. Use the right cleanser for your skin type. Exfoliate the dry, dead skin cells to help the skin breathe. A mud mask like the Artnaturals Dead Sea Mud Mask shown above will help to pull out toxins like those whiteheads and blackheads. Get one today. Then, apply moisturizer that is meant for your skin type and use it every morning and each evening before bed. This program will help to clear the skin and reduce these most common skin conditions with continued use.

Papules - are larger pimples that produce a lump under the skin that are filled with pus, red and inflamed - plus they're painful. Cystic Acne is one of these problems and can produce redness, pain and swelling from inflammation of the skin.
     Read more at  Tips for Acne Free Skin that is Radiant

Skin Rashes - are small or larger concentrated bumps and redness that can be smooth or slightly raised on the skin.
     Cause of Skin Rashes - are usually a sensitivity or allergy to something that has touched the skin or a new ingredient you've eaten. Plants can also causes skin rashes or hives such as poison ivy, poison oak. Other examples include laundry soap, facial cleaners or other products or even food that contain an ingredient that doesn't agree with your body.
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     Treatment of Skin Rashes - Usually if you know that you've recently tried a new product such as a new laundry soap, simply stop using it and see if your skin rash goes away. Hydrocortisone is the most common treatment for skin rashes. It helps the itching and redness associated with a skin rash. You can buy hydrocortisone as a cream at your local drug store and apply it several times a day for a week until the rash is gone. Check out this value pack online!
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          Calamine Lotion is another frequent treatment option for skin rashes and is mostly used for rashes from plant poisons such as poison ivy, sumac or poison oak. Apply this cream several times a day until the rash and irritation have subsided.
          Oatmeal Bath Treatment is another popular option to treat skin rashes. Simply add a pack of Aveeno Oatmeal Bath to a warm tub of water and soak. You'll find it relieves and soothes the rash and discomfort associated with rashes.
          Epsom Salt is another bath treatment you can use at home for your rash and is readily available at your local drug store.
         Try All Stop two step method of eliminating the itching, burning, redness and ooze of painful poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac if you've tried all the other treatments without success. 
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Eczema -  red, dry, itchy skin and very sensitive skin that shows inflammation and is often found in babies is transferred through the gene pool. Eczema is a chronic skin condition for many people and can be irritated by certain allergens in skin care products and food. Stress can also cause it.

          Treatment of Eczema
               1. Proper skin care is key to reducing eczema. Buy the best organic chemical free skin care products you can. They offer mild ingredients that heal and soothe instead of irritating the skin even more.
               2. Treat dry skin since eczema is much more likely when the skin is dry.
               3. Add humidity to your home especially if you keep it really warm from the dry heat of the furnace. Keep a window opened a crack at night for fresh air if possible.
               4. Proper nutrition with fresh fruit and vegetables as well as vitamins will help you in treating eczema.  Don't forget to drink plenty of water that helps to flush out toxins and keeps the skin hydrated.
               5. Bathe and shower using warm water instead of water that is too hot.
               6. Manage stress in your life. Meditation, exercise, relaxing baths, aromatherapy and self help books are a few ways to reduce stress. 
               7. Check out Era Organics Eczema and Psoriasis Cream below and apply while the skin is damp after bathing or showering. It provides the added hydration and nutrition your skin will love. Over 1200 customers agree.

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Psoriasis - Most commonly plaque psoriasis is seen on the skin as thick red patchy areas with silver scaly spots as seen in the photo above.  It can usually be seen on the knees and elbows, feet, scalp or even the face. According to the CDC,(1) men and women have an equal chance of getting psoriasis.  Psoriasis affects 6-7 million Americans per year (2) so is a big problem for many people that want relief from the pain, itch and discomfort as well as the embarassment of this common skin condition.
     Causes of Psoriasis - because psoriasis is an autoimmune disease, the body basically  attacks the normal skin cells.
     Treatment of Psoriasis -  Creams such as the Era Organics loaded with healthy ingredients of aloe, shea butter, cocoa butter, honey, hemp seed oil and olive oil work together to heal and soothe the troublesome problem of psoriasis. You'll want to see a doctor for correct diagnosis of the common skin condition for proper treatment as medications such as methotrexate may be needed if creams aren't working.

Rosacea - This common skin condition affects more than 16 million people and many aren't even aware of what it is and what to do about it.(3) Rosacea will appear on the skin as a bright red flushing appearance and swelling that is usually seen on the cheeks, chin, nose and forehead but, can also be on the neck and small blood vessels can even be visible.
     Causes of Rosacea - Several reasons for getting rosacea include wind, heat and hot water, too much sun, dry winter heat, stress can cause rosacea as well as alcohol.
     Treatment of Rosacea - Most of the treatments for rosacea include treating the symptoms associated with this common skin condition. Keep reading for our treatments of rosacea below.
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          Rosacea Skin Needs Good Skin Care -
               Choose a facial cleanser that is best for sensitive skin since it will be mild and not further irritate the skin. We recommend the Era Organics since it's hypoallergenic, has no parabens or chemicals, feeds the skin while cleansing and healing. The 100% money back guarantee is a nice bonus too.
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      Moisturize rosacea skin with Era Organics Complete Moisturizer that includes all the healthy ingredients to help the skin heal, feel soothed and refreshed without all the harmful ingredients that make the problem worse. These include: Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey, MSM, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Blue Green Algae, Olive Oils, Cocoa Butter and Hemp Seed Oil with vitamins A, B, C, E.

Other ways to treat rosacea include to protect your face, head and neck from the wind, sun and heat. Add humidity to your home, drink plenty of water and eat a diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables and lean proteins for healing.

Abscess - An abscess is a mass you can feel on your body that isn't usual or normal. They're typically tender to touch and range in color from a light pink to red. The image below is an abdominal abscess.

Abdominal Abscess image by radiantskinexpertadvice
          Causes of Abscess - typically these masses on the body form from a blocked hair follicle or can also be a blocked sebaceous (oil) gland. They are a form of infection that need taken seriously. Abscesses are usually seen as dental problems or under the breasts and in abdominal folds or also in the private areas.
          Treatment of Abscess -
               1.Warm moist washcloth can be applied to reduce some of the swelling as well as
               2.  Ibuprofen for the pain and discomfort.
               3. Keep the body clean, frequent bathing and showering reduces the likelihood of getting an abscess or if you already have one, reduces the risk of more. Make sure to bathe or shower daily and pay close attention to cleaning the private areas, under the breasts and abdominal folds to reduce the risk of getting an abscess.
               4. Keep the mouth, gums and teeth clean with oral rinses, flossing and brushing with your favorite products. Use them at least twice a day. 
               5. Medical treatment is usually necessary to treat an abscess since you'll more than likely need antibiotics as well as a doctor to open the mass and remove the pus and infection.

Lichen Plantus Skin Lesions - These are small spots on the skin initially that are very itchy. They often start out similar to a pimple on any part of the body, many times on the warmest areas of the body. The image below is the next stage of Lichen Plantus after the small pimple type lesion appears. It then turns pink or red, the area gets larger and it eventually becomes a purplish color.  Lichen Planus is not contagious from person to person. 

Lichen Plantus Skin Lesion image by
           Causes of Lichen Planus - Specialists are not exactly sure of the cause of this skin condition but, many agree that it could be from our immune system attacking normal cells, stress, chemicals or occasionally Ibuprofen type pain medicines.
          Treatment of Lichen Planus - Most often, treatment of Lichen Planus can be managed at home with the use of itching medicines, oatmeal bath soaks, reducing stress. If it worsens, seek medical attention.

For Warts and Skin Growths that seem more unusual than these listed above or for any skin growth that gets larger, changes shape and remains painful that you cannot treat at home, seek medical attention as it could be a more severe problem such as melanoma - skin cancer.

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(3)National Rosacea Society

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