Facial Exercises for Skin Tightening

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Image Facial Muscles courtesy of Wikimedia
Looking for the best facial exercises for skin tightening that are easy and won't take long to do each day? Keep reading, we're here to help. Use the facial muscles photos to see how the facial muscles look, their shapes and the direction they go as we go through these exercises.

Facial exercises can be added to your daily beauty routine for men and women alike. We all have skin so there isn't one gender that will benefit more from adding exercises.

Try these exercises in the morning while washing your face, on your break at work, while you're laying in bed getting ready for sleep or any time that you have a few minutes. The hardest part will probably be remembering to do them, for most people.

The human body has 42 muscles in the face that help us make many different types of faces and motions. The process of gravity loosens these muscles so that as we age, we'll all notice a dropping of our facial muscles over time. There are six exercises each of us can do to slow that process of gravity and help to tighten the skin on the face for a younger and more radiant look.

     Prep Needed Before Your Facial Exercises: 
** Start with clean face, neck and hands so washing really good is the first step since you'll be working on your face. Our hands hold loads of bacteria that could be transferred to your face if you don't wash first.
** Have your skin care products ready
** Pull your hair back to expose the face, ears and neck. 
Organic Apricot Kernel Oil While You do Facial Exercises for Skin Tightening
     Use just your fingertips alone or why not add your morning or night time skin products while you're exercising your face and neck. Get two tasks done at the same time.

     ~ Apply Apricot Kernel Oil or your favorite skin treatment product to the outer eye moving in a circular motion. Go around and around using the ring fingers which have less power in them than the other fingers. Start at the edge of your eyebrows, move slowly under the eye and up to the eyelids as well.  Eye massaging can reduce pressure and headaches as well as increases circulation to help reduce puffy eyes and dark circles.
     ~ Next, move on to the upper cheek bones. Slide your fingertips from the nose, across the cheeks and up to the forehead. I massage each area about 10 times and always in an upward direction. Review the photo at top so you can see the direction that all our facial muscles follow. These massages will help to tighten the skin and reduce tension too.
     ~ Don't forget to massage the nose area. Slide the fingertips down the nose, and gently down the side of the nose.  Your sinuses will love you for this little massage you give it!
     ~ Massage above the lip area, using a left to right motion since that's the direction of these muscles.

 TIP:  For the neck and chin muscle exercise, lay down on your bed across the width of the bed. Place your neck just at the edge of the bed so that your head hangs down and over the edge just a little. This motion will help to reduce the effects of gravity while you continue your massaging exercises.

     ~ The chin muscles connect with the neck so you can move to the neck next. Start at the bottom of the neck, lift your chin and head upwards aiming your eyes towards the ceiling. Stroke your neck with the fingertips using an upward motion. After at least 10 strokes on the neck and ending with the chin, tap the neck under your jaw line. This will help to tighten the neck muscles and reduce a flabby chin area.

     ~ Move to the ears next. Many people miss the ears but a simple massage will help the skin stay soft and won't wrinkle faster than the rest of your face and neck.

Repeat these exercises every day if you can have the few minutes to do them. At least do them once a week and you'll see a difference plus it just feels great to massage the face and neck.

          Add a Chin Lift Strap for faster results while you do your facial exercises. Anti-Wrinkle V Face Chin Cheek Lift Up Ultra-thin Health Strap BandYou can adjust the strap to make it tighter as needed. Why not see if it works for you to get that toned neck and cheeks. 

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